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    R40, June 21, 2015, Montreal, QC
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    All Of Them
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    All Of Them
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    My daughter’s Make-A-Wish in 2008
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    You mean there are other bands?
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  1. Mr. JD

    Icon vinyl

    I found a sealed splatter copy in May for $60. I had been looking for a while and thought that was a good price.
  2. You’re on my mind Lorraine.
  3. The signed R40 poster was $3000. Signed at the last show.
  4. You’re in my thoughts Lorainne.
  5. Mr. JD

    Where did you start?

    I first heard Working Man on WMMS in 1974. I was 14. Instantly became my favorite band. Saw them the first time in December of 1974 at the Cleveland Agora for $3.00 ($3.50 day of show) that I bowered from my mom. I was underage but still got in. Saw them for the 2nd time in Akron in November of 1975 opening for Ted Nugent on the Down The Tubes tour. They played The Necromancer at that show. That ticket was $5.50 that I also borrowed from my mom. Been my favorite band ever since.
  6. I wonder if he used the new Epiphone signature model to record the tracks.
  7. ORF was definitely one of a kind. I miss seeing his model building adventures. He was really good at that.
  8. The RushCon people organized a Secret Santa gift exchange during the Christmas season last year. I received this CD from my Secret Santa. I was definitely impressed. Glad to hear a volume 2 is on the way. Thanks for the info.
  9. Sound check at the Charlotte show in 2008 during the S&A tour.
  10. I’m having a quilt made out of my Rush shirts.
  11. I got an email and went straight there and everything was already gone. How much was the R30 poster? Please share where that tip came from.
  12. I think all 3 are fake. But it it still brings joy to the owner, it’s all good.
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