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  1. Muse had a bunch of songs in Rock Band/Guitar Hero and the girls talk all the time about how they learned to play music through those games so it would track that they're big fans.
  2. Halestorm I could take or leave. Lzzy is an incredible singer but their sound is pretty generic to me. TPR on the other hand I think are great -- at least, their newest album that came out last year is. Don't know their older stuff as well but the songwriting on the new album is really strong and Kim Thayil and Matt Cameron guest on one song and Tom Morello guests on another.
  3. Halestorm/The Pretty Reckless/The Warning is a pretty killer bill. I have tickets to see TPR (headline show) next month. Another one of my favorite new(er) rock artists, Ayron Jones, is opening.
  4. I never cared about them getting into the hall before they got in like a lot of fans did but I thought the reception they got at the ceremony was incredibly cool and seeing Jann Wenner have to sit up there and take it was really enjoyable.
  5. I've seen this show twice now -- once last summer and once this summer. Killer both times. They completely nail the Rush stuff musically. It's the closest thing you'll get to the real thing now that Rush is gone. I'm not a MASSIVE Primus fan but I enjoyed hearing their own material live too.
  6. I think "Amour" is my favorite of the new songs that weren't on the EP, but the title track is close.
  7. Ran through the album once today. Obviously already knew half of it but the "new" songs all sounded pretty good too. Only listened once so haven't really picked out favorites yet but there's not a bad song on it and I'll definitely be listening to it a lot more.
  8. I don't think any band around as long as Rush has ever had an album as good as CA that late in their career. "The Anarchist" is a top 10 Rush song to me.
  9. From what I'm hearing, there will eventually be a physical release (CD and vinyl) but it won't come out on the 24th because of manufacturing delays like every band is dealing with post-COVID.
  10. I'm with you, I hope there's a physical release but I have no idea one way or the other.
  11. 1. 404 2. Disciple 3. Choke 4. Animosity 5. Money 6. Amour 7. Evolve 8. Error 9. Z 10. 23 11. Kook Aid Kids 12. Revenant 13. Martirio 14. Breathe
  12. It looks like all 6 songs from the EP as well as "Money" are going to be on the album but they're interspersed in the track list throughout so it's not like that was part 1 and the new stuff is part 2. 14 tracks in total.
  13. They just announced on their Patreon that the album is coming out June 24!
  14. FWIW they do sell physical CDs of all their albums. They had them at the merch table when I saw them last month. I wanted to buy them but they were $20 each and I didn't feel like spending that much on three CDs. But they do exist.
  15. Queen of the Murder Scene has some great stuff on it but both of the two full-length albums are pretty uneven to me, which is understandable because they were all teenagers when they made it so they were still finding their sound and figuring out what they were. I think this current EP is them really hitting their stride.
  16. Yeah, there's a LOT of really good newer/younger rock out right now that isn't gimmicky or corny like a lot of "throwback" sounding stuff is. (Greta Van Fleet for example I know has a lot of fans but to me they sound like a parody of a band trying to be Zeppelin.) Some of my favorites besides the Warning: Ayron Jones, Rival Sons, Dirty Honey, Mammoth WVH (Eddie Van Halen's son Wolfgang's new solo project), the Pretty Reckless, Crown Lands (sound a lot like Rush, I think they've been talked about on here before)
  17. Halestorm is a good comp for Plush, actually. The Pretty Reckless announced a handful of headlining dates today and the Warning are on some of them but not the one near me. But that's cool because their opener on my date is Ayron Jones, another one of my favorite newer rock artists. I made a thread about him last spring but it didn't really take off. His debut album is killer.
  18. Check out the Pretty Reckless' most recent album "Death by Rock & Roll." One of my favorites of 2021, absolutely kick-ass. There's another very young (similar ages to the Warning girls) all-female band out now called Plush whose sound is a little more post-grunge/mainstream radio-rock than my tastes normally are but they're extremely talented and worth checking out.
  19. Yeah, it's great. A notch below my three clear favorite Bruce albums (Darkness, The River, Tunnel of Love) but certainly in the group of his best work.
  20. For those of you who have Sirius XM, they were on the show "Debatable" on Volume yesterday. About a 15 minute interview and then a three-song performance (Money, Choke, Evolve). They said that the current EP is actually the first half of their upcoming album which will be out later this year, so that's exciting.
  21. Damn right it's not. Even besides the Warning, there are at least a half-dozen other very new/young rock acts that I'm genuinely really excited about. They're up there for me but far from the only one. And the Warning getting a great crowd at the show I saw, even at a small venue, is really encouraging to me.
  22. Found this on YouTube -- a video of their full set opening for the Foo Fighters in Mexico City last month, has to have been one of the Foos' last shows before Taylor died. But they sound great and own the stage at a massive venue. They'll be ready for it when they do get bigger and start playing bigger venues. The club I saw them at last week held maybe 200 people.
  23. New live radio session just posted yesterday https://1079kbpi.iheart.com/featured/benny-bash/content/2022-04-26-the-warning-live-in-the-kbpi-studios/
  24. They're great live, too. Very tight and all three of them sing, including the drummer which I'm always impressed by. I agree they should be bigger but it's only a matter of time. The two full-length albums I like some stuff on but you could tell that they were young and still figuring out what they wanted their sound to be. The new EP, though, is absolutely killer from start to finish.
  25. I just saw this band live over the weekend and was really impressed. Three sisters from Mexico who are super-young (like late teens/early 20s) and just kick ass. Anyone else into them?
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