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  1. "Record in January and release the album in March"...that changed a bit over the years...
  2. A baseball podcast including an interview with Geddy Lee, just dropped today courtesy of Mike Wilner's podcast called "Deep Left Field". Geddy's portion starts at 32:35. https://www.thestar.com/podcasts/deepleftfield/2022/06/09/the-spirit-of-radio-and-baseball-with-geddy-lee.html
  3. The released material from the live Toronto shows in 1981 is terrific. It doesn't bother me that the entire show isn't from a specific night. The material is outstanding and at this point in their career (i.e. done), I will gratefully and gladly take anything (especially when it is this great)!
  4. It's the weakest song on Signals but that does not mean it's not a good song. It was recorded in a day according to Geddy, they needed one more song to balance each album side to 4 songs each. The Analog Kid would have been a better lead single but then again, Rush was generally poor in their selection of singles.
  5. Afterimage. What a great track. That middle synth ripping into Alex's solo and then the transition back to the lyrics, epic. Lyrically, this song is a gem too. The simplicity in the words are there but the phrases are so spot on for a tragedy: "I feel the way you would", "This is something that can't be understood", "Try to believe but you know it's no good"
  6. I really like them both but I will say, The Pass, Presto and Available Light are absolute Rush classics in my opinion.
  7. Virtuality live. What a tremendous version from the Test for Echo tour from Toronto at a show that I attended (both nights). Video and sound quality is outstanding as it was going to be released as a DVD but in the end it never was... https://www.youtube....-49K9k-&index=9 Fantastic.
  8. Out of the Cradle. What a great track. That ending with that terrific guitar, rocking bass and Neil killing it...LOVE IT!
  9. Cool vibe to it. I like it. Very appropriate lyrics for a woman to be singing who's a little bit afraid of dying but is a lot more afraid of your lying...
  10. Honestly, when Power Windows came out, I listened to it on cassette in my Walkman every single day for 1 year straight. Needless to say, I loved it then and still love it now. I also got lucky to see them 4 times in 8 days (Buffalo, Hamilton and then two shows in Toronto...the best of the shows was in Hamilton with the awful sounding Aud in Buffalo being the worst). Back then, Q107 radio in Toronto had the Top 10 at 10 (pm) and The Big Money was number 1 for 13 straight weeks. Another cool thing, The Big Money, Territories and Mystic Rhythms were featured for a few weeks together on the Top 10 at 10. The guitar/sync balance was terrific on Power Windows and the lyrics were are so well written with songs many of us can relate to. Territories and Mystic Rhythms certainly doesn't sound like any song from anybody. Emotion Detector, what a terrific sleeper song and as always been one of Rush's most underrated tracks (with some of Geddy's most emotional singing). One of their best!
  11. I appreciate his and his band's work as much now as back then. For me, his legend has grown even more. I am grateful that despite his tragedies, he got so much out of life.
  12. Presto...legendary outro (just like Available Light)
  13. I just came across this video and found it to be a pretty cool one. If you haven't seen it already, it's worthwhile. The last few seconds of the video are interesting too.
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