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  1. I missed R40 too. I don't know what I was thinking. I had the chance, I was in Toronto the night they played there, and for whatever reason I just didn't try to find a ticket. I'll always regret that... Thankfully I saw them on the VT and S&A tours, so at least I have those memories. Nothing will ever top that VT show. I was 17, the perfect age to experience something like that, especially after 5 years of not knowing if I'd ever get the chance to see them play.
  2. I'm pretty sure that's exactly who it is. I remember this being a fan-made video that made its way to the band and ended up on their site.
  3. Man, I actually remember that video. The brain is such a weird thing - how on earth did it decide to dedicate storage in memory to that, of all things?
  4. When I was 10 years old in the summer of 1995, my best friend's older sister had a copy of RTB on CD. He played it for me, and we left it on repeat the whole day. I fell in love instantly. I borrowed it, taped it, and listened to the tape obsessively. The rest is history.
  5. It's just a photo of an empty stage...
  6. The ascending "weeew, weeew, weeew, weeeeeeeeeeeew" that opens the song always makes me cringe. It doesn't even sound like it would have been cool in 1981...
  7. I always found that strange. TCE is by far the weakest song on MP, as far as I'm concerned. (Which isn't saying much, considering how great the rest of the album is.) It has some great playing in it and some interesting individual parts, but as a whole I find it pretty forgettable. The synthesizer sounds have aged terribly. I could never understand why there was so much demand for it to be played live, there are dozens of songs I would rather have heard.
  8. I'm both surprised they played as much as they did from VT, and disappointed they didn't play more of it. That album deserved better.
  9. I was about to say that 2010 wasn't "many years ago", but then I realized it's actually a dozen of them... Man, time has flown by... I miss being a fan back then, when there was still the possibility of new music and tours. It's strange to be a fan of a defunct entity...
  10. That would explain it! Thanks! Still doesn't make any sense why it was uploaded to the official account, though...
  11. I recall a long debate about this many years ago and I don't think a conclusion was ever reached.
  12. That's really, really odd. It's a complete show, but it sounds absolutely terrible, for one thing - like a slightly out-of-tune FM radio station played back on some crappy car speakers and recorded to cassette with a cheap microphone. It's definitely a bootleg, and not a particularly good one - not something you would expect to find on the band's official channel. I really want to know what the story is here...
  13. The live version has a fire that's totally missing from the album version. I never liked it on the record, but damn do I like this.
  14. I'm really hoping he does another book tour. I missed him on the BBBB tour and would love the chance to say hi.
  15. I think the last time a Rush artefact like this was discovered was probably the Passaic '76 video, 15 years ago. This is really damn cool.
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