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  1. Different Stages US Promo Only CD Sampler Rush In Rio US Promo Only CD Trifold Digipak Sampler $25 for both
  2. Those guys were also Neil's friends so it kind of made sense that way too. Those guys were also Neil's friends so it kind of made sense that way too.
  3. Used to not really like I Think I'm Going Bald, but I didn't really think of it as a joke song so now I just kind of think it's OK although it's still probably my least favorite song on the album.
  4. I love the acoustic guitars on this record a lot. Favorites are probably Half The World, Time and Motion, Totem, The Colour of Right and Resist.
  5. Of the three CD versions I have the original is my favorite and I like the Sector 3 version for the unexpected differences. Can't say I listen the the '97 remaster at all.
  6. I always thought those people never bothered to listen to anything after Moving Pictures.....
  7. Huge credibility gap with that guy. Glad he moved on.
  8. That performance of "The Twilight Zone." came from a bootleg of which there are better recordings out there. Bothers me more that an inferior version was used as it was not the best one.
  9. It may be the brightness on the Mobile Fidelity. It's a bright and crisp album to begin with. Thay may have been taken too far on the Mobile Fidelity CD (Can't speak to the vinyl. Decided not to open it.) Allegedly, the original masters had already been close to degradation at the point so perhaps that may have had something to do with it.
  10. Mostly agree with this. Still haven't made up my mind about the Mobile Fidelity Permanent Waves of The Audio Fidelity Hemispheres. Something seems "off" but I don't know what.
  11. 1974 to 2015 if we're scoring.......
  12. Rush as a living organism is dead and buried and now it's just two life-long friends having fun and doing favors for other friends, good causes or both. Some may not have been paying attention for a long while. Me? I'm genuinely happy for them.
  13. Much better than expected. The whole show was very tastefully done. And Geddy and Alex did the perfect set for the occasion. Overture to honor the hall of fame performance. Working Man for Rutsey, Neil and Taylor and YYZ to honor both Taylor and Neil's memory.
  14. Don't think it will be video, but It might be the entire audio from the video show. That's less of an investment than trying a video restoration. (If that's even possible.)
  15. ytserush

    Boxset differences

    It seems kind of arbitrary to me. I know Hugh likes the Dalmatian (I do too!) I always think Signals when I see it and like you said it only makes sense when it's part of a contextual thing. At least when he revises Signals he can do entire packs of Dalmatians running around a graveyard of fire hydrants to his heart's content and this time it would make total sense. (even if it does come off as revisionist.)
  16. That's what they did at Taylor's Tribute. It was appropriately mentioned at that time. I would expect something similar in LA. Perfect way to do it I think.
  17. I want everything. but I'm probably the only one that does. At the VERY least release ALL of the 2015 masters on CD including the live albums..
  18. Is there a quote in there that he hasn't recycled before?
  19. ytserush

    Boxset differences

    I'm much more a fan of his analog work and I'm not all that excited about the revisionist aspect of it either.
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