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  1. First of all I would expect such a denial. (I've only ever had an issue with that one quote not the entire article.Unless you are reading carefully it's easy to miss.) Just because that article was replicated hundreds or even thousands of times on various platforms does not mean it is not a single-sourced article that has not been supported in nearly 20 years. There has never been any independent verification from anyone. Except for the first two paragraphs, the rest of the argument undercuts that specific quote and supports what many of us have been saying for the last 20 or 30 years. While it's certainly possible that there may be this footage how much care was taken to preserve it and is it even usable?
  2. Missed out on the backstage sale. I'd go a little bit more than $40 but not much more for a signed copy since they don't seem to exceedingly rare.
  3. That's because the footage was a lot more recent and probably well protected. (Technological advancement likely helped there too.) It's not even the whole show. Besides what does this have to do with the one unsupported quote in question? If you want to believe there's a 4K transfer of the full show from Exit...Stage Left, Grace Under Pressure and A Show Of Hands that's great, but I'm going to need a lot more evidence than is currently available.
  4. Then you're in a position to ask if those things are in the vault from someone who would know. and you'll have your definitive answers.
  5. At least that specific quote in that article is fake. Doesn't matter who wrote it. There is also NO supporting evidence in nearly 20 years that has come out about this claim from ANYONE. The video posted recently that the Rush stuff that has been cataloged does not even mention anything about any live material. I'd love to have "works in progress" material but I'm sure Geddy refuses to have it see the light of day. After just reading about his dismissive attitude on the first single it seems very unlikely there will be an official release of that either.
  6. There are at least several interviews where he said that he left (But never mentioned it was more of a hiatus.) Haven't seen an account that he returned but that doesn't mean that he didn't. If he told you that maybe he'll tell you what is still usable in the vault since he's in the position to know what is and isn't there that has not deteriorated.
  7. One of at least several other accounts that he said he left though to be fair he seems to been pretty quiet lately. Not heard from a credible source that he went back but I suppose it's possible.
  8. Haven't gotten that far yet but he covered that part in his live readings. Florida was the first thing that came to mind too.
  9. Rush (Geddy Lee) -- 93.3's Pierre Robert Interview CD from December 18, 2000. This CD was only given out to people who were invited to the interview (I wish I was) and/or in the fan club for that radio station.Basically this is a recording of the live interview promoting My Favorite Headache in front of a selected studio audience and at the end some fans (including the ubiquitous B-Man) get to ask Geddy some questions. For those of you into interviews. This is one of the better ones. -- $40.
  10. That's awesome. Thought about waiting myself in Philly but didn't want to take the chance of missing the last train out.
  11. Did he leave at one point? Is it incorrect to say that he has not been credited on recent reissues?
  12. Thanks for posting this. It's very interesting. Though the mention they cataloged the vault there is no specific mention of any live material in this conversation. There's evidence that there is a vault but no evidence of what's in there aside from work in progress demos which kind of dispel the myth that there are no demos.
  13. They are putting themselves out there. Alex was just shredding with Tool, working on Envy Of None and who knows what else and Geddy is on his book tour and released to new songs.. They're moving forward not back.
  14. Had first row in the balcony at my show. Clear view and a very relaxing evening.
  15. Finished six chapters. Have to force myself to slow down. (Trying to balance it by reading Romano's Moving Pictures which obviously isn't nearly as good in comparison) More than a quarter of the way through and they just got to the first album. Seems like a lot is going to be left out. (Still want a copy of the 1200 page manuscript.) Love the pictures, didn't realize some of them were color but I finally found them.
  16. Agreed except for the ticket part. I'd need to know A LOT more than what I know now. And since THEY don't know, it's going to be a while even if the clock is ticking.
  17. His honesty is pretty stark and yet... Maybe reading tea leaves is a lot art.
  18. Kind of old news but I didn't see it here so.. Seems to be going as expected so far. A bit surprised that he says there wasn't much discussion about details before the decision was made so hopefully that will work out. Seems to project the right kind of attitude about it at least.
  19. $5 a card was bit on the high side for me but I thought it was a cool idea and it was well designed so I went for it. I really wanted an article of clothing (Take my money!) but the art was lacking.
  20. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/rush-future-geddy-lee-neil-peart-alex-lifeson-1234886149/
  21. There was NO thought that 30 some years later there might be a demand to have this stuff. The music video format for most of that was no more than 75 minutes to 90 for decent quality video. It was edited for production and the rest was forgotten about maybe saved but not well preserved. This stuff was not considered like an Oscar worthy film, it was just music. Who knew? Anything that survived (like the Laura Secord footage (which was never filmed for release at that time) is just random luck.
  22. This reminds me of the time I was immortalized in the 6/2/90 Knickerbocker Albany video a few times when the guy who was filming randomly focused in on part our section at a few points including during War Paint. That really freaked me out the first time I watched that.
  23. It was. You could feel the love in the room.
  24. I love Neil's style of writing. It's certainly a different style but I'm enjoying Geddy's style too. Interesting to compare the two.
  25. I'd love to see the 1200 page manuscript but there's a much chance of that happened as there is of hearing the 30 plus minute version of The Main Monkey Business!
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