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  1. The whole CA album in my chart is absolutely top ten. A 35/40 minutes version of CA, as long as the old albums, is probably top five, maybe higher.
  2. I think it's going to be similar to the Freddie Mercury Tribute: the band of the missing one (then Queen, now Foo Fighters) fronted by guest stars on voice or guitars, doing a FF song and a guest song... something like that.
  3. Just started BCS... in S1E3 there's a Rush poster on the wall!
  4. From KissFaq, the Kiss fans forum: "I met Bruce (Kulick, Kiss guitarist 1985-1995) in 97 and he told me Gene (Simmons, of course) has an entire basement full of full pro-shot shows that no one has ever seen. He said he asked Gene why he doesn't do anything with them and Gene's response was basically that there's not enough people who would care about seeing them. He said Gene also has shows from other bands and specifically mentioned a bunch of 70s Queen shows that Gene apparently bought the rights and master tapes of as some kind of business opportunity I guess, but never did anything them. I remember exactly what Bruce said to me, "It's a shame no one will ever see this stuff and it's just collecting dust in Genes basement"" Rush toured with Kiss, so Gene could have some Rush video in his basement... who knows?
  5. https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2018/05/07/billy-sheehan-with-rush-1990-soundcheck/ I just read it... Strange enough? Have a listen!
  6. I really like it! Put in heavy rotation in my car to listen to it as much as a new Rush release, it grows at every trip!
  7. I can't believe nobody read this... 0 = zero? EDIT 54... ok! it was blocked to 0... Did you watch the video?
  8. I'm a Rush fan and also a Kiss fan. Some days ago I discovered this incredible project: Imagine something like this about Rush... The author is looking for offers :D-13: :drool:
  9. The wreckers, currently listening to the whole CA album... wow! What a masterpiece!!!
  10. My list (for today): Moving Pictures Permanent Waves 2112 A Farewell to Kings Hemispheres Clockwork Angels Counterparts Caress of Steel Fly By Night Power Windows Grace Under Pressure Signals Vapor Trails Snake & Arrows Presto Rush Roll the Bones Hold Your Fire Test For Echo
  11. I saw it last night. Incredible. In my opinion (I can't play, so...) there are a couple stops at least, but incredible.
  12. Yesterday I was watching the toon 2112 video on YouTube and I though: in 1976 Queen were on a US tour, so Freddie could technically visit Rush studio and record his version of the 2112 titletrack. Would you be curious to listen this imaginary version?
  13. Alexmai


    In my personal poll, CA has been their best album since Moving Pictures after 3 or 4 turns. Actually it's in my Rush Top 5.
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