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  1. The critics on rotten tomatoes really liked it but the audiences didn't. I should have known better. Meh.
  2. It's not on their website yet but in the current issue of "Stereophile" magazine there is a nice write-up about the 40th anniversary of this album. Hopefully it will be there soon for those who want to read it.
  3. This guy is a wanted sex offender and was arrested in Spokane, WA. "...take it off he's got 3 eyes." On a side note how many people have you seen with neck and or face tattoos that are criminals?
  4. The newest season of Stranger Things.
  5. I would have been old enough but the parents wouldn't have allowed it.
  6. I had different cans in mind.
  7. eternal subjugation of the winsome spine
  8. cannabis dreams and marshmallow pies
  9. reach and touch someone (with consent)
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