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  1. DOG YEARS is in my top 15 Rush songs. eff y'all! :)
  2. Huge fan of EJ. As much as I love Ah Via Musicom, I love Venus Isle just a tad more. "SRV" is phenomenal
  3. My rankings Hysteria On Through the Night Pyromania Adrenalize High n Dry Slang Never listened to much after Slang.
  4. I dig Tom Petty, but this is a no-brainer. Dylan is a f***ing music superhero.
  5. Check out either Let It Be or Tim by The Replacements. They're basically just a really good rock and roll band with scruffy edge. Let It Be even has a Kiss cover! TIM is a beast!! an absolute classic!
  6. Metallica's version is my favorite. I also like Roger Whittaker's version.
  7. Madonna's great and all, but she's just not as cool as Pat Benatar. It might be because Madonna is perceived to be a trailblazer regarding image and attitude. She benefited from and took advantage of MTV and music videos and became a cultural icon. Pat Benatar belted out a couple of good songs for several years and dropped out of the public's eye when Madonna flooded movies, music, TV, concerts, magazines... Pat still has her voice. Mostly. Saw her acoustic show with her hubby. She can still belt them out. Is she RRHOF worthy? I dunno. I wouldn't call her overly influential. But that voice she had in 1981. My god. She's a great singer who's having a bit of a renaissance. Good songs sung well usually have some staying power. Is she objectively a "Hall of Famer"? Probably not. The doors she walked through were already open... Opened by whom? Was there a hard rock female solo performer before Benatar? I guess you could say rock groups that had female singers paved the way, but a group is not a solo artist. What's the difference of a singer being solo or being in a band? A singer is a singer. Pat Benatar was hardly an innovator or trailblazer. She is a very good singer who sang some popular songs. Ann Wilson, Janis Joplin, Chrissie Hynde, Grace Slick, Tina Turner, Ronnie Spector... and pretty much every other female singer before Pat Benator opened the door for Pat Benatar. With that said, Pat Benatar may very well be a better singer than all the female singers who came before her, but she certainly didn't blaze and new trails. Well we disagree. Solo is different from being part of a band. No one before Benatar sang hard rock solo.
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