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  1. Thanks. I can enjoy movies that meander about with top notch cinematography and scenery.
  2. Did you like it? It's on my list to watch.
  3. Might as well. My ten favorite Benatar songs. Wuthering Heights Le Bel Age Hell is For Children Sex as a Weapon Heartbreaker I'll Do it Shadows of the Night Promises in the Dark Anxiety Rated X
  4. McDavid continues his season of diminished goal scoring. Shocking that he only has 2 goals thus far. I know he has 19 assists, but he only scored 32 in the regular season.
  5. I lost her at "Wide Awake in Dreamland" Debut - 7 the Hard Way rank up there with Rush and Zeppelin as my all time favorite music
  6. The Cult by miles. Saw them on the Sonic Temple tour. One of my all time favorite concerts.
  7. Exactly. Hi Infidelity is leaps and bounds better then any other REO album.
  8. first 3 albums are my favorites. That low down greasy boogie music.
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