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  1. I am HATING Kenobi! Since when did he become such a cowardly little b*tch??!! The writers of the show obviously hate the character and are destroying him before our very eyes! Bastards.
  2. My wife wanted me to take her to the craft store last Saturday. I said sure because a new music store had just opened right next to it. I dropped her off at Joanna's and I went to the music store. I scored a pair of Meinl solid oak bongo drums and they sound amazing! especially when I play them with brushes or mallets. The best part is that they were only $50. I'm sure Guitar Center would have wanted twice that if not more.
  3. If you, like me, love a good Western, then check out Old Henry. This one stars the incomparable Tim Blake Nelson. There's also a huge twist in the movie, so avoid reading about it if you plan to see it. I really love this one. Old Henry Trailer.
  4. I've watched this gem of a movie 4 times now. I absolutely love it and it charmed my socks off! Do yourself a huge favor and find and watch this one, it's truly great. One of my all-time favorite actors, the great Tim Blake Nelson stars in this one along with Jake Batalon. The True Don Quixote Trailer
  5. Don Quixote. I've never read it and thought it was time.
  6. To me, Jeremy Irons' intros were the funniest part.
  7. The Batman. Fantastic and better than I expected it to be. Paul "love to hate him" Dano's performance is note-perfect greatness and is every bit as good as Heath Ledger's Joker.
  8. Beautiful clear blue skies with mild-to-moderate winds blowing in from the Southeast and a temperature of 68 degrees. What we call "Chamber of Commerce" weather.
  9. Meach, you crayon-eating window licker! You're so dumb it takes you two hours to watch 60 Minutes!


    -CPO "Smith". Sometime in March, 1986.

  10. ...my beard. I started growing him out on May 5, 2015 so he turned 7 five days ago. I'm very proud of him and always will be!
  11. Ouch! Is that in the same politically incorrect line of jokes, such as... Where do you find Bob? ...in the water. Where do you find Art? ...on the wall. Cliff? ...beside a hole. Phil? ..inside that same hole. What do you call a guy with no arms or legs in front of your door? Mat. What do you call a girl with no arms and only one leg? Eileen. What do you call a guy with no arms or legs under your car? Jack. What do you call a guy with no arms or legs on a podium? Mike. What do you call a guy with no arms or legs in your mailbox? Bill. What do you call a guy with no arms or legs in your cupboard? Herb.
  12. Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance. Though to be honest, I'm only 45 mins. in and am very tempted to abandon it. I'm afraid that not even the mighty Idris Elba and Ciaran Hinds (two of my very favorite actors) can save this one.
  13. Severance is a very high-concept show about a group of employees who have a chip implanted in their brains so when they're not at work they have no memories of what they do there and vice-versa. It stars Adam Scott, John Turturro, and Christopher Walken. This show has me both hooked and intrigued, give it a try.
  14. <p>Schrodinger is travelling down a desert highway and has the road all to himself. He's got the top down and the tunes cranked and he suffers a lapse in concentration and starts speeding without even realizing it. Sure enough, a cop appears from behind a billboard and pulls him over. Schrodinger's patiently waiting with both hands on the wheel and as the cop approaches the car, he does a double take at the back seat. As the cop gets to the driver's side he asks: "hey, did you know you have a dead cat back there?" Scrodinger replies: "I do now."
  15. Patient: Doctor, I need help! I can't stop singing She's A Lady! Even in my dreams I still sing it over and over! Doc: Hmm, it sounds like you have Tom Jones Syndrome. Patient: Tom Jones Syndrome?!?!?!?! That sounds really serious! Is it common? Doc: It's not unusual.
  16. Just binged The Witcher season 2 (again) over the past few days. Terrific show. Looking forward to the prequel series. I love Michele Yeoh and am convinced she can do no wrong.
  17. Farewell, Sweet Lorraine. Until we meet again in the sky!
  18. I love Rick Beato and enjoy his videos a great deal. Sharp guy.
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