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  1. Happy birthday, invisible airwave ! Best wishes from one movie fan to another! I hope it's been a great day for you!
  2. I remember seeing that ages ago and it was pretty interesting! Was it any good? I can't remember!
  3. Congratulations yyz305! And welcome to the Hallowed Hall!
  4. Ged is definitely in my top 5. Might even be #1 in rock singers that sound like Geddy. Singers have so many different vocal styles that at times it feels like comparing apples and oranges, but I do love his voice and vocal work, especially on the early albums when he could really rip one out.
  5. Nasty fall for Tagovailoa after a hit during the Dolphins- Bengals game. He went down, didn't come back up, and his hands were in a claw like position that was very scary. He was carted off the field and word from local hospital is that he is conscious and can move all extremities. Nothing yet about extent of head and neck injuries. Just hate to see someone taken off like that, especially since there was controversy about his return to play during last Sunday's game, due to possible head / back injury.
  6. Glad you got to go! I'm hearing that it was filmed for later release so I hope to see it sometime . . .
  7. My mom is a big John Saxon fan! He was a hot guy back in the day, I guess! Plus he is one of the husbands in Mr. Hobbs Takes A Vacation, which she always turned on when it was on TV.
  8. Must have been a very early one of Robert Redford!
  9. Glad to hear you are ok! My sister is in St. Pete, they had mandatory evacuation this evening. She's hoping east coast will be quieter, she and her two cats are on their way to a friend's in Cocoa Beach.
  10. That sounds like a cool book signing! I have read quite a few of them, I should finish with the ones I haven't read. He and Louise Penney! I haven't quite kept up.
  11. Might be a better post for SOCN subforum ?
  12. Happy Birthday, Weakly Criminal! I hope it's a great day for you- great planning to be born during NFL season!
  13. Your posts always sound very articulate and well written; just sayin'. Now I feel like I will have to review my own more closely -
  14. A post about a political subject, by chance? Those seem to bring out intense scrutiny . . . . I have seen people do that, I am on Nextdoor because my daughter is an animal shelter manager, lost pets, blah blah blah but because Pennsylvania is very purple politically it happens there. On first glance, I am sometimes surprised by those types of poorly written posts; I'm thinking "You don't even read your own posts before you hit post?" But in the end I'm not real comfortable with jumping on others; some people are going through a LOT these days. That being said, a really poorly written and spelled post is hardly a good representation for their point of view.
  15. My mom's favorite! When we lived at home she used to say, "Play that Space Magic song . . . "
  16. You should definitely listen to The Cars debut! Excellent, excellent album.
  17. I wish! But no, not me. Husband teaches so travel is better for breaks. I hope some of TRF is though!
  18. Sounds like it would work as a win win for those involved. My sisters and I are facing somewhat similar. No renters but my mom is leaving her 60 yr old house in November. Has not had maintenance done on it in 50 years. My mom does not understand the concept of disclosure and has said she will "be creative" to the listing agent because she does not want to list the problems on paper. As if people couldn't tell. Sigh. . .
  19. Steelers w/o TJ Watt had trouble getting going, and lost to the Patriots 17-14. However, due to the magic of the Browns losing to the Jets, and the Ravens losing to the Dolphins, the Steelers remain tied for first place in the AFC North. Short week as they play again on Thursday.
  20. He was good in "Hatful of Rain", an old 1950s movie about a man that returns from the Korean War fighting a drug addiction. Silva is the drug dealer (of course!)
  21. RIP, Mr. Silva. I enjoyed his roles.
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