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  1. Props to them. Does that sweet Chargers defense need to be thanked? You may be able to count on them being bad.
  2. I might change it up. It's been awhile and some good meme are out there now that didn't exist at the time I switched to my current avatar.
  3. I have a buddy who went to the game tonight that is a Lions fan. I need to remember to wear blue tomorrow in honor of their win.
  4. Nope. He spoke the truth on the best pure QB to have played in my lifetime.
  5. This makes me hopeful that there may be some uncirculated audio from the '70s still waiting to surface. I will believe it when it does though...
  6. I suspect this would be an excellent question for Geddy and Alex at some point if it could happen.
  7. I think most of the explanations on a producers job don't hold water. There is something of a head coach parallel here. That said, I think Bill Scymxzyk working with Rush around that time would have been excellent. I would be more excited about them doing an album with him over Terry Brown doing it again. Yes, you read that right.
  8. Depending on the contents, I would buy it too.
  9. IMO the best American band of all time is The Doors. I don't think Aerosmith was even the best band to come from Boston (that award goes to a sextet that also put out their first album in the '70s).
  10. This hurts. Easily the most depressing death in popular music IMO this year (I would be surprised if someone I hold in higher regard kicks the bucket, but there is still plenty of year left). RIP.
  11. I agree, but won't hold my breath. At best, I see a complete Toronto release. I think a full concert from another date would be even better (and preferably from the first half of the tour). Again, I will believe it when I see it.
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