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  1. I forget: are you native to a college town?
  2. https://thelostbass.com/the-lost-bass-found
  3. I was bummed we didn't get the whole Edmonton show.
  4. Compared to the studio recordings, no. The fast and loose they would play though was generally consistent. The known recordings from Signals were all that energetic (I suspect this was done to get all the material played that they wanted to in 2 hours or less). If one wanted to look for clues to how coke was affecting their performances, I would start listening to the vocals first. Coke can wreak havoc on the pipes.
  5. I think he learned at least some of it. This is also my birthday and would have been a SWEET concert to see. I am not a big Tool fan, but your assessment of Jambi is correct. Seeing Alex play this song would have been a great concert moment.
  6. With the way the Chiefs are heralded around here, I'd be floored if it weren't on broadcast TV. I plan to avoid it and would be pleasantly surprised at a Dolphins win.
  7. Not to mention the question of if they win the division at all.
  8. I saw this from John Densmore's FB feed. Ladd pulled some excellent interviews. I suspect I won't see his like again in my lifetime. RIP.
  9. I'm a K-State guy too, so maybe that has something to do with it?
  10. Does every Missourian like a Chiefs win?
  11. Nope. I have vague plans to watch next week though.
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