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  1. The poll of the debut albums between these acts inspired this, as this one is a more clear cut winner for me (III).
  2. Thanks for this info. I need to keep my eyes out for this.
  3. It may be because they do not come to my city, but I will likely take the chance of seeing only one show.
  4. I was starting to wonder when you would pop in on this. May I inquire as to your thoughts? Also, when was the last time I sent you an email? I would like to give you a status update regarding some things.
  5. I wonder if a 17 game schedule means this is the norm and not the exception.
  6. The ol' one half of football doesn't help. Neither does losing your best receiver to 1 of 2 current undefeated teams.
  7. She was the best Nurse Ratched ever. RIP.
  8. That roughing the kicker call at the end of the first half of the Packers-Vikings game might go in this category for me.
  9. I would be ECSTATIC if this happened. Given that a full show from one night has yet to appear on any of these releases, I won't hold my breath. A soundboard from this tour from a date that doesn't circulate would be the best. I will believe it when I see it. I DO wonder if they have something from the La Crosse date, since the touring history book references banter from the show.
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