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  1. The Mule - Deep Purple - Made In Japan 2014 Remaster!
  2. Corgan and Portnoy! Big Joke that is!! I got the book, its outstanding! I remember the first edition came out at $99.00 per, skipped on it!! Then the European hard case edition was released at $999.00?? Not 100% sure on that price, thinking I'll never own a new copy of this book!! So now they released this updated version for $99.00 and I jumped on it!!
  3. That's kind of how I thought of it the more I listened to it! I'm enjoying the recording!!
  4. Been listening to the live show, is it me or does that snare drum sound artificial at times?? Similar to Alex's mix of the Exit... Stage Left re-release (Rush Replay x 3) ? Or is it just a matter of the sound being cleaned up or polished? Maybe the difference between The 24th and 25th shows?
  5. Watching coverage of the paralympics today, The women's sitting sprint biathlon! How hard they have to work to make it happen!!
  6. Bastille Day - Niagara Falls Revisited - 05-10-1978
  7. Pre-ordered my super deluxe MP 40th anniversary box set!! Might have to order the three cd box set as well? Very excited for this!!
  8. Hey, Rush - Pictures Projected - 03-25-81 is quite a good listen!! I'm excited for this as the date for the live material!
  9. Thanks!! i don't know how I missed that! I think it was a shock when I checked for an release date on google and there it was!!! I couldn't believe it! I was beginning to lose hope! Anyway I'm relieved it's not Alex at the mixing desk!! Sorry Alex!
  10. Does anyone know if Terry Brown produced the live material??
  11. Forget the pinball machine!!! Give us the Moving Pictures 40th anniversary box set with all the goodies!!!
  12. Red Barchetta - Permanent Pictures - 10-12-1981
  13. The Spirit of Radio - Permanent Pictures - 10-12-1981
  14. Would just like to say, wasn't this a magical time in Rush history?? I still remember going down to A@B Sound on Seymore street downtown Vancouver B.C. Around October - November grabbing a copy of Exit...Stage Left, rushing (no pun intended) home and being blown away of the quality of said live album!!
  15. ...Xanadu - Permanent Pictures - 10-12-1981
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