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  1. Even Doctor McCoy put Kirk on a diet in one episode.
  2. But they are certainly well fed! My fellow Brewer fans and I noticed that several Blue Jays are on the "heavy side". Good players, but they sure have the beer guts going.....and now we know where Rowdy Tellez got his.....
  3. First outing of the year went quite well. Tee shots were the best I’ve had in years. A couple bad chips and putts ruined my score, but overall, I was very happy. Happiness matters.
  4. THE Ohio State University has officially trademarked the most common word in the English language.
  5. The Pirates called up their hot prospect - SS Oneil Cruz. He is 6’ 7” tall.
  6. It's HOT! and mid to upper 90's today and tomorrow. Minneapolis is expected to reach 100° today.
  7. You're in trouble now, Jerar. The team is gonna expect it every day.....
  8. Fitzpatrick's bunker shot on 18 was pretty cool.
  9. The Brewers said goodbye to Lorenzo Cain in an amicable roster move. Always a class act, Cain knew that it was time to go. THANK YOU, Lorenzo, for everything you’ve done for the Brewers. You’re one of the best center fielders I’ve ever seen.
  10. NRA convention, Houston, Texas A man auctions a golden AK-47. Members are loving it.....
  11. +8 Final tally! Don’t let the beer cart hit ya on the way out…..
  12. All good here. At least one tornado hit near Tomah, 30-40 miles east of me. No injuries, but a lot of damage. The La Crosse area hardly ever sees a tornado. It’s probably a result of the river and the bluffs. Dangerous storms almost always break up and go around us.
  13. He’s sporting a 2022 Player Badge, so it’s probably true. He’s stated that he intends to play the British Open as well as the rest of the LIV tournaments.
  14. Thanks to a 10-2 victory over the Mets, Craig Counsell has become the winningest manager in Milwaukee Brewers history with 564 wins.
  15. The Mets’ Jake Reed has quite the unique sidearm delivery. He starts off holding the ball up, then quickly corkscrews his arm to throw the ball laterally. His elbow must be bionic….
  16. The headline says that they will perform, but the article itself says nothing. I am skeptical.
  17. Brewers on-field reporter Sophia Minnaert was announcing the team’s latest roster moves. When she announced the Brewers claiming pitcher Chi Chi Gonzales from the Twins, she stumbled and called him “Chi Chi Go…driguez”….
  18. Sunny and upper 90's today, with strong storms coming in overnight. They're already talking about possible tornadoes.
  19. I still blame her for Saving Private Ryan not winning Best Film.
  20. A close call in Duncanville, Texas. Some nutjob with a handgun walked right into the local fieldhouse/rec center. He was shot dead by cops before he could shoot anyone. No one was injured. Staff members were on the ball, and the cops were there in two minutes to take him down.
  21. One of many great actors who never get the lead roles, yet make their performances and characters unforgettable.
  22. A 38-year-old Michigan man was critically injured in a explosion at his house and remains hospitalized, Warren Police Commissioner William Dwyer said. The man lost both of his arms in the explosion and was in a coma. Michael Liburdi, 38, was under federal investigation for firearms violations at the time of the Saturday afternoon blast at his home, where he lived alone with his dog. After the explosion, officers executed a search warrant of the residence and found one dozen rifles, handguns, loaded AR-style magazines, small explosive devices, and 4,000 rounds of ammunition among other materials in the house. The explosion caught Liburdi completely by surprise......and totally unarmed.
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