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    Grace Under Pressure
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    Front row in front of Geddy's keyboards during the R30 show in Charlotte, NC. Geddy also threw a t-shirt to me that night.
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    The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Kansas, Prince, Sting
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    Guitar. Also Bass/Synth and Vox
  1. Ha ha!! Since Geddy is such a collector, in my mind, I created a scenario where Ged might have snagged 1 or 2 of these iconic guitars from the auction, as these are part of his legacy too… It’d be nice if my fantasy scenario had some truth to it. He doesn’t even need to let it be known publicly.
  2. I know right? Those of us who are interested in this sort of thing wouldn’t mind buying 2 in one year… One in the Spring and one in the Fall. Ha ha…
  3. So the pre-order is now out there on the Backstage Club website. What do you guys think of the bonus content? Especially on the Super Deluxe. YYZ video??? That intrigues me…and the full 1981 concert audio.
  4. Yeah… Back in the day, he was on Rush forums frequently (as was I). If I’m not mistaken, he was the first to post the Power Windows demo.
  5. It doesn’t really bother me… To be honest, I’ve heard “Purrt” all my life. Just like PEARL is pronounced “Purrl” or the name Earl… It wasn’t until I started listening to interviews and even hanging out on these Internet forums that I learned the proper pronunciation. I’d be willing to bet that the vast majority of us didn’t start off pronouncing Neil’s last name properly. I’ve even seen people that knew him personally mis-pronounce it.
  6. Yes… because if you notice, the songs that were omitted are songs that are available on other DVD releases. That was also a common thing with Rush as they didn’t seem to want to put too many repeat songs on their live releases. So, I have no doubts that this whole show is sitting in the vaults, perfectly fine.
  7. I suspect he was talking about the Albany boot, not the official Toronto film. For years the story was that there were issues with audio and video synchronization and it would be too much work to fix it. As I understood it, the entire show was affected. That always sounded a little weird to me, sync issues aren't hard to fix in the computer era. And lo and behold, we eventually got an hour of perfectly fine footage, which makes the original claim even more mysterious. If it's expensive to fix, wouldn't it make sense to make a standalone release out of it to try and recoup as much of the cost as possible? You don't put a lot of pricey work into something just to make it a bonus feature. Plus, if you're going to fix it, why not fix all of it? So there are two possibilities: either they couldn't fix all of it, or they didn't want to fix all of it. With any other band, I'd say the former makes the most sense. But Rush have a habit of releasing live shows in dribs and drabs, so it wouldn't surprise me at all if they just decided to only do a bit of the show and the rest of the footage is sitting in the vault.
  8. For the record, the three tracks you identified- “Animate”, “Resist”, and “Natural Science”- are indeed on the “R40 Completist” disc, within the R40 blu-ray version of the release. See the packaging/contents list here: https://progarchy.com/2014/12/19/review-rush-r40-the-completistocd-set/ Amazing!! Wish I was aware of that before I bought the standard version. As you can tell, the ‘97 footage is my major interest. I’m a 90’s Rush fanatic and this was the first tour I attended.
  9. You found Closer To The Heart from the Echo Tour? Could you please link it? Sorry, let me clarify.... The Closer to The Heart video released for the Different Stages album (where they mix in older footage), when compared to the audience camcorder CTTH from Molson Amphitheater, it appears to be the exact same show. So, I’d personally add that to the other official Molson ‘97 footage.
  10. Sorry to bring up this old thread but I just saw 3 more songs from this show on YouTube that aren’t included on the R40 disc... Animate, Resist and Natural Science. Not to mention the Closer To The Heart video from Different Stages that likely came from this show. I’m thinking they just released songs that weren’t represented on other DVD releases along with one regular classic (Limelight). So, has there been any update on maybe the full show being released?
  11. Call me naive then.... I just have a hard time believing this, and I'm simply not going to believe it, as to not ruin my idea of Rush and what they are. Rush are...or I'd like to "think" Rush are too professional and down to earth to get wrapped up in such cliche Rock trappings. They may as well have been banging groupies and throwing TV's out of hotel rooms, then. I just have a hard time believing family men who married young and were into living healthy (Neil was an avid bike rider and health nut for a while there) would be so self destructive. Plus, being around that stuff, as a former full time touring musician myself.... people's personalities change and are hard to be around and they eventually can't perform at the high level that Rush has consistently performed.... Hard drugs are for the Aerosmith's and Guns N' Roses of the world--the Behind The Music casualties. Rush have always been too sophisticated and intelligent for that.... At least in MY mind...and, if I'm wrong, I don't even want to know about it....
  12. Man, I would have been furious!!! Ha ha... I'm only half serious... But, I don't need to say, again, how Middletown Dreams is my ultimate, favorite Rush song. Seeing it live has been one of the things I've hoped for since I became a fan, but never imagined that they would ever bring it back. Since the beginning of the tour, I've been making plans to make that 5 hour drive to Atlanta even though Charlotte (Night A) was a lot closer. Things kept getting in the way...then I found a way to work it out...then, I got sidelined again and couldn't go last night!!! I don't feel so bad about it anymore. I'm sure the show was fantastic, but I can't put into words how important a song MD is to me and if I would have made that drive only for them to NOT play it....man, I would have probably burst into tears. default/facepalm.gif
  13. QUOTE (GeddysMullet @ Oct 24 2012, 08:21 PM) I like 'em both! But my favourite place to see Rush play is at the Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, VA because every Rush gig I've been to there has been pure magic That is a nice venue.. I haven't seen Rush there, but I drove from South Carolina just for the opportunity to see Dream Theater and Iron Maiden on the same show, at that venue back in 2010. If Rush used an opening act, I'd prefer the outdoors because it would be dark by the time the opening act finished... But, I agree with others about prefering indoors for the visual aspect. There's nothing like the whole place getting dark and the intro starting...then bam!
  14. I was thinking the song Clockwork Angels resembled Double Agent, myself. I think it's mainly the similar drum beat. I agree that Carnies is a pretty sick riff!!
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