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  1. What's worse, this commercial or asshole NFL players protesting the national anthem of a country that allows them the freedom to make millions... on 9/11
  2. :clap: But in this case, I'd prefer them forget over making light of the horrific event
  3. I think the stack of mattresses are the towers, and the Muslim looking guys are knocking them over
  4. WTF is wrong with people?!? http://youtu.be/2ZmM-2gj5Gc
  5. That's what Alex has, iirc. I hope your wife will be okay. wow, just found this... Seeing what it does to my wife, amazed he could do what he did. Also gives me hope to know it can get better with treatment
  6. Watch it again yeah, great action, well placed humor... like I said, my favorite Pixar flick, just a millimeter above Toy Story
  7. My wife was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis... likely on meds the rest of her life :(
  8. Incredibles is still my favorite. I put Wall-E on the same level as Good Dinosaur. Both have amazing graphics and a sweet story with a similar pace.
  9. you know I did. I finally stopped cying and you show up again!
  10. Hey my friend. I won't ever be the posting machine I once was but I am back on at least a part time basis anyway You were greatly missed in the PGA thread. translation... just chatting with LIX sucks
  11. How's your love life... I mean your wrist... doing?
  12. Hey you sexy beast! Popped in and was excited to see this thread! Missed chatting with you, especially during the olympic golf!!
  13. ... and is doing commercials for Liberty Reverse Mortgage?? http://i658.photobucket.com/albums/uu304/homersimpson239/Mobile%20Uploads/20160810_132740.jpg
  14. Is that like Battle Bots?
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