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  1. That second gif is certainly interesting :o
  2. Oh thank you I wasn't expecting this, I'd totally forgotten about it myself I must admit! And good memory with the chocolate milk thing :)
  3. Happy 10th TRF anniversary to my MORTAL ENEMY :o :fury: :P
  4. I like the outros of their live versions of The Trees
  5. ^ I do in fact miss the person above :)
  6. ^ Misses me deeply like the rest of you
  7. Rat farts! Even better Do you know the reference? I think you were referring to this?
  8. I'm partying so I am Elizabeth and Steven
  9. You came to our party just to announce that? Well watch me dance badly as punishment
  10. Not sure I can be arsed but if any of you lot wanna then go ahead baby!
  11. f***ing dumb f***ing shit I is
  12. Time for us fatties to resume partying!
  13. I know I've been quiet on here of late but just wanted to pop in to say that I hope you all have a great day tomorrow with your family and friends, and a new year that brings you much fulfilment.
  14. Had a bit of an accident so I'll be partying in a wheelchair for a short period, I'll try not to cause a scene.
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