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  1. Not No 1, but probably in my top 5.
  2. No 6. Permanent Waves, Hemispheres, A Farewell to Kings, Moving Pictures and 2112 are ahead, in that order.
  3. One album per band: Yes - Close to the Edge King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King Rush - Hemispheres Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here Genesis - Foxtrot Jethro Tull - Thick as a Brick Kansas - Leftoverture Camel - Mirage Van der Graaf Generator - Pawn Hearts Mike Oldfield - Ommadawn
  4. O: Red Barchetta or Hemispheres I consider both songs to be just good, but not among top-tier Rush songs like many fans do. U: The Necromancer (A Farewell to Kings too)
  5. I think the top-tier jazz drummers as Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa and Billy Cobham are regarded as technically superior drummers to Peart (and any other rock drummers).
  6. I'd say that one drummer doesn't have to groove to be considered a top-tier drummer.
  7. Two acclaimed classics from 1986. So what would you say?
  8. I think the musicianship is mostly objective (and Rush have an extraordinary musicianship), but the quality of songwriting is mostly subjective. People who are Rush fans will say that Rush's songwriting is extraordinary and people who are not Rush fans will deny that, but no one can deny their musicianship.
  9. Iron Maiden and Deep Purple in the top ten "most talented"? :lol: Why not Deep Purple? They were such a strong group of musicians. They had a super proficient guitarist (Blackmore), very proficient drummer (who never received the proper recognition), super proficient keyboardist (the best in rock along with Emerson and Wakeman) and they had two great vocalists (Gillan and Coverdale). I know the bassists weren't top-tier players, but Glover was better than average for sure. Deep Purple's musicianship was really extraordinary. And they had a reputation of outstanding live act in the 70's, they were easily superior than Led Zeppelin in that regard. And although Iron Maiden are not Rush-level talented, they are very talented nonetheless. And a great live band even today, when they're the dudes in their 60s.
  10. http://www.thetoptens.com/most-talented-bands/
  11. Who is RTF? I suppose KC is King Crimson? I have to disagree with your statement that Peart is the best drummer ever because they are/were a few jazz guys who could easily beat him anytime, Buddy Rich being the most notable of them. Also it's debatable whether Geddy is the best bassist, because The Ox (and Victor Wooten, Jaco Pastorius, Les Claypool, Chris Squire) exists. And how can you be sure Rush are superior/more talented musicians than e.g. Yes (such a strong quartet Howe + Wakeman + Bruford + Squire)? I didn't read the entire thread but RTF is probably Return to Forever who were a jazz fusion band from the 70's. They reappeared in the 2000's which is when I saw them live. Great band. Yeah, KC is probably King Crimson and were also great musicians. To this list I would add Mahavishnu Orchestra. I don't think there has ever been any better musicians than them(like RTF also jazz fusion)but that's just my opinion. I'm a huge Yes fan and for a long time they were my favorite band. Comparing them to Rush isn't really fair but if I had to choose I think at their peak Yes were slightly better musicians. When Bill Bruford left they became slightly less good because Alan White wasn't as good as Bill Bruford but they still made some great music. Gentle Giant were another band who had top notch musicians but I doubt many people on this page reading this have any idea who they were. They were another underrated prog rock band from the seventies. After King crimson they are the most well known(or one of them at least)of the lesser knowns. Gentle Giant are well known to my ears! :) Well, a lot of prog rock fans are Rush fans but not all Rush fans are big prog fans. ;) That's true. It's interesting there is a big overlap between Rush and Van Halen fans. That's really surprising to me, because Rush and VH are vastly different styles of rock music. both have great musicianship Only from the guitar aspect Van Halen's musicianship is exceptional. Bass and drums in Van Halen music are not exceptional as it's the case with Rush.
  12. Are you sure that Rush are unmatched as a live act by any other band?
  13. 1. Subdivisions 2. Analog Kid 3. Beneath, Between, & Behind 4. By-Tor & the Snow Dog 5. The Weapon 6. New World Man 7. Losing It 8. In the End
  14. Xanadu La Villa A Farewell to Kings
  15. Xanadu La Villa A Farewell to Kings
  16. Leftoverture crushes The Game. But Queen is a superior group. And Brian May over Livgren easily.
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