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  1. Hi everyone! I didn't mean to leave the forum so abruptly - life got busy fast and suddenly I didn't have the extra time I had previously. I do want to thank everyone who reached out to me via PM to see what was up. So, where have I been? I've been doing stuff :D Since Christmas my life has been full of out-of-town friends and family visiting, and that has been wonderful. I've been doing a lot of hiking/running (there are miles and miles of trails a stone's throw from my house) when the rains don't keep me inside, and I've also been horseback riding on those trails. I'm back in school to (finally!) finish my degree, and I am volunteering at my local hospital. But, more importantly, I am busy being an activist. The political climate in the U.S. right now is very bad, and getting worse each day. There is a growing resistance to the hatred that has infected our national government, and I am doing what I can to turn things around. I have zero tolerance for facism, racism, misogyny, etc., and I refuse to stay quiet about what's going on around me. (Luckily I live in a state which publicly stands against what is happening at the national level, so that is something. http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2017/01/california-trump-immigration-climate-healthcare-marijuana-guns-tech) In short, I no longer have extra time to spend online so I haven't been here much. I wish you all the best (unless, of course, you are a supporter of racism and hatred).
  2. The non-echolocating bats are cute! (The echolocating bats can be really odd, but also really cool!)
  3. Scattered clouds and blue skies, low 60sF at 8:30 am. We're in the middle of a warm patch so no chance of rain for another week-plus.
  4. A big loss for him! For both of us, to be honest :( Oh well, life goes on, I suppose. I hope someone who can genuinely reciprocate is in your future. :) That is very kind, thank you so much, Chica
  5. A big loss for him! For both of us, to be honest :( Oh well, life goes on, I suppose.
  6. I am so happy you got her back unharmed!
  7. Blue J bluefox4000 Lucas Turbine Freight RUSHHEAD666 1001001 Out: The TRFers were wandering through the forest when they heard a zombie squad coming up behind them. People started to run until they saw some fallen logs blocking their path. Most scrambled over the logs, but bluefox4000 couldn't in his chair. Lucas, ever the gentleman, went back to lift Mick and the chair over the logs. He just made it and sent Mick rolling down towards the others when suddenly he felt something grab his ankle and pull him back... In: The group came across the former Doctor, Maverick. Maverick was interested in looking for chicks so he joined the group and hoped to meet up with others. Blue J bluefox4000 Maverick Turbine Freight RUSHHEAD666 1001001
  8. I had to break up with my boyfriend yesterday. The timing wasn't good (when is it ever?) and I'm very sorry about that, but the clincher was when I was asking if he still loved me and he wouldn't answer the question. :( :( :(
  9. Wow, such a bizarre shape for a fungi. They look like cigarette butts affixed to the trees with suction cups. They really do!
  10. Gorgeous. Here's another several years later. Mrs. B's grandfather was a police officer then...pretty interesting to me to see that he was armed with just a katana sword. Somehow that's more intimidating to me than a modern day officer's revolver, baton, and stun gun. http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c107/andrewq2112/Mobile%20Uploads/image_20.jpeg [Mrs. B's mum is the little girl in the center.] I love seeing old family photos. Thanks for posting these :)
  11. I remember this one! It's from backstage at the Fort Lauderdale show on the CA tour :D
  12. Happy birthday! http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-oKb_HGjOojw/USE8hZ2J_NI/AAAAAAAAGe4/9NVMjeKIrqc/s1600/P1090666.JPG
  13. Oh, JohnnyBlaze, I think it's just amazing that you have been posting since before you were conceived (according to your profile birthdate)! Talk about precocious! Belated happy first birthday to you
  14. Kamikazi pilots flying right at me
  15. Personally, I was pleasantly surprised with all the fan bits (thought I would not enjoy, but I did.) But I always wondered that about the front row crew. I mean, back in the day, I had front row a couple times - once by winning a food-drive raffle at the show (Rtb, Great woods, Mass) and once the old fashioned way (skipping school and lining up at the venue at 7 am for a general admission show; HYF tour, RPI, Troy, NY). Since that time, for every single tour, I had been on every pre-sale and public sale online with a fast connection at the very millisecond that tickets went on sale - sometimes kept trying for hours, then later in the day - and only once ever scored tickets in the first 5 rows. I always had decent tickets, but rarely in the first 5 rows (R40 Philly, SnA, Jacksonville). I did splurge for VIP package on 2 tours (and got 2nd, CA tour, Manchester and 7th rows TM tour, Red Rocks). I refused to accept the stubhub gouge. Yet, at nearly every show I was at since 2002, I would see many of the same people in the front couple rows. How do they do it? Ridiculous expenditures on the post-market sales? Connections with the band/crew/management? Sexual favors? Because I don't buy the "sheer luck" path - I've pulled those levers myself for all those tours and came up without the jackpot - no way there is some magical internet connection that allowed them to pull those seats every time. On the CA tour I ended up in the first and second rows because I bought my tickets literally the second they went on sale. For R40 I was out of the country when they went on sale so I got them from StubHub. The thing is, one you go front row you can't go back :D (Plus, it being their last tour there was no "maybe I'll get first row next time".)
  16. I almost forgot Greyfrier's appearance. Hilarious. Complete video-bomb of the shot. Brought a smile to my face. Now I'm really curious and that makes the wait even harder. Can't believe that I'm in the film. WTF have I done??? Nothing bad, don't worry!
  17. I'm really sorry to hear this, Union. I didn't realize that a hospital could make such a decision. Is there some way of appealing it? It seems like with a family match waiting, they would want to get the transplant done ; but I don't have much medical experience. I'll be sending healing thoughts toward your mom and your family. Unfortunately, doctors can turn down people for surgery if they think that person has certain health issues that can lead to serious complications or even death of the patient. If there's a high chance her cousin could die from the surgery due to some medical issues she has, then they can turn it down. I can't imagine a decision like that is easy. But I understand why a doctor wouldn't want the death of a patient to be on their head if they approve someone for surgery who could be a serious risk. It's more my mother's health that is the risk. She is a small frail woman and has been turned down by local hospitals. So over the last year we went to the Cleveland Clinic to see if they'd give her a shot. They expect her to be at risk if she has the surgery. But she's even more likely she'd die by continuing dialysis for however long. I bet she could keep going a few more years, but a transplant could keep her around another 10-15. If only there was some sort of waiver that we could sign where we promise not to sue or seek any recourse if she died in surgery (unless there was gross negligence). Many of her doctors here actually say she's good to go and have vouched for her. We'd be willing to take the risk of surgery over the certainty of the alternative. Union, I'm very sorry your mother and your family are having to go through this. I worked at the UCSF Kidney & Liver Transplant Clinic for a a couple of years and learned a bit about the transplant process. If your mother isn't in good health (kidneys aside) then yes, she is at much more of a risk to die during surgery. But post-surgery, a transplant recipient will spend the rest of their life taking immunosuppressive drugs to ensure their body does not reject the transplanted organ. If an unhealthy or frail person is immunosuppression then it is very possible they might contract an illness that will kill them. It was my understanding that a person in kidney failure could live indefinitely on dialysis. Am I wrong? Well she's already had a transplant once before and has been taking immunosuppressive drugs for more than a decade. To my knowledge, she still is taking them. People can last a long time on dialysis, but she's been on it for over 4 years now. She's seen a decent number of the people in the clinic pass away over the years and she feels herself getting weaker and weaker. To the extent of some of reading I've done, some folks can last as many as 20 years but they usually are a bit younger. People closer to their 70's only make it 4-5 years because it's such a draining process on the body. I hope something changes and she can get her transplant.
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