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  1. Happy Canada Day eh! I am heading downtown to join the masses here in Ottawa. Gonna feel it tomorrow :cheers:
  2. I worked in a couple of record shops from 1993-'96, and we sold these higher-end boots there-Swingin' Pig and TAKRL were almost exclusively soundboard recordings...they were very clumsily marketed in disguise as 'imports'...hahaha. Generally, we sold single discs for $25, doubles for $50, and a 3CD set would go for anywhere from $60-75. And they sold, week in and week out. I got to buy them at our cost, which was significantly less than that. Yeah...different places did different things....some were $15-$20 per disc....other's were $30! and those were the ones you researched before buying, because if it sucked...you were stuck! My one local place cut deals with those of us that bought a lot, so it was a good place....AND they knew how to find things.... got a great Floyd boot from a show I saw in Philly in 1987 that, besides being a great show, was just an amazing piece of packaging! Exactly....I got to the point with my local "indy record store" owner that he called me to give 1st dibs on any Rush or Floyd silvers he got in. Much the same story with me. I worked in a record store from '83 to '87 and always had first dibs on what came in the "Imports" shipment. With my staff discount not too many boots made it to the record bins. These were mainly picture disc and vinyl boots as cds were just making an appearance in my last year there.
  3. Hey there Big T :hi: I'm another one back after a long hiatus. Joined in 2004 and just returned this past January. Welcome back!
  4. Happy Anniversary! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1GuUr3Zl5k
  5. RUSH...when I dial my phone # which is xxx-7874 the keypad shows me R U S H in caps so it must be so.
  6. http://i1132.photobucket.com/albums/m563/kamrahai/TRF/1625664_10152062296817343_1438253806368481470_n.jpg
  7. Happy Birthday treeduck! :haz:
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