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I Need...


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I'm runnin' here, I'm runnin' there

I'm lookin' for a girl

'Cause there's nothin' I need, there's nothin' I want more

In the whole wide world


Well, I need it quick and I need it now

Before I start to fade away

That's why I'm searchin', that's why I'm lookin'

Each and ev'ry day


Ooh, I need some love

I said I need some love

Ooh yes, I need some love

This feelin' I can't rise above

Ooh, yeah, yeah


Well, I been hustlin' here, I been hustlin' there

I been searchin' for about a week

And I started feelin' this strange sensation

My knees are startin' gettin' weak


Well, I need what keeps a young man alive

I'm sayin' I need it now

I'm gonna get the message across to you

Some way, some how


what do you need?

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I need people to stop saying, "You need to.....He needs to....They need to....."


I mean, really....who in Hell are you to tell me what I need?  I decide what I need to do.....got it?    :angry:  :wink:



What do you need?  

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12 minutes ago, HomesickAlien said:


I need a factory reset for my broken brain.


I don't care what the next poster needs.



I need more people to embrace the idea that different is not broken.


What do you need...?

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