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  1. I thought my experience with cognitive behavioral therapy came in handy there.
  2. They finally found me and took me home!
  3. Ukrainian S-300 surface to air missile attempting to intercept an incoming Russian cruise missile. Chances are we won't be hearing about it anymore within a week. Yes, every aspect of the war is concerning, but as a recovering "doomscroller" I've learned that it's best not to freak out when news like that initially surfaces. Try to stay calm and wait for more facts. The worst thing you can do is jump to conclusions and imagine the worst case scenario. If you're anxious about something you'll engage in emotional reasoning, convincing yourself something terrible will happen. Thoughts are not facts! Hope that helps.
  4. Marshall Applewhite approves of this post.
  5. I'm certain I make my share of grammatical errors. Also, I'll occasionally come across one of my old posts that seems awkwardly worded, so I'm in no position to criticize. The only thing that makes me cringe is when I see all right spelled alright.
  6. I normally buy their pistachio, but was always curious about the Earl Grey. Fortunately, it was only a pint!
  7. Well, it is a message board -an endangered species. Isn't SOCN still pretty active? I don't lurk around down there anymore since I stopped using stealth mode.
  8. Van Leeuwen Earl Grey ice cream. All I can say is that I'll never buy it again.
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