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  1. Thank you. And just two lovely coffees, please.
  2. Frankfurt look right up for the visit of my soporific Spurs side. That is a concern, as we don`t play very well when the other team try.
  3. 73, some people have drawn comparisons between your post 'if', which ends with a gun battle at a public school, and Mr blackhawkrush`s post, 'if', which ends with a gun battle at a public school.
  4. Sporting`s keepers will be disappointed with their 45 minutes away at Marseille. Sporting take the lead and are looking good until Adan dallies for too long around his six-yard box and hits his clearance carelessly into Sanchez, 1-1. Then he botches a goal kick, straight to Guendouzi about 40 yards out. Crossed in whilst he is still out of position, for 2-1. Then he rushes out of his area and handles the ball, so he is sent off. Sub keeper comes on and before he has touched the ball, a corner is converted for 3-1.
  5. Now if you and your pal had one big wish, 73, what would you like to see on TRF?
  6. Well there'll certainly be some car door slamming in the streets of New York tonight.
  7. What, you`re not including Gene Simmons or Lemmy?
  8. Come on please. Anyone not concerned in this scene, the canteen's open upstairs.
  9. I suppose it`s something for us to hold onto this dark weekend.
  10. He`s the singer on many of my favourite songs. I suspect - and I cite My Favourite Headache and the Working Man tribute CD as solid evidence - that it`s the magic of all three members needed. As for Geddy, he suits Rush and I don`t think that`s solely because that`s how it`s always been. It certainly is no mean feat to be on a par with the band`s instrumental power. I`d add Ian Gillan, Devin Townsend to the names mentioned above - Chris Cornell probably No. 1 for me even though I`m not a huge Soundgarden fan.
  11. Sounds like Brighton Di Zerbi their lead. Sorry, I`m really pleased with the joke, not your fixture troubles. You`ve just got one back, all will be fine. In other news, I am seeing a Marillion tribute band in Dundee with my girlfriend tonight. Suffice to say, most of hopes of evening entertainment are of the apres show.
  12. Spurs have nine matches in October. That seems too many. I`m not even planning on going out nine times in October.
  13. Well at the moment, 73, you're crouching down inside a filing cabinet.
  14. My friend he say, 'Why must I say I am Palace fan from London when he lives in Stow and supports Spurs? '
  15. Oh, come on, Robert, or they'll have stoned him before we get there.
  16. Is it possible or practical for many of us in our jobs and with the sort of busy lives we lead to sit down in a comfortable chair just when we want?
  17. It's a weak name for something so destructive. Hope our TRF alumni are good.
  18. ...and we'd like to have a word with you about your box of chocolates entitled 'The Whizzo Quality Assortment.'
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