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  1. They got their start in Bellevue, IIRC. I had a friend in high school who bought a 4-song cassette and left in in continuous loop for about a month. Saw them in concert a few times. My top albums are Empire and Promised Land. I even like the somewhat stripped down approach of Hear In The Now Frontier. Seeing Mindcrime played in it's entirety live is pretty awesome. I think it's cool as hell that Queen Of The Reich was used in the GTA Vice City Stories soundtrack.
  2. Going to the Mt. Baker BluesFestival last weekend in July. Gonna camp out in the the Ford Explorer with a cooler of bratwurst and chili and hang out for three days. Gonna bring my acoustic bass.
  3. Abominog- Uriah Heep
  4. Yeah, where is it? Just bought another one last week...
  5. Love the riff to the Anarchist. Good lord, a decade already...
  6. Only one difficulty here... selecting the right car. Many correct answers here.
  7. Wonder how Tick has been. I used to hang out here in chat with Ya Big Tree and Tarkus 406.
  8. A good laugh in a laughless day.
  9. I think so. Still... MONKEES.
  10. No, Duckworthy, everything is the Monkees.
  11. MTV video ball. Headbanger's Ball. God, I loved that show. It almost became its own channel in '92 or '93. MTV punked out. Never forgave them.
  12. 1970. Golly, that's when my little sister was born. Dad was driving an ancient (for the time) crappy 1957 Lincoln. Theze days a 13 year old car is still sorta modern.
  13. Since Yes 90125 was mentioned in another thread, I will use it as a reference point. It represented a big shift from their ealier work and set the tone for the '80's. But I can't think of the '80's without thinking of Van Halen. Their reach was so far. Metalheads liked them. People into top 40 radio liked them. They became a reference point even for people who only somewhat paid attention to music. I will pick the album 1984 as VH being in full 1980's bloom. Want one song? Pick from Panama, Hot For Teacher, or Jump. They had it all going for them. Musically and video-wise. Have fun, it's 1984.
  14. Really I guess what the deal is that they have been around for 20 years. Long enough for an entire generation of people to have grown up with this format. To them maybe its like some of us watching cassettes or LP's fade away. It marks an era.
  15. David Gilmour has made some very worthy albums. Rattle That Lock came out in 2015, I think. Good stuff. Also, On An Island, and the first solo album are great. Monster Magnet did an excellent cover of There's No Way Out Of Here.
  16. I get it why a lot of people are against it. I find the premise to match the cynicism of whats going on now. I just think it could work. Sounds plausible. It's just gotta be done right.
  17. I tried to listen to a couple of his solo albums... not my kind of stuff. A bit silly.
  18. The idea is cool and given the talent involved it could be pretty good. I vote yes.
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