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  1. A late comer to the party. I got introduced to Rush through a friend loaning me 2112 and Signals. I liked Signals but 16 year old me thouth 2112 was insane good. Signa 'll s has caught up with me a few years ago and has a place with me.
  2. It was their Led Zep album. Not an insult, they made a good one. It was the first one I thought of. But there's Test For Echo. Its not Counterparts and its energy got stalled by Neil's life events. I actually consider Vapor Trails a succesor of that series. Same modern vibe. T4E got left to hang for a bit on its own for awhile.
  3. It's the shag carpet edition of 2112... mid to upper mid pack for me. Good for when I'm feeling psychedelic and missing my Chrysler Cordoba.
  4. I saw them at the Gorge also. I really enjoyed the show. Pretty good album, I still pull it out from time to time. I think I'll take it to work with me tomorrow.
  5. Just let one a bit ago that could gag a maggot. That's even with the living room window open.
  6. One of the the last people I was in contact with when I was still in social media. Totally a guy I would have hung out with. Salt of the earth.
  7. Wasn't Face The Music absolutely the shit? I like Supertramp, but ELO has a special place with me.
  8. Glad TRF is still here. I've been here for about 14 of those years.
  9. For a second I thought this was gonna be Sabbath Vol. 4. That would have been a much tougher choice. Sinner all the way. Tight rhythm, love the drums. Other song? Last Rose Of Summer. Sublime.
  10. Dad- thick hand-tooled 1970's leather belt...
  11. I can't spell. Fried egg sandwiches.
  12. No. You can have mine. I'll set them on the edge of the plate.
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