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  1. Plus "Out On the Tiles" and "Since I've Been Loving You"! Hard to believe I used to think LZ III was a weak album.
  2. Because the end is nigh and it's a sign one of the seven seals has been broken?
  3. For my money LZ I is one of the most thunderous and propulsive debut albums in rock music history. The light, the shade, the reach slightly exceeding the grasp; it's one of my favorites, full stop.
  4. I wanted that to happen, so of course it didn't: It looks like he's back to the Yankees for 40mil/year for nine years. Boring.
  5. Well done, Morocco! Let's hear it for the Atlas Lions.
  6. Well, South Korea, I hope you enjoyed your time in Catarrh.
  7. It's killing me I can't watch Japan-Croatia right now.
  8. Just popped in to say: 33 points in the fourth quarter! Winning 54-19! (The Saturday Colts, sure, but fitty?!) Keeping the pressure on the Igles! Do not sign OBJ!
  9. Now that the Blues have settled into a less bipolar win-loss pattern, it turns out that maybe they're just not very good. Playoff first round exit kind of not great. The team is Binnington performances writ large.
  10. In late 1983 (I'd have been thirteen), I bought (at Kmart!) one of those K-TEL "miscellany of current songs" cassettes. I think it was called Hit Explosion, but I wouldn't swear to it, as I had something like six of those collections in my formative years. Anyway, one of the songs was "New World Man," and I really liked that one. I mentioned to my best friend, Denny. Denny had two older brothers, including one who played guitar and was really into music, so Denny knew mysteries I didn't. He knew Rush right away, and before you know it, I was listening to Moving Pictures. Before too much time had passed (six months, maybe?) I was with my mom at the same Kmart* and saw Grace Under Pressure in the new release rack. I bought it (well, mom bought it . . .) and as soon as I got home I popped it into my boombox: it's never really passed out of heavy rotation since. I was now a Rush fan, and they were my #1 band. (*This Kmart was also the place where I bought my first pack of football/sports cards -- I haven't really appreciated until right now how much childhood, teenage, and adult joy that Kmart created for me!)
  11. Sure, but maybe no more than the winning side normally is; I thought they looked pretty good, honestly. I know that's hard for some English to believe, but there it is. Were they "beating France" good? That might require more luck.
  12. Apparently, the Bengals are Chiefs kryptonite. Andy Reid: figure it out, man!
  13. "The history of the earth is like the life of a soldier -- long periods of boredom with brief bursts of terror." We may just be in one of those plateaus between bursts. Streaming quality may improve, but streaming itself seems so easy. Hard to see, the future is.
  14. I've never gotten Judas Priest, really. Some songs, yes, but whole albums' worth of songs, no. I dunno why; just much of a muchness.
  15. Well, here I am, all cried out. I've got Argentina v. Australia on, but I may switch to the TCU/KSU game. Not feeling this, and since the Argies just scored, that's probably the match.
  16. How much do you suppose it will have cost the Alabama Alumni Association to pay both USC and TCU to lose their ballgames?
  17. Whoops! The Swiss Cheese Defense seems to have some holes in it. I'll get my hat . . .
  18. Liverpool old boy Xherdan Shaqiri scores for the Swiss! Now the Serbs have to go for it.
  19. Okay, c'mon Cameroon! And Switzerland, I guess. The Serbs have a cooler flag, but there are . . . problems. Let's just have lots of swings and roundabouts!
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