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Bands You're Obsessing Over Right Now

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Alter Bridge


Oh my the new album is a sexy beast!

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Im going to see meshuggah this Wednesday, Opeth Thursday and Ghost Friday!! Thanks Los Angeles.

Pretty solid run of shows you've got coming for you! I hope you enjoy the Opeth show especially considering it's the special show with the Deliverance and Damnation set.
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Some bands I obsess over...and over and over again.


Other bands get a moment in the sun before I move on. Only time will decide who gets my repeated obsessive glare, but right now I am stuck on the "I, Human) album by Deus Ex Machina, a multi sub-genre metal act from Singapore.


The album is about a clone who becomes aware that he is not human, and tries to reconcile that before deciding to gather the other artificial forms and overthrow humanity.


It suits my inner-nerd all too perfectly.


Obvious nod to Asimov's I, Robot but I'll note it for the sake of credit due.


I'm also listening a lot to Slim and Munly's latest efforts and will most certainly be obsessive over the Drive By Truckers as soon as I grab their newest release.



On another note, it is my most recent obsessive phase with Rush that brought me to this forum- so thanks or blame to obsessive Rush fandom for that.

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Coheed And Cambria, falling in love with them all over again for the umpteenth time.


Mr Not!


Are you writing this on purpose to bait me?


I have been a diehard Coheed Fan since the fuckking beginning.

Many on here hate this band.


Call them EMO.




This band RULES!!!!


I flew to LA with the EX to see two Coheed shows when they did an album a night. And no....... don't make a joke. I didn't fly into LA EX. Get it??? LOL!


I'm an idiot. (inside joke)


Like what Myles says.


The prima donna of Bella Donna. The Stevie Nicks Witch with a Dick Bitch!!



"Stop Draggin My Heart Around!"

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