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    Besides lots of great concerts with friends, meeting a good friend via the National Midnight Star e-mail list, receiving two postcards from NEP, meeting Larry Allen and obtaining two used sticks from NEP, I would say the best experience has been the initial inspiration to play music myself and all of the consequential adventures - recording CDs, playing big concerts, meeting my wife, etc, etc. Rush lit the fuse!
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  1. Deluxe Edition is now out there; for those waiting for their Deluxe Editions... I got a note this morning from the "official store" from whom I originally ordered with last November. They said they have stocking issues and it will be another week wait, maybe. So, I went over to my old standby, Burning Shed - not only did they have copies of the Deluxe CD/BR set ready to ship, the total price with shipping to the US has now dropped - and it's ~$20 cheaper from BS. The timing isn't important to me due to some travel, but the price was much better and Townsend has a bad reputation with squirrely communication. So, I cancelled my order with Townsend, and ordered with Burning Shed this morning - and they already have my copy on it's way (insured, etc. to the US). It'll be at my place sooner and cheaper.
  2. As of ~ 4 hours ago, the standard (7 song) version has leaked. This will have to be good enough for the moment, as I'll be getting on a plane tomorrow for a transatlantic flight.
  3. I've been searching for a leak too - I'll be travelling for a few weeks and won't be home to receive the box set. No luck thus far.
  4. Man, the performance on the live discs is FIRE! I had the chance to properly listen last night - my wife out of town, volume pretty close to the original concert volume (I'm sure my neighbors would attest.) Liquid refreshments. So cool to pick out the variations from ESL, little details, and of course, the whole set-list: * hearing Neil's voice on Hemispheres Prelude (a little "hey" during a stop; I suspect this is Neil), the count-in on "The Trees" (4,5,6... def Neil) * Neil seemed to be pushing the tempos more than on the ESL recording. I'd have to tap them out to compare, but all the songs tempos were pushing slightly quicker than ESL. * I believe Neil drops a stick later in "The Trees" (just a bit before the temple blocks part, if I recall); he pulled off a drummer trick that I know well - one-handed covering some crashes while you grab another stick * Drum solo was very interesting to me (as I've dissected the ESL version as long as I've been a drummer), Neil skipped most of the deep gong bass drum pattern that he does on ESL. Otherwise most of the same sections are there - though, he was a little cleaner on ESL. Not sure those are things that could have been "fixed" in ESL editing; seems he was just a little more "on" and precise for that solo - but the Toronto solo seems more raw & energetic * Ged's comment on "Red Barchetta" - sounded like he said "a story that took place in Rochester" (?) I wonder what the back story is there?? LOL * The Camera Eye - Immaculate * Natural Science - Immaculate * Love Broon's mix - far superior * La Villa - Superior to ESL? maybe, though they dropped Ged's little vocal improv (if he did one in TO?) Overall, what a treat!
  5. When I saw this anniversary earlier this week, I made CA part of my morning routine. It's been 4-5 years since I listened to it. I loved the album when it came out, flew to New Hampshire for opening night. Ended up seeing ~6 shows on the tour - loved it. After the tour, I kinda moved on to other things. I recall being less enthralled with the album during the R40 tour; kinda dropped down on my rankings. Neil's passing made it difficult to listen to most Rush. Anyway, first listen was so refreshing - it is a really great later-day Rush album. I did like Snakes quite a bit and Vapor Trails somewhat less; Clockwork is my favorite of those 3.
  6. Oh man, I just bought plane tickets to fly to LA the day after the concert (I'm flying to see Porcupine Tree at the Greek Sept 30.) Well, it would take alot to change the ticket and everything now; plus, I imagine tickets to this show might be hard to obtain (at least for reasonable $)
  7. Adam Holtzman, acclaimed keyboardist that played with Miles Davis and Steven Wilson's band had a nice statement about Alan: "
  8. and one more, TOOL 5/5 1. Lateralus 2. Ænima 3. Fear Inoculum 4/5 4. 10,000 Days 3/5 5. Undertow
  9. King Crimson 5/5 1. In the Court of the Crimson King 2.Red 3. Discipline 4. Larks' Tongues in Aspic 4/5 5. Starless and Bible Black 6. Thrak 7. The Power to Believe 3/5 8. Three of a Perfect Pair 9. Lizard 10. The Construkction of Light 11. In the Wake of Poseidon 12. Beat 2/5 13. Islands
  10. YES 5/5 1. Close To The Edge 2. Going For The One 3. Fragile 4. Relayer 5. The Yes Album 4/5 6. Tales From Topographic Oceans 7. 90125 3/5 8. Drama 9. Big Generator 10. Tormato 11. Time And A Word 12. Union 2/5 13. Talk 14. Keys to Ascension 1 & 2 15. The Ladder 1/5 16. Magnification 17. Yes No 18. Fly From Here 19. Open Your Eyes 20. The Quest 21. Heaven & Earth
  11. Pink Floyd 1. Wish You Were Here 2. Dark Side of the Moon 3. Animals 4. The Wall 5. Final cut 6. Meddle 7. Obscured By Clouds 8. Ummagumma 9. Saucerful Of Secrets 10. Division Bell 11. Atom Heart Mother 12. Momentary Lapse of Reason 13. More 14. Piper at the Gates of Dawn 15. Endless River
  12. and, I can't resist: The Mars Volta 1. Deloused in the Comatorium 2. Frances the Mute 3. The Bedlam in Goliath 4. Amputecthture 5. Octahedron 6. Noctourniquet
  13. Interesting take; mine would go like this: 5/5 1. Fear of a Blank Planet 2. In Absentia 3. Deadwing (based on what I've heard, first- and second-hand, Closure/Continuation will land around here) 4/5 4. Stupid Dream 5. The Incident 6. Lightbulb Sun 7. Signify 3/5 8. The Sky Moves Sideways 9. Up The Downstair shit/5 10. On The Shitday of Life and while I'm at it; Steven Wilson: 5/5 1. Hand.Cannot.Erase 2. The Raven That Refused to Sing 4/5 3. Grace for Drowning 3.5 4½ 4. Insurgentes 3/5 5. To The Bone nope/5 6. The Future Bites
  14. Firmly in camp Krim. Don't get me wrong, I love Genesis. But for me, Crimson is King. That said, the comparison of ItCotCK vs. 3SL is, at best, a very unbalanced - the iconic 1969 studio debut of a classic prog band vs. a 1982 live album featuring only a hint of the band's original prog mastery (and only the ghosts of two former key members.) For that reason, in my book, not even close. To give Court a run for it's money, put it up against Selling England by the Pound or even Foxtrot. A more apt Crim comparison for 3SL would be Absent Lovers.
  15. Absolutely! Not to mention some great work on Tales from Topographic also. No doubt a great player and ended up fitting well with post-Bruford Yes. Also, have to recognize him for his great work with John Lennon. I had the opportunity to meet him once; really nice guy to boot.
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