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    Besides lots of great concerts with friends, meeting a good friend via the National Midnight Star e-mail list, receiving two postcards from NEP, meeting Larry Allen and obtaining two used sticks from NEP, I would say the best experience has been the initial inspiration to play music myself and all of the consequential adventures - recording CDs, playing big concerts, meeting my wife, etc, etc. Rush lit the fuse!
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    Porcupine Tree, Zeppelin, Yes, Crimson, TOOL, Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Zappa, Chili Peppers, Steely Dan, on and on and on.....
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  1. Tough to order, but new music that I bought this year that I really loved: * Porcupine Tree - Closure / Continuation * Red Hot Chili Peppers - Unlimited Love * Red Hot Chili Peppers - Return of the Dream Canteen * Frank Zappa - Zappa 88 The Last US Show * Michael Akerfeldt - CLARK Soundtrack * Meshuggah - Immutable * The Aristocrats - with the Primuz Orchestra * King Crimson - KC at 50 film and Deluxe edition with 4 CD * King's X -Three Sides of One * The Pineapple Thief - Give it Back * TOOL - Opiate2 * The Beatles - Revolver remix/remaster * Pink Floyd - Animals remix/remaster * RUSH - Moving Pictures Anniversary with new 81 show!
  2. I can easily recall Tim's words about Geddy in BTLS; funny and honest dude. Sad to hear about his diagnosis; a tough journey for sure. Wish him a full recovery and hopefully he stays clear
  3. both great - and I love both of them. Just personally prefer LZIII by a (short) hair
  4. I'd concur with most of that. Though I would say that the only "post A" album I liked was Roots to Branches. Has some moments; though the sound is very dated. Saw Ian perform a couple years ago. He was voice was.... not good. (and that is the nicest possible way I can put that.) The current idea of Jethro Tull is an abomination. IMHO, it is not Tull without Martin Barre (who, btw, still puts on shows that are vastly superior to what is now called the Tull band.)
  5. 1982 MTV I was 12, had an interest in playing the drums. My parents had just gotten cable TV the year before. I spent a good bit of that summer watching the wide variety of early MTV vids. At school, some friends all talked about Rush. One went with his older brother to see them (Carrier Dome, Signals tour.) Then I saw the videos on MTV - mostly the ESL videos, Subdivisions, and Countdown. They also had the midnight showings of Exit Stage Left. I was captivated by the drums and the whole atmosphere that they created - unlike all that pop crap that my sister listened to! (around that point in time, I did discover lots of other bands, Zep, Floyd, Yes, etc.) For my birthday that year, one friend got me Moving Pictures, another (the one that went to the show) got me 2112. I convinced my parents to allow me to take drum lessons and I played in my Middle school band. The following Xmas, my parents got me a small kit. I advanced quickly - really inspired by the Professor. My friends noted that I could air drum very accurately to all of MP (it would be years before I could actually do that on a kit!) I auditioned for the high school bands and got into the top school groups. I also started my own rock band (one of the first primitive songs we played was "No one at the Bridge"; our repetoire soon expanded!) In the Fall of 84, I finally got to see my first Rush show - P/G tour at the Glens Falls (NY) Civic center. By my sophomore year of HS, my band had pulled an upset victory in the Battle of the Bands - part of our encore set included "What You're Doing". My Neil infatuation hit full stride - subscribing and absorbing every issue of modern drummer, building my album collection (to all of them!) Started collecting anything and everything Rush. I wanted to play and look like them. My band continued through HS and then new bands during college....at that time, I wrote a letter to Neil via Modern Drummer in 1988; and to my delight, Neil responded to me with a postcard (did this again in 94; both of which are framed and hang above my desk.) After school, my career started in Florida and I had some money to travel to see shows (and I did - 12 on TFE tour! and obtained a pair of sticks from Larry Allen on the Cp tour) Met some like-minded musicians, wrote and recorded demos, got some record label interest (but never "made it"), got my own little column in Modern Drummer magazine, etc. Met my wife through a band-mate. Now I'm 52; some 49 shows under my belt, the music engrained in my brain, a lifetime of memories, and my semi-pro career in music continues; all inspired by those early viewings of Rush on MTV...
  6. This kinda happened in a way - a few years ago when Apple forced the new U2 album upon Itunes users. I don't follow their news, but I use(d) my iPhone for "mixes" which I would synch to Itunes. One morning out for a walk, listening to my carefully curated prog rock collection on my phone and all the sudden there's this other song.... WTF is that doing on there?!!? Yeah, they actually snuck it on there and it showed as a "purchase" (even though it was free) and contaminated my collection.... (not that I don't like U2, but it's not what I chose to be listening to....) Really pissed me off; felt like I couldn't even control what was on my phone. In regards to the OP, I am a dinosaur in every way. I still buy physical copies of my most favorite bands. I don't have a turntable - so it usually ends up being CDs & Bluray 5,1 mixes. (I know I'm even more a dinosaur for just having 5.1 and not Atmos....) I think I purchase about ~20 CD/BR per year lately; a large percentage of those are reissue. Rarely a new band crosses my radar that inspires a purchase - it does happen a few times a year. I digitize them and have them on Itunes and my phone for travel and convenience. Not a fan of spotify on multiple levels (for quality, I'd probably go for Tidal; but still I prefer curating my own collection and playlists and controlling the quality, etc.) What is the future? Most certainly not what I listen to or how I listen to it (I have 3 sons that love to tease me "wasn't Jim Morrison the drummer in Pink Zeppelin?" All spotify users. Almost couldn't name a single artist. The eldest is starting to come around though... I think I planted enough seeds for decent music; lol)
  7. I hear you man; that said, I bit the bullet and made a trip to LA for the show at the Greek a couple weeks back (Stoopid was there too; hey man, we missed the chance to meet up!) I had the added bonus of hanging with a couple friends in the biz out there and seeing some family too - but regardless, it was worth it for the show alone. Exceeded my expectations, on every level; the performance, sound, setlist, ambience, venue, comradery. it was one of those magic shows. Didn't hurt that I ran into Simon Phillips (drummer) at intermission. Maybe you've seen some photos and clips on socials about the Mexico city and Chilean shows... they appeared to be very much off the chain - huge crowds (maybe 3x what was in LA) and typically way more into it than American crowds. Maybe that would persuade Steven to continue some with PT - but honestly, the feeling that I got from the show (in particular during the first of the encore songs), and from Steven's book, is that this was very likely all there will be. Steven's just too into his solo progression and doing different things - certainly different than what anyone else wants (while I would much prefer another PT album & tour, from what I have been hearing, his next solo disc will be alot more interesting than his last - for me, it would have to be, in order for me to have any interest in it at all...) That said, Steven said "PT's done" before (2011) and here we are. So, anything can happen - but IF it were to come to pass, my guess would be it would be another future album and tour AFTER his next solo album (which is already largely recorded and he's eager to get it out there...) So maybe in 2024? Even then, I heard some interview with Gavin slagging on some their past shows in Florida as being poorly attended; which makes me scratch my head because Steven had filled the venues he booked when he came; I think PT would easily pull in more people now. Heck, PT basically had a full house at the House of Blues in 2007 here, what does he think, they don't fill arenas anywhere in NA. The show in LA was well attended, but not sold out (I'd estimate 5000 max). When Gavin was in Orlando with The Pineapple Thief, they played a venue that holds ~1250 and maybe was ~2/3 full (if even). I don't think they were playing any much bigger shows in the US. So, anyway, I don't really get his comment (though it does seem Florida gets passed up on alot of tours; even tough I see crowds at many shows. Maybe Live Nation has some unfavorable deals with venues, etc.
  8. Got my Bluray last week - had a proper listen to the high res and 5.1 over the weekend. FANTASTIC. The music speaks for itself, but this new mix is crystalline. The 5.1 is so nicely textured. Especially on those longer instrumental sections (Dogs barking in rear speakers, etc.) It's immersive. Excellent!
  9. Old School KX fan here - first saw them on FHL. So far, I really enjoy the new disc! I will admit being a little underwhelmed with the first two singles - but really hearing them in the context of the album, they're really good. As Mr Not stated, it is a very diverse album. Jerry's songs have their own unique signature and are well represented here. I really like the heaviness of Doug's "Swipe Up" and "Flood Pt. 1", and Ty has some great songs too like "Watcher" and "All God's Children"; he's got a few great solos on the disc. "Nothing But the Truth" is an instant classic for me; very soulful take by Doug. "Holidays" and "Festival" are also great. While I like it now, if this is a "grower" I might place it up there with my favorites of theirs. Certainly, I already like it more than anything since Tapehead. Definitely benefits from hearing the whole thing in context and given an open mind without unrealistic expectations. It's not going to be "Gretchen" part II nor is it going to totally reinvent their sound. It's Doug, Ty, and Jerry and it's a really solid effort, with some new sounds, some familiar sounds, and some great hooks.
  10. Geddy with one arm around Paul McC and the other around JPJ!!! (there has to be a picture of that!) Man, what an incredible show. Really amazing tribute to Taylor. His son drummed up a storm too (I joked with a drummer friend "He hits those cymbals like he's not paying for them!") If I had to pick a drummer to carry on with the Foos though, it would be Josh Freese. The energy and playing is incredible and I think he would fit. Not as much energy, but Roger Taylor's son Rufus would be a fitting choice too. The karma level is crazy.
  11. Yes, Foos are at the end. I can't find the picture and can't upload here - but the schedule was: (UK times) 5:25 pm Wolfgang VH 5:40 Jeff Buckley Tribute 5:50 Supergrass 6:05 Crooked Vultures 6:25 Pretenders 6:35 James Gang 6:50 Violet Grohl and Mark Ronson 7:00 Brian Johnson and Lars Ulrich 7:10 Stewart Copeland 7:25 RUSH 7:45 QUeen 8:10 FOO Fighters 10:30 Strict Curfew and load out
  12. LOL; yeah, Steven wears his Floyd influences on his sleeve. But really, neither PF nor Radiohead ever rocked as hard as PT on IA-DW-tI-C/C.
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