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  1. Got my Bluray last week - had a proper listen to the high res and 5.1 over the weekend. FANTASTIC. The music speaks for itself, but this new mix is crystalline. The 5.1 is so nicely textured. Especially on those longer instrumental sections (Dogs barking in rear speakers, etc.) It's immersive. Excellent!
  2. Old School KX fan here - first saw them on FHL. So far, I really enjoy the new disc! I will admit being a little underwhelmed with the first two singles - but really hearing them in the context of the album, they're really good. As Mr Not stated, it is a very diverse album. Jerry's songs have their own unique signature and are well represented here. I really like the heaviness of Doug's "Swipe Up" and "Flood Pt. 1", and Ty has some great songs too like "Watcher" and "All God's Children"; he's got a few great solos on the disc. "Nothing But the Truth" is an instant classic for me; very soulful take by Doug. "Holidays" and "Festival" are also great. While I like it now, if this is a "grower" I might place it up there with my favorites of theirs. Certainly, I already like it more than anything since Tapehead. Definitely benefits from hearing the whole thing in context and given an open mind without unrealistic expectations. It's not going to be "Gretchen" part II nor is it going to totally reinvent their sound. It's Doug, Ty, and Jerry and it's a really solid effort, with some new sounds, some familiar sounds, and some great hooks.
  3. Geddy with one arm around Paul McC and the other around JPJ!!! (there has to be a picture of that!) Man, what an incredible show. Really amazing tribute to Taylor. His son drummed up a storm too (I joked with a drummer friend "He hits those cymbals like he's not paying for them!") If I had to pick a drummer to carry on with the Foos though, it would be Josh Freese. The energy and playing is incredible and I think he would fit. Not as much energy, but Roger Taylor's son Rufus would be a fitting choice too. The karma level is crazy.
  4. Yes, Foos are at the end. I can't find the picture and can't upload here - but the schedule was: (UK times) 5:25 pm Wolfgang VH 5:40 Jeff Buckley Tribute 5:50 Supergrass 6:05 Crooked Vultures 6:25 Pretenders 6:35 James Gang 6:50 Violet Grohl and Mark Ronson 7:00 Brian Johnson and Lars Ulrich 7:10 Stewart Copeland 7:25 RUSH 7:45 QUeen 8:10 FOO Fighters 10:30 Strict Curfew and load out
  5. LOL; yeah, Steven wears his Floyd influences on his sleeve. But really, neither PF nor Radiohead ever rocked as hard as PT on IA-DW-tI-C/C.
  6. Also interesting to note that in Steven's recently released autobiography, he discusses and lists his albums that he is proud of. If I recall (gotta find that page) but IA was #1, FoaBP was also on the list, as is C/C. HCE is there, as is TFB (yuck). He lists last his next solo album (Harmony Codex). Notably absent were Deadwing, The Incident, all early PT, and The Raven.
  7. Totally agree - though my song ranking would be quite different. I think Population Three is their best instrumental ever; some of the mellow guitar recalls Opeth, but the arrangement and structure is purely King Crimson. I love Never Have and Love in the Past Tense, but I get why they didn't totally sit with the main 7 tracks. Less developed, maybe a little less input from Gavin & Richard (Never Have is really like a SW solo work.) I LOVE Chimera's Wreck, but there is something that bugs me a little about it - the drums in the intro. As a drummer, I am a card-carrying Gavin fan-boy for life, but I feel that intro is the sloppiest thing he has committed to tape. I know it was sourced from the original jam with Steven and it's just a little brush (Blasticks) accompaniment to the acoustic thing Steven was doing - but it's just too loose and there are some spurious cymbal hits that bug me. Other than that, the track is pure gold. However, my current ranking would be: 1. Harridan - yeah, it was the first single, but considered with the whole disc, it is just a tour de force and a drumming is phenomenal 2. Of The New Day - beautiful, float away song. Sorta fits the role of "Lazarus" for me; though completely different 3. Dignity - Epic. Richard is really the secret weapon on this disc and stepped up the sound design to great effect. 4. Rats Return - Love the syncopated riff that is throughout nearly the whole tune. Gavin killing it and Steven has some great melodies he plays against that same riff 5. Chimera’s Wreck - love all the parts, very proggy, as mentioned above, only thing that bugs me is Gavin's less than precise drumming on the intro. 6. Population Three - PT's best instrumental; Opethian moments, but structure is totally King Crimson. This is like "Larks VI" a follow-up to "Level V" from Krim 7. Herd Culling - the whole song is better than the initial radio edit released. Love the dynamics. Surely Gavin suggested the part in 11 in the middle. 8. Love in the Past Tense - This song has some Gavin influence and a couple little bass riffs that actually remind me of Geddy a bit (the one at the very end sounds like something Ged did on LTTA live) 9. Never Have - Love this song, definitely recalls Blackfield, and to me feels like more of a SW solo effort that Gavin and Richard played along to. 10. Walk The Plank - sort of the electronic experiment of the album, along the approach of SW's The Future Bites. YET, the reason I find it INFINITELY more interesting than anything on TFB comes down to one thing: Gavin. I could deal with SW's new electronic direction if he had some interesting formats and inventive musicianship (that was absent on TFB.) From what I've heard about his next solo disc (more adventurous) and the drummer that is recording some tracks for it, it could be a lot more interesting than TFB (that won't be difficult for me! lol) Even as, perhaps, my least fav on the disc - this track has some real charms and I find it stuck in my head often. There is something challenging about it that I didn't like at first (maybe that 80's electronic influence again) but that I keep listening to trying to figure out what it is. I kinda wonder if the lyrics "walk the plank" are in regards to Steven's falling out of love with the guitar.
  8. I LOVE C/C - album of the year thus far (though I am also currently really into Mikael Akerfeldt's Sountrack for Clark, The Aristocrats with the Primuz chamber orchestra and RHCP Unlimited Love); but as much as I love C/C, it is still relatively new and I can't put it above IA, DW, or FoaBP. I'd rank the PT albums and divide them into tiers: Masterpieces 1). Fear of a Blank Planet (& Nil Recurring) 2.) In Absentia 3.) Deadwing 4.) C/C Excellent 5.) Stupid Dream 6.) The Incident 7.) Lightbulb Sun Good 8.) Signify 9,) The Sky Moves Sideways Developmental 10.) Up The Downstair 11.) On The Sunday of Life Only time will tell if C/C will supersede those masterworks that we've had for ~15+ years.
  9. I actually really like the Weeknd's nostalgic 80's sound on his last release. He isn't trying to make any social or political commentary (at least not overtly, that might affect his social likes.) That's fine; it's entertainment. Roger is clearly talking about his show's artistic aim - which, as I previously commented, is a call to action against alot of the nefarious political forces and evil (queue bass riff in 7/4) MONEY! The tour is called "This is not a Drill". Agree with him or not, he's attempting to do something bigger with his show, and in terms of awareness of human rights abuses, resisting these evils, and activating people to make positive change, etc. So, yeah, it is much more important than just "entertainment". I've seen Roger a couple of times previously (and Floyd as well) and something I found funny at one of the previous shows - I think it was when he was doing Dark Side of the Moon - he had a huge inflatable Pig with "f**k BUSH" written on the side of it. I think this was around the time of the second Gulf war. I overheard some morons "f**k him, USA, USA" "why does he have to get political". I wonder if they had ever listened to Roger or Pink Floyd before then - or maybe they just never focused on the words or they weren't smart enough to understand them. Their message could not have been more clear - from Dark Side to The Final Cut to Amused to Death to Is this the Life We Want?, etc. I get that some people just want "entertainment"; that's cool, that's fine. But PF / RW have always been artists, so there's going to be a healthy dose of thought-provoking commentary (for those open to it), Otherwise, others can just be awed at exploding planes and lasers.
  10. I get what you're saying - Personally, I've been immersed in ESL since becoming a fan in the early 80's and I've absorbed and learned every note on it. So, yeah, MP40 is different. But I love it - to me, YYZ is a more energetic performance, but that also has some minor clams (the types of things that were probably "fixed" on ESL) that make it a more realistic representation of a show on the MP tour. There are some things I miss (Like the extended gong bass drum riffing on the ESL solo - interesting that he left it out in Toronto, just a few days off from the ESL performance) but I am thrilled to have this "alternate universe ESL"
  11. They've released a series of these alternate takes "in-session" at air studios. Here's the latest one; Harridan. It lacks some of the touches of the album version, and adds some others (like the piano at the end?), but very interesting to hear this alternate creation. I wonder why they did these tracks again in the studio - just alternate takes (though I believe these were recorded several months after the album tracks were done), just for promotion, or perhaps actually re-learning the songs before rehearsals for the live show? http://youtu.be/V9xuD9cd_Rc (dang it; how do I get the youtube vid to preview?)
  12. yeah, certainly comes across as arrogant - but if anyone actually read his comment: I think it's clear he was taking about the artistic and political aim of his show. Roger's tour is called "This is not a drill". It is a commentary on the state of the world today and a call to action to make positive change. The show is designed to make people want to care and do something about it. Ambitious? Pretentious? maybe. But I certainly don't see Drake or the Weeknd creating any sort of social commentary of any depth. So, IMO, Roger is not wrong. I'm going to see this show in August; very much looking forward to it!
  13. I've had a few weeks to listen to this while traipsing around on my vacation... LOVE IT. It's amusing to read reviews/blah-blah on various PT forums (reminiscent of here when there was a new Rush release...) some people think it's not PT enough; others think it's too PT. A loud minority trashing it. Just have to LOL and enjoy it. The way I see it, Steven wrote like 93% of all PT material, and when he went full time solo, he wrote all of his stuff and tried different things. While the band has made a very clear point that this new material was written together; it is still SW writing and singing and pretty much arranging things into a song. So, yeah, it's going to be familiar SW and in line with his evolution as a writer. I think the core of the songs could have been a SW solo album, sorta in the same way that the core of most of PT could have been a SW solo albums - not to dismiss the contributions of Gavin (who is absolutely slaughtering it on C/C) and Richard (who's soundscapes are top notch all over this). As a SW fan-boy (who did not like TFB at all...), I could imagine Marco Minnemann or Craig Blundell tearing it up on these songs. As a drummer, I can recognize Gavin's unique drumming voice (or Marco's or Craig's) - any of them could have played on this, but it was Gavin (and superbly so). I've read that Gavin did come up with the groove in 5 on Harridan, and I'm sure he's responsible for many of the odd-time excursions on the disc (or at least for breaking SW out of the musically-bland predictability he stooped-to on TFB.) Richard's contributions (or at least what I think are his) really shine on this. Some really nice touches that harken back to IA, LS, DW, and FoaBP. There are some sounds at the beginning of Chimera's Wreck that are similar to those used at the beginning of Arriving Somewhere Not Here. Population 3 is a really cool instrumental (probably my fav by PT) - the mellow guitar breakdowns make me think Opeth - but the format and parts are very King Crimson. I could imagine Steven thinking Population 3 as something like Larks Tongues Part VI. The production is stellar; 5.1 surround mix is superb (I don't think I can listen to Atmos; need a receiver update....) The deluxe box set is the worst PT/SW has ever produced (Bluray doesn't even have the 3 bonus tracks, which I would agree really complete the disc; photobook is my least favorite art of any PT/SW release, liner notes are sparse, no extra videos or anything. Packaging is thin, and cheap - compared to something like the Anesthetize deluxe package...) Overall, really digging it; I did splurge for a trip to see them out in LA - very much looking forward to seeing this all played live (I wonder if they'll do the 3 bonus tracks live??)
  14. Deluxe Edition is now out there; for those waiting for their Deluxe Editions... I got a note this morning from the "official store" from whom I originally ordered with last November. They said they have stocking issues and it will be another week wait, maybe. So, I went over to my old standby, Burning Shed - not only did they have copies of the Deluxe CD/BR set ready to ship, the total price with shipping to the US has now dropped - and it's ~$20 cheaper from BS. The timing isn't important to me due to some travel, but the price was much better and Townsend has a bad reputation with squirrely communication. So, I cancelled my order with Townsend, and ordered with Burning Shed this morning - and they already have my copy on it's way (insured, etc. to the US). It'll be at my place sooner and cheaper.
  15. As of ~ 4 hours ago, the standard (7 song) version has leaked. This will have to be good enough for the moment, as I'll be getting on a plane tomorrow for a transatlantic flight.
  16. I've been searching for a leak too - I'll be travelling for a few weeks and won't be home to receive the box set. No luck thus far.
  17. Man, the performance on the live discs is FIRE! I had the chance to properly listen last night - my wife out of town, volume pretty close to the original concert volume (I'm sure my neighbors would attest.) Liquid refreshments. So cool to pick out the variations from ESL, little details, and of course, the whole set-list: * hearing Neil's voice on Hemispheres Prelude (a little "hey" during a stop; I suspect this is Neil), the count-in on "The Trees" (4,5,6... def Neil) * Neil seemed to be pushing the tempos more than on the ESL recording. I'd have to tap them out to compare, but all the songs tempos were pushing slightly quicker than ESL. * I believe Neil drops a stick later in "The Trees" (just a bit before the temple blocks part, if I recall); he pulled off a drummer trick that I know well - one-handed covering some crashes while you grab another stick * Drum solo was very interesting to me (as I've dissected the ESL version as long as I've been a drummer), Neil skipped most of the deep gong bass drum pattern that he does on ESL. Otherwise most of the same sections are there - though, he was a little cleaner on ESL. Not sure those are things that could have been "fixed" in ESL editing; seems he was just a little more "on" and precise for that solo - but the Toronto solo seems more raw & energetic * Ged's comment on "Red Barchetta" - sounded like he said "a story that took place in Rochester" (?) I wonder what the back story is there?? LOL * The Camera Eye - Immaculate * Natural Science - Immaculate * Love Broon's mix - far superior * La Villa - Superior to ESL? maybe, though they dropped Ged's little vocal improv (if he did one in TO?) Overall, what a treat!
  18. When I saw this anniversary earlier this week, I made CA part of my morning routine. It's been 4-5 years since I listened to it. I loved the album when it came out, flew to New Hampshire for opening night. Ended up seeing ~6 shows on the tour - loved it. After the tour, I kinda moved on to other things. I recall being less enthralled with the album during the R40 tour; kinda dropped down on my rankings. Neil's passing made it difficult to listen to most Rush. Anyway, first listen was so refreshing - it is a really great later-day Rush album. I did like Snakes quite a bit and Vapor Trails somewhat less; Clockwork is my favorite of those 3.
  19. Oh man, I just bought plane tickets to fly to LA the day after the concert (I'm flying to see Porcupine Tree at the Greek Sept 30.) Well, it would take alot to change the ticket and everything now; plus, I imagine tickets to this show might be hard to obtain (at least for reasonable $)
  20. Adam Holtzman, acclaimed keyboardist that played with Miles Davis and Steven Wilson's band had a nice statement about Alan: "
  21. and one more, TOOL 5/5 1. Lateralus 2. Ænima 3. Fear Inoculum 4/5 4. 10,000 Days 3/5 5. Undertow
  22. King Crimson 5/5 1. In the Court of the Crimson King 2.Red 3. Discipline 4. Larks' Tongues in Aspic 4/5 5. Starless and Bible Black 6. Thrak 7. The Power to Believe 3/5 8. Three of a Perfect Pair 9. Lizard 10. The Construkction of Light 11. In the Wake of Poseidon 12. Beat 2/5 13. Islands
  23. YES 5/5 1. Close To The Edge 2. Going For The One 3. Fragile 4. Relayer 5. The Yes Album 4/5 6. Tales From Topographic Oceans 7. 90125 3/5 8. Drama 9. Big Generator 10. Tormato 11. Time And A Word 12. Union 2/5 13. Talk 14. Keys to Ascension 1 & 2 15. The Ladder 1/5 16. Magnification 17. Yes No 18. Fly From Here 19. Open Your Eyes 20. The Quest 21. Heaven & Earth
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