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Name your top 4

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honorable mention:

The Anarchist



Bottom 4:

BU2B2 (shouldn't count)

Halo Effect

Wish Them Well

The Wreckers


The fact that the Wreckers (which I like) is in my bottom 4 should tell you how I feel about this album.


There isn't a sing on it that I dislike.

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QUOTE (Presto-digitation @ Jun 12 2012, 07:00 PM)
No order:

The Garden
Clockwork Angels
The Anarchist
The Wreckers

(I intentionally left off previously heard tracks, otherwise Headlong Flight and BU2B are solidly in that mix)

Clockwork Angels (song, but the album too!) just KICKS MY @$!& ASS.

I realize I'm quoting myself here (lol), but I think these selections still stand for me.

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It's been a while now and I have logged probably 2 dozen full listens of this fine album.



1) The Anarchist

2) Clockwork Angels

3) The Wreckers

4) The Garden


2 songs that have hit me like a rock this past week are Carnies and Wish Them Well.


Carnies is such a killer track for many reasons. First off I love the opening riff. A nice hard rocking metal like assault. Then the wonderful chorus and spacey verse music. The Verse music is very mid 80's Rush. Other than the opening riff this song reminds me of the Signals through Power Windows phase of the band big time. The Same holds true of The Anarchist. I love Alex's use of effects on Carnies. A perfect mood is set. Also Neil's lyrics (which shine on every tune on CA) standout again on Carnies.


Wish Then Well - Such a cool straight ahead rocker. Unexpected is the best way to put it. A song that on my first half a dozen listens I was liking but still not all the way there yet. But the lyrics reeled me in along with that infectious pre-chorus. Although the pre-chorus has Carve Away The Stone musings (a song I quite enjoy on T4E anyway) it still pulled me in. A standard Rush rhythm always seems to do that. But The jamming on this tune is reckless and loose. Something you rarely hear from Rush.


I think those 4 songs I listed though are true great Rush songs in every way for one small exception. The Garden loses a little for me with Alex's half realized solo. It is just not up to the high standards Alex has laid out for us in the past on songs like:


Available Light

Ghost of a Chance



Everyday Glory

Cold Fire


Those 6 songs have amazing solos and really cap off the drama of those songs. I feel The Garden has all those dramatic and emotional elements of the songs above in a big way. The build up to the solo is magnificent. Then it just does not lift the song even higher. The first couple of measures sound great...then it really does not keep lifting the song. It is just kinda there, filling in some space. I think Alex missed on this one. I have listened to it so many times....and always have the same feeling after it's done. I feel it was half done. Starts strong and fizzles and meanders. Feels like Alex did not want to over do it or I have no idea really what the thinking was....but I am shocked he was satisfied with it. Not like Alex IMO. He is capable of so much more emotion and making the kost out of 1,2,or 3 notes. I know a lot of people think it's great. I can't. Not with the amazing catalog of great solos Alex has given us over 40 years now. This one does not come close to my top 30...would not even sniff it.


Anyway still....regardless The Garden is a great Rush song and another unexpected gem. I love when they reach and they went for a real contemporary approach and a nice finish to the epic concept of Clockwork Angels.

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yeah the anarchist wasnt in my top 4 a week ago but has now worked its way into my best 5 and getting most play to be honest smile.gif loving the kinda rolling drum effect of neil
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