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  1. In the garbage can where it belongs.....utter crap.
  2. 1000% I don’t think a lot of people have even listened to them saying things like this......There has been some complete crap with Tate with of which wee already eliminated.....now you can eliminate OMC II (weak and has not aged well) and La Torre’s debut in 2013 (not a lot of strong material....some but the production value is terrible much like OMCII).
  3. Really impressive super deluxe box set. I went all out as I have for all their Anniversary box set’s. The live show is amazing. The goodies all really well done. And the box itself is very thick and sturdy. Such a great piece to add to my Rush fandom. Onto Signals!!!!!
  4. The last two records with Todd Latorre are awesome.....disgusting they are being voting down already.....like it seems no one even really listened to them proper. I mean Dedicated to Chaos and QR2K are total garbage........no redeeming qualities what so ever. This poll has already been trolled. I am a lifelong QR fan.....hardcore. They have some real stinkers....the last two with Todd on the vox are some of their best albums front to back.
  5. I was too late.....gonna read it.
  6. On it’s way to me. Looking forward to it.
  7. Ditto. My all time favorite guitarist by a country mile and I have zero interest in this album. Not my thing at all.
  8. It makes you love how Rush did it. No fanfare. Just an incredible tour.......and done.
  9. A tragic end to a wonderful musician and person. Just tragic. And man it really sucks when Rock loses people like this. Our music is hanging on by a thread these days and he was part of one of the great things still left in Rock n Roll. My heart goes out to his wife, children and bandmates. I think The Foo Fighters may be over too. This is just a massive blow.
  10. In honor of Taylor Hawkins. Foo Fighters 1. There is Nothing Left To Leave Behind 2. Echos, Silence, Patience & Grace 3. Wasting Light 4. Sonic Highways 5. The Color and The Shape 6. One by One 7. Foo Fighters 8. Concrete and Gold 9. In Your Honor 10. Medicine At Midnight
  11. Muse would beg to differ with “Last Arena” Rock Band. And Ghost is fast rising as the best modern day arena rock band IMO. I really enjoy the Foo Fighters. I will post on the rank your favorite bands albums as far as what I love from them. Just a tragic loss again for he rock world. I was stunned when I heard this news. Just stunned. taylor seemed to be a carefree spirit who loved what he did and loved life......guess I was wrong. 10 of any kind of drugs in your system is never ever a good thing.
  12. Dream Theater 1. Metropolis PT2 Scenes From A Memory 2. Train of Thought 3. Images and Words 4. Distance To Here 5. Octavarium 6. Awake 7. A Dramatic Turn of Events 8. Six Degrees of Inner Turbulance 9. Dream Theater 10. Black Clouds And Silver Linings 11. A View From The Top of The World 12. A Change of Seasons 13. Falling Into Infinity 14. The Astonishing
  13. The Black Crowes 1. The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion 2. Amorica 3. Lions 4. Three Snakes And A Charm 5. Shake Your Money Maker 6. By Your Side 7. Warpaint 8.Before The Frost....Until The Freeze
  14. Next up on the list is Porcupine Tree and only PT (not Steven Wilson solo). 1. Fear of a Blank Planet/Nil Recurring 2. Deadwing 3. In Absentia 4. Lightbulb Sun 5. Stupid Dream 6. The Incident 7. Signify 8. The Sky Moves Sidways 9. On The Sunday of Life 10. Up The Downstair 11. Metanoia
  15. Ok let’s get the easiest one outta the way. Rush - My top 5 has been firm for over 20 years. But the rest has changed over the last two years after really digging into the catalog again after Neils passing. 1. Permanent Waves 2. Hemispheres 3. Moving Pictures 4. Signals 5. Power Windows 6. Grace Under Pressure 7. 2112 8. A Farewell To Kings 9. Hold Your Fire 10. Counterparts 11. Roll The Bones 12. Fly By Night 13. Caress of Steel 14. Presto 15. Clockwork Angels 16. Snakes and Arrows 17. Rush 18. Test For Echo 19. Vapor Trails
  16. Man......love this album. Just love it more and more with each listen. It harkens me right back to the best 80’s fantasy metal (Ozzy and Dic come to mind so much with this band). And the playing on the album is the best they have ever put out.
  17. And here I thought they were doing extremely well as a band with a pretty large following. Well......I can only hope they go out on a limb next time around and really give us 2 full set’s again like the DOT tour which was an amazing evening. That set spoiled me. DT’s music is simply not compact enough for the most part to do one set these days. The catalog is vast now. Did they have to cancel shows because of the pandemic? If they did and lost money, perhaps having an opener this time was the better financial decision instead of taking on all the costs themselves. Yes, the Distance Over Time tour was cut short because of covid. And they are financially stable, but not rich enough to go on the road with a risk of cancelling shows...there's the crew to be paid, and other costs that incur if a whole tour is scrapped. Also...the Astonishing tour didn't sell enough tickets, so the "Images, Words and Beyond Tour", which originally was going to be only ONE show, turned into a whole tour, just to cover the losses of the Astonishing dates. Again, they're a profitable unit, but they run a tight ship. Makes sense. Covid has done an number on bands and tours. I hope they can put something really epic together next time out.....and I gotta be honest too. I really hope Mike P comes back into the fold for their next tour. I miss the crap outta his drumming in this band. Mangini is not human and incredible....but Mike’s playing is just more organic and I think while all of them are healthy and alive and getting along they should find it within themselves to do this if....they desire it (which I hope they do). It would really be special.
  18. 1. Roll The Bones 2. Snakes and Arrows 3. Presto 4. Vapor Trails
  19. Again.......Rush at the very pinnacle of their live sonic greatness.....just creamy goodness. Analog equipment plus Terry Brown equals this dreamy soundscape. Never to be outdone. And I am not saying everything after is not brilliant. It just went to a different sonic soundscape. And would argue that Signals aged incredibly well in retrospect and I consider it part of this era.....it was the last true analog styled recording. Then the electronic drums and PPG Wave came into the fold and the sound went in another sonic direction (and I love that era too make no mistake P/G thru HYF). The beauty of Rush is all their different sonic periods. It keeps things to this day so interesting and keeps their music fresh to this day.
  20. And here I thought they were doing extremely well as a band with a pretty large following. Well......I can only hope they go out on a limb next time around and really give us 2 full set’s again like the DOT tour which was an amazing evening. That set spoiled me. DT’s music is simply not compact enough for the most part to do one set these days. The catalog is vast now.
  21. We will do this very soon.....Rush, Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree and Black Crowes will be the first bands we do this with. Fun thread.
  22. Last nights show was tremendous. Of course they have never ever disappointed me. The setlist was still.....different. The highlights for me were: The Alien Endless Sacrifice (simply incredible) Bridges in the Sky (EPIC) Awaken The Master Ministry of Lost Souls (it really was fantastic and I underestimated it’s power live) A View From The Top of the World (AMAZING LIVE JUST WOW) The Count of Tuscany I really really wish they just played a couple of more from the new album in Answering The Call and Transcending Time 6:00 was ok....it really is not a tune I ever loved and About To Crash just felt oddly way out of place in this set. But wow.....they were in top form and James sounded great. Looking forward to a lager scale set-list next time.....maybe another Evening With....we gotta have that now with this band. They have too many great songs not to and they are not getting younger. How about a 40 year anniversary "Evening With" format.
  23. Off-topic question: Is Totem your favourite track from T4E? Bingo!!! So when Vapor Trails came out.....I was part of Rushtour.com (great Rush community as well back in the day and met and made lifetime friends on the tours over the years...epic meet ups). Long story short Totem is my favorite track from T4E and we adopted that as my internet handle for Rush boards and put in the D instead of the T.
  24. Solid album. Last two were better......but this album has some fantastic high points and yes Watcher In The Sky is one of their best tunes period. I really hope they come to South Florida again. Loved the last tour big time. And I agree about the proggy jamming on the second half of Kaisarion!! Really nice.
  25. Our show is 6 days away in Tampa. Extremely excited.
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