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  1. Ahhhh the beauty of music. Different Hearts Beat On Different Strings. Completely disagree with your take. Top 4 album for me. Easily. Love In The Past Tense is probably my #1 track too......go figure. It is simply incredible.
  2. My goodness......gotta love auto correct from Apple......not!!!
  3. Been revisiting Dio again. Here it goes: 1. Holy Diver 2. The Last In Line 3. Dream Evil 4. Magica 5. Sacred Heart 6. Killing The Dragon 7. Master of the Moon 8. Lock Up The Wolves 9. Strange Highways 10. Angry Machines
  4. It is a grower. After 5 full listens it all came together for me. Some tunes were immediate (Hariden for example) but a lot of songs just got better and better and better. Richard really is the unsung hero on this great album. The atmospheric tones he produces in so many tunes...his phrasing.....just wow. This is a headphone album all the way too.
  5. Great write up. Love in the Past Tense takes me back to The Police. In fact it is heavily influenced by the last and IMO best Police Album Synchroncity. Stewart Copeland influence all over this one for Gavin and every time I listen to this song it just melts into my soul. Such a lush piece of music from all three of them and I love Steven’s falsetto vocals in spots......I just love this song big time. And it is a clear departure from the proper 8 tracks of the standard album. "Never Have" is quite Steven Wilson HCE solo feel but that album is brilliant and I can see why I was drawn to this song so quickly. The Future Bites was a massive disappointment for me. It never clicked for my taste and I simply make pretend he never produced that record. Just crappy to my ears and nothing grabbed me whatsoever. To The Bone for me was his best and most effective attempt at writing a “pop” styled record while also keeping the great chops and melody element I have come to adore from SW and PT. The bottom line for me is there is not a weak track at all on this brilliant prog record. I could not be happier they are back.....and my sincere hope is they reignited their creative juices and want to make another record of fresh material and do a far more extensive North American tour in the future. I am going to really be bummed I missed them on this go around......but no doubt there will be a Blue Ray documentation of this tour and I will be purchasing that!!!
  6. Patty also has her own thing going on....as well as Billy etc. These guys have multiple projects. I think Rocky still is trying and doing her own thing.....but you gotta eat too. So a Rush Tribute gig can help you know....pay some bills.
  7. Heart and soul is far more important to technical prowess in my book. Alex Lifeson anyone? Agree with the bolded 100% and why I consider him to be a damn good guitarist.
  8. So he can talk thru his ass all day LOL. I have seen them live two times as well as Steve two times. That guy can play the guitar just fine. I have been playing 40 plus years myself.....he has written some iconic riffs and has played them live. He is a damn good guitar player regardless of words coming outta his mouth. What is coming outta his amp speaks volumes.
  9. My favorite track from them all time. And non guitarist? Steven Wilson is certainly a very good guitarist my friend. Really?
  10. My 4th favorite of all time from them. It get’s better and better with each and every listen. I love every single track. Not a weak song to be had. My song rankings: 1. Chimera’s Wreck 2. Harridan 3. Never Have 4. Love in the Past Tense 5. Rats Return 6. Of The New Day 7. Herd Culling 8. Dignity 9. Walk The Plank 10. Population Three Seriously amazing album.
  11. It has zero to do with why it’s my favorite. It’s my favorite because it is simply a brilliant collection of dark, moody progressive rock by a band at the height of their absolute powers. A perfect album and perfect theme that was very good foreshadowing to what we as a society have turned into today and how kids are truly zoned out on their devices in todays world.
  12. Love love love the new album. It took me 3 full spins and it all just sunk in really nicely.....some seriously amazing chops and soundscapes all over this puppy. And all three of the “bonus” tracks are outstanding. A wonderful record and my 4th favorite now behind: FOABP/Nil Recurring Deadwing In Abenstia Closure/Continuation I am bummed I am probably not going to be able to see them on this tour......maybe...just maybe I may make it to the Philly or NY show....but most likely not. I hope they go with the “Continuation” and keep it going and add more shows and expand the tour and hit Florida sometime. My son has become a huge fan over the last several years and would love to see them. I had been able to see them in 2007 and 2010 (FOABP and Incdent Tours). They are incredible live. Even better than the studio.
  13. 1. FOABP/Nil Recurring 2. Deadwing 3. In Absentia 4. Closure & Continuation 5. Lightbulb Sun 6. Stupid Dream 7. The Incident 8. Signify 9. The Sky Moves Sideways 10. On The Sunday of Life
  14. Was a fantastic tour. Amazing and energy charged set list. We saw them first in Las Vegas (20th Row Center) and it was a blast. It was the first Rustour.com meetup I went to and I made some life long friends. Great time. Then we saw them down here in West Palm Beach (12th Row Alex Side) and that show is a top 3 Rush show for me. Pure fire from the opening E Chord of Tom Sawyer to the very last note of Working Man. And it was a very humid evening.....they sizzled. I remember Secret Touch being simply mind-blowing that night. One of the best jams I had ever sen from them live....it was that intense.
  15. In the garbage can where it belongs.....utter crap.
  16. 1000% I don’t think a lot of people have even listened to them saying things like this......There has been some complete crap with Tate with of which wee already eliminated.....now you can eliminate OMC II (weak and has not aged well) and La Torre’s debut in 2013 (not a lot of strong material....some but the production value is terrible much like OMCII).
  17. Really impressive super deluxe box set. I went all out as I have for all their Anniversary box set’s. The live show is amazing. The goodies all really well done. And the box itself is very thick and sturdy. Such a great piece to add to my Rush fandom. Onto Signals!!!!!
  18. The last two records with Todd Latorre are awesome.....disgusting they are being voting down already.....like it seems no one even really listened to them proper. I mean Dedicated to Chaos and QR2K are total garbage........no redeeming qualities what so ever. This poll has already been trolled. I am a lifelong QR fan.....hardcore. They have some real stinkers....the last two with Todd on the vox are some of their best albums front to back.
  19. I was too late.....gonna read it.
  20. On it’s way to me. Looking forward to it.
  21. Ditto. My all time favorite guitarist by a country mile and I have zero interest in this album. Not my thing at all.
  22. It makes you love how Rush did it. No fanfare. Just an incredible tour.......and done.
  23. A tragic end to a wonderful musician and person. Just tragic. And man it really sucks when Rock loses people like this. Our music is hanging on by a thread these days and he was part of one of the great things still left in Rock n Roll. My heart goes out to his wife, children and bandmates. I think The Foo Fighters may be over too. This is just a massive blow.
  24. In honor of Taylor Hawkins. Foo Fighters 1. There is Nothing Left To Leave Behind 2. Echos, Silence, Patience & Grace 3. Wasting Light 4. Sonic Highways 5. The Color and The Shape 6. One by One 7. Foo Fighters 8. Concrete and Gold 9. In Your Honor 10. Medicine At Midnight
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