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  1. here's part of the show... (wonder how long he was up there??)
  2. Have a single in the front row at cost here: http://www.stubhub.com/toronto-sketchfest-tickets-toronto-sketchfest---hello-thunder-bay-toronto-3-7-2016/event/9533512/ Would love to have done this and was seriously considering it, but the flights are either too expensive or too laborious...
  3. Finding My Way Beneath, Between & Behind The Fountain of Lamneth Discovery/Presentation Xanadu The Trees The Spirit of Radio Red Barchetta Digital Man The Body Electric Emotion Detector Mission Chain Lightning Heresy Cut to the Chase Time And Motion The Stars Look Down Far Cry Clockwork Angels
  4. What about Feedback? The critical difference is where they were then and where they are now. Hard for me to imagine that they'd that the go out like that.
  5. The work ethic and professionalism that guided them through these last four decades will remain to the end I think. They'll put out a fantastic new album---like CA---or nothing at all.
  6. If any of this is within the realm of the possible I'd rather they pick a very talented no-name drummer who acts as a designated hitter. Maybe Neil could record a new album, and then they could find someone who is willing and (mostly) able to reproduce Neil's work. If they picked a bigger name like Portnoy, that person would be more likely to change the dynamic. To some extent that's unavoidable of course, but my hope would be that any new iteration of the band would maintain the essence of Rush. And I'm with tb- if any of the guys are playing out anywhere with anyone, I'll be looking to see them.
  7. my impression was that it was intentional... I've seen him bend things many times and it struck me as another example of that
  8. Not at all bothered but I am very much partial to the album version... from the moment I heard I thought it was achingly beautiful.
  9. Asked recently whether this would be Rush's swansong tour, guitarist Alex Lifeson replied: "I don't think we'd have much difficulty thinking about it as possibly the last." Remind Geddy Lee of this today and he laughs. "That's not true," says the bassist and singer. "I'm having great difficulty thinking like that. Alex is not speaking for me, and I don't think he's really speaking for himself either. I think he has mixed feelings. I don't want to speak for him. You can ask him. He can tell you his own lies." http://cygnus-x1.net/links/rush/classic-rock-10.2015.php
  10. I'm just hoping for some dates at the Greek Theatre in a few years. :)
  11. Just fyi, I wrote backstage about other sizes for the dalmatian tee, and they told me that merch from the road would be returning, which it did.
  12. I love hearing this, but is this new information, or just a transcription of the podcast from a while back?
  13. Red Barchetta Digital Man The Body Electric Emotion Detector Force Ten Mission Secret Touch Far Cry Clockwork Angels The Anarchist
  14. I think a solo instrumental from Alex would be wonderful. I've often thought about that. Peke's Repose really got me, particularly the very first version in Manchester, and it was so interesting to hear the evolution through the tour. And O'Malley's Break and Hope were lovely. His acoustic work reminds me in many ways of Michael Hedges, who was similarly inventive.
  15. Of course, that goes without saying. Just think it's a tad early to be categorical, that's all.
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