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    Listening to Spirit of Radio open my first ever Rush concert. Tears. (Pun intended)
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  1. I particularly love how he sings the first section of Witch Hunt. The night is black without a moon The air is thick and still The vigilantes gather on The lonely, torchlit hill Features distorted, in the flickering light Faces are twisted and grotesque Silent and stern in the sweltering night Mob moves like demons possessed Quiet in conscience, calm in their right Confident their ways are best
  2. Between the wheels is an interesting option, do you remember what part? Yeah, I was just too lazy to type it all because I'm eating now. It was the entire 2nd stanza from "To live between..." to "...holding onto yesterdays" I might pick that. Without interrupting your meal, any other suggestions?
  3. Between the wheels is an interesting option, do you remember what part?
  4. Hey guys. I've been inactive for a while on the forum for reasons related to an overdose of schoolwork, which is actually - paradoxically - what brings me here once more! By the end of the school year, everyone will have a yearbook. In that yearbook, we each have to write a quote, summing us up, and I figured, what better to do than to use a Rush lyric?? Also, who better to ask for suggestions than the Rush Forum family? So, (cold) fire away with your suggestions for which Rush lyric I should use for my yearbook quote! Many thanks in advance!
  5. Am I the only person here who's bothered by the fact that Alex never plays the Earthshine solo live the way it was recorded? As a result I've always felt Earthshine is quite weak live.
  6. It mustn't be posted in regularly then
  7. I figured we should set up a new thread for all of the full R40 bootlegs that are on YouTube!!
  8. Animate for Everyday Glory in an absolute heartbeat.
  9. I don't understand this (I'm guessing attempted humour?) statement
  10. Neither St. Louis or Austin are on Youtube!! What's going on?
  11. Stop your whining you spoiled brat, complaining about the tourbook you get to read while I live in Ireland and may never see Rush live ever again.
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