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    All of them (except Red Lenses)
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    Changes all the time
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    R40 in KC
  1. Great song. Love Alex's guitar work on it. 9/10
  2. Open Secrets Middletown Dreams Subdivisions Mission Marathon But I love lots of the others
  3. 25000th topic! I decided to make a pretty straightforward pill. Which of the Rush hits is your favorite? I picked the songs that get the most play on the radio and brought Rush mainstream attention.
  4. We hold beliefs as a consolation A way to take us out of ourselves Meditation or medication A comfort or a promised reward?
  5. I find no absolution In my rational point of view Maybe some things are instinctive But there's one thing you could do You could try to understand me I could try to understand you You could try to understand me I could try to understand you
  6. I don't think they were talking about the first show. In the movie, when talking about the "great" Toronto show, they specifically referred to the "Friday" show which was the second show, not the first. I agree the first show was not great but the second one was. Yeah, they were talking about the Friday show. The Wednesday show was a trainwreck
  7. Do I think Rush will play again? No. But I do believe that Alex and Geddy might do something together.
  8. :goodone: I feel the same...I got emotional about it at the end, too. Not all the way through; a lot of it was also just fun. I highly recommend it to all of you! Any audience members crying? Didn't really check around but people were in a sort of sad silence afterwards.
  9. There was footage from Toronto and a little bit from other shows here and there. It mostly focused on the relationship between the band and the fans.
  10. I absolutely loved it. But by the end I just got hit by a wave of emotion. I'm gonna miss those guys :(
  11. Although it's not up front like the 70's albums, the guitar sound on Grace Under Pressure is fantastic.
  12. Cut to the Chase I find no absolution in my rational point of view
  13. Not even The Garden? It is what it is and whatever :)
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