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  1. It's you and a few others. Most die hard Rush fans adore this album. As do I. Some simply awesome Rush songs here. Caravan Clockwork Angels The Garden Headlong Flight The Anarchist. These are new classics. Yes they definitely reach back into the time machine riff wise (Headlong Flight and The Anarchist in particular) But lord...the title track and the Garden easily were the best songs they had written since Bravado and Ghost of Chance which to me are incredibly top shelf in the Rush post 70’s and 80’s catalog. Hey it’s ok if you don’t like it. It’s art. It’s subjective. Its all good.
  2. Was coming in to post this tune. Of all their official singles......this song was one giant meh. And still is today.
  3. Love the Sector Box Sets. Other than the MOFI remasters I own (2112, PW, MP and Signals) these Sector Box sets were outstanding remasters. HYF did have not only the strings section in Mission but also some tiny easter eggs on High Water (A elephant like wail from Alex’s guitar) and in Time Stand Still a very subtle extra beat from Neil in the transition coming out of the first chorus into the second verse. Power Windows sounds amazing on the sector remaster.
  4. I appreciate this guys incredible talent to play every single note of every instrument and capture the same sonic quality. It’s quite amazing. If that kinda thing does not tingle yer toes......then no....you don’t need to bother LOL.
  5. Eh......like Nirvana......eh.....far more hype than bite for me. To each his/her own.
  6. Kiss was notorious for “filler” tunes throughout their discography.
  7. Eddie’s Coming Out Tonight Rumors In The Air Let Him Run Goodbye
  8. I generally agree with these sentiments. I really like Dynasty. A lot of strong material indeed. Yeah it is certainly a lot more in the AOR genre but a lot of Kiss’s later stuff evolved to that in that 3 album run. Unmasked.....I finally after 40 year revisited this album.....and yeah there are some very catchy songs on here. It’s not a great Kiss album by any means.....but it has some high quality hooks and is a clear departure from the first 6 albums. Music from The Elder also has some solid to good redeeming qualities. They tried.....they really tried a true concept album and from everything I read were also going to make a movie to accompany the album. Well that fizzled LOL. This was a a huge transition period for the band. I mean they clearly lost their way in terms of what their hardcore fan base wanted.....but dare I say they actually tried to be a “progressive pop rock band” on that 3 album run? Yeah you can say that. For the record here are my personal rankings of the Kiss albums from the Make-up era and let’s be real the best era of Kiss. 1. Kiss Alive 2. Kiss Alive II Those two albums are simply the best......they are a live band (they have never been a studio band) and yes they did plenty of studio clean up and it sounds like some canned crowd screaming.......but shit...these are the best albums that when I want Kiss.....these are the 2 go to albums. So here are the Studio rankings 1. Destroyer 2. Rock n Roll All Over 3. Love Gun 4. Dynasty 5. Dressed To Kill 6. Kiss 7. Creatures of the Night 8. Hotter Than Hell 9. Music From The Elder 10. Unmasked I could throw in th solo albums of 1978......Paul Stanley was my fave and would slot right in after Kiss self titled and then Ace’s record right after it. I could care less about Gene’s and Peter’s.
  9. New Black Crowes album. A stinker.
  10. 1991 Ten - Pearl Jam Achtung Baby - U2 Temple of the Dog - Temple of the Dog Roll the Bones - Rush Slave to the Grind - Skid Row F.U.C.K - Van Halen 1992 Core - Stone Temple Pilots Images and Words - Dream Theater The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion - The Black Crowes 1993 Counterparts - Rush Ten Summoners Tales - Sting Vs - Pearl Jam 1994 Amorica - The Black Crowes Superunknown - Soundgarden Grace - Jeff Buckley Purple - Stone Temple Pilots 1995 The Bends - Radiohead Soup - Blind Melon A Change of Seasons - Dream Theater 1996 Down on the Upside - Soundgarden Tiny Music....Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop = Stone Temple Pilots Crash - Dave Matthews Band Test For Echo - Rush 1997 O.K Computer - Radiohead The Color and the Shape - Foo Fighters The BBC Sessions - Led Zeppelin 1998 Yield - Pearl Jam Before These Crowded Streets - Dave Matthews Band 1999 There is Nothing Left To Lose - Foo Fighters Make Yourself - Incubus Metropolis Scenes From A Memory Pt2 - Dream Theater The Distance To Hear - Live 2000 Brave New World - Iron Maiden All That You Can Leave Behind - U2 Parachutes - Coldplay 2001 Blackwater Park - Opeth Morning View - Incubus Lateralus - Tool
  11. 1980 Permanent Waves - Rush Back In Black - AC/DC Heaven and Hell - Black Sabbath 1981 Moving Pictures - Rush Escape - Journey Fair Warning - Van Halen 1982 Signals - Rush Diver Down - Van Halen Thriller - Michael Jackson 1983 Pyromania - Def Leppard Piece of Mind - Iron Maiden Holy Diver - Dio 1984 Grace Under Pressure - Rush Powerslave - Iron Maiden The Last In Line - Dio 1985 Power Windows - Rush Play Deep - The Outfield Seven Wishes - Night Ranger 1986 5150 - Van Halen The Ultimate Sin - Ozzy Somewhere in Time - Iron Maiden 1987 Whitesnake - Whitesnake Hold Your Fire - Rush The Joshua Tree - U2 1988 OU812 - Van Halen Operation Mindcrime - Queensryche Seventh Son of a Seventh Son - Iron Maiden Vivid - Living Color 1989 Disintegration - The Cure Presto - Rush Gretchen Goes to Nebraska - Kings X Dr Feelgood - Motley Crue 1990 Ritual de lo Habitual - Janes Addiction Empire - Queensryche Faith Hope Love - Kings X
  12. I can’t see an Official PT thread. So......the new live album from the C/C Tour is insane amazing. A sonic feast. Wow what a set list.
  13. Being a fellow musician myself.....Geddy and Alex have clearly explained their process many times. They jam together......they record their jams, they get the lyrics from Neil, they then start going through all their jam sessions pulling great riffs and piecing together phrases and parts, and eventually come up with their songs. They have written many many songs prior to Power Windows in sound checks on tour. After Grace Under Pressure they really started to pre-produce their stuff and do elaborate demos. Success affords you that luxury. As far as the seed? Whatever was going on around them in the rock world at that time was their inspiration......and they would then put their own spin on it and of course Rush had their own sound. But you can hear all their influences thru every phase of the band. Most rock bands wear their influences on their sleeves. It’s really not complicated as far as their song writing process. As far as the book......I thought everything up thru Hold Your Fire was outstanding. I loved hearing about his childhood, his parents, his early days before Rush and then the early days of Rush. It was great. Really insightful into his personality and his role within the band. Once we get into the Rupert Hine records and the second go around with Peter Collins.....we have heard all of this a lot in the internet era. Also Vapor Trail and beyond is welp documented in interviews etc. The real mysteries of Rush was the pre internet days. And that was the meat and potatoes of Geddy’s story for my taste. But overall it was a damn great read......and the audible book made it even better. He did a great job reading the book......it flew by for me. As far as the Woe is Me stuff......it did not rub me wrong at all. Everyone goes thru terrible loss in their lives.....some are able to deal with it better than others. They “earned” their way to deal with it. I mean these guys starved for their art and “made it" Does that make them less human? Does that make them have less trauma from the loss of loved ones? God no. How dare anyone be judgmental of people who suffer the loss of loved ones and have the ability to travel across the world to work out their problems (Neil Ghost Rider) because.....man they f***ing earned it. Success was not handed to them. I don’t get that working man BS attitude towards people with wealth somehow suffer less when they have dramatic events in their lives. Thats bullshit.
  14. The more electronic focused songs have grown on me the more I listen to the album front to back as a listening experience. Still.....ranks 3rd for his solo work.....but an audio feast on vinyl on a great system.
  15. A trip down memory lane. I am sure it will be good for one watch. Nothing tops the original. Part 2 was a good sequel when mot sequels stink. Part 3 is an abomination money grab by a fading Eddie Murphy before he found a second life doing family movies. I hope this is raunchy like the OG. And not a PC mess.
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