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    Permanent Waves
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    Front Row on the Test for Echo Tour and meeting Geddy & Alex on the TM tour with my wife and son.
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  1. So I am doing my annual playthrough front to back of every single studio and official live release. I chose all my Atomic Germany CD’s for Rush thru Hold Your Fire. I own all the MoFi stuff and I would rank those: Signals Moving Pictures Permanent Waves 2112 IMO all 4 are outstanding. Warm, spaced…large soundstage and not compressed at all. Just a joy. The Sectors Box Set is also quite good. The Mercury German Atomic releases (all my first CD’s of my Rush collection I purchased back in 1987 when I switched to CD as my preferred media from Vinyl) sound excellent as well. Warm and true to the original master tapes. I still have all my Rush Vinyl as well. And Permanent Waves Mofi 180G limited vinyl is by far my favorite from them. Anyway I am enjoying my playthrough. We listened to the Debut today….criminally underrated album in Rush circles.
  2. Facts. All the Mobile Fidelity Rush discs are fantastic with Signals being the best of the 4 MoFi releases.
  3. Very nice. Amazing this has been locked away somewhere for decades upon decades. Mind-blowing.
  4. Queensryche Operation Mindcrime Empire Digital Noise Alliance Promised Land Condition Human Rage For Order Hear In The Now Frontier The Verdict Tribe The Warning American Solider Queensryche (Debut with LaTorre) Operation Mindcrime II QR2K Queensryche EP Dedicated To Chaos Their mid 80’s output simply has not aged well for me. Yes Rage For Order is a classic record.....but again sonically and even in some songwriting....just kinda not my thing with them anymore. OMC is where the band truly took off (obviously) and Empire was an incredible follow up to arguably the best hard rock/metal concept album of all time. Promised Land is always looked at as a underrated record. I like it. It has some of their darkest and most Prog rock moments. But Their new album for me leapfrogged it. Digital Noise Alliance is simply front to back a great modern day QR album that draws from all their influences throughout their history. I can’t say enough great things about it. I thought Tribe had some really great songs and was a return to form after the uneven HINTF which when it hit the right notes.....it really hit em. I am a fan of the album and it was the last one to really have Degarmo’s fingerprints all over it. Yeah he came back for some help on Tribe.....but you really don’t notice his style much compared to HITNF’s output. Condition Human and The Verdict are also simply sizzling QR albums and LaTorre for my taste has completely recharged this band. American Solider IMO is a real underrated album. It is quite dark, moody and has some great tracks and was the last real effort with Tate at the helm. OMCII was a mess.....from shoddy low quality production, to simply bad songs. Moments.....yes it had a few (Ronnie James Dio’s duet with Tate on The Chase). But not enough to even save this train wreck. QR2K....ugh. The EP other than Queen of The Reich never did it for me. And we won’t even give Dedicate To Chaos any print other than it’s dead last ranking.
  5. I consider Promised Land their most progressive album. It is quite dark and moody. A really great record. #4 for me all time though. I actually have Digital Noise Alliance above it at #3 as I love this new record big time. OM and Empire are my 1 and 2 respectively.
  6. The new album is simply incredible. Best since Empire/Promised Land.....yeah it’s been that long since they had a complete album. And Digital Noise Alliance is it. Chapters Lost In Sorrow Behind The Walls Nocturnal Light Out of the Black Hold On Tormentum Are the giant slayers on this album. Not a single weak track.....not one. Everything sizzles. The playing is some of their best ever....and Casey Grillo on drums is the secret sauce. Best drumming I have ever heard on a QR record bar none. A tremendous production. The sound is fantastic. I own it on CD and it is amazing at very high volumes!!! No compression like streaming.....so damn good!!! Repeated listens....it keeps getting better and better. Todd Latorre was the best thing to happen to QR. I have been a dedicated fan since Rage For Order. I saw them open for Ozzy and was hooked. But Geoff Tate and the band went sour and south.....and it is what it is. Then Todd came along....and boom, a rebirth. There last three records with Todd have led to this masterpiece.
  7. I am a lifelong Halloween freak. This movie was utter hot garbage. A horrendous end to what was a great trilogy. I loved Halloween 2018 and really enjoy Halloween Kills. Two outstanding sequels to the original 1978 classic. This? It was not even a freaking Halloween movie. Just Baaaaaaaaaaad.
  8. Queensryche’s new album. Digital Noise Alliance. FANTASTIC.
  9. Great freaking band. Saw them in 2019 with Queensryche. Great show. They really are fantastic players and have several excellent albums.
  10. New Queensryche album Digital Noise Alliance may be their best album front to back since Empire. I am being deadly serious. I can’t stop listening to it. Casey Grillo on drums is a f***ing monster on this record. And Todd La Torre is so freaking on point. The Songwriting is fantastic. They really brought out the prog metal influences on this one (Maiden and DT in particular). Just a fantastic listen that get’s better and better each and every listen.
  11. I sit here and hope and pray they realize how successful the new album is with their fanbase and find it in their hearts to do a full second North American Leg and come anywhere.....anywhere in Florida. Please!!!!
  12. The tour was absolutely essential. This marked the beginning of "The Evening With” format. This was an incredible tour and setlist. And I fell like the playing on this tour was some of the very best I had ever heard to this day. Also being I had front row right smack in front of Geddy....made it special. As far as the album. I really liked it when it first hit. To this day: Test For Echo Driven Color of Right Totem Time And Motion Dog Years Rock. Those are my favorite tracks by far. The production was ok. I far preferred Counterparts production and I don’t think they ever sounded as good as that on record again. Too much layering from this point on and I much preferred Neils drumming style and approach before he worked with Freddy Gruber. They lost that true separation and creamy sound as trio after CP. And Neil forced himself to be a more “in the pocket” drummer. That to me was not what defined Neil Peart. His phrasing was what made him so unique.....and he ventured away from that starting with this album. And I get it. He felt he went as far as he could with his style and approach before deciding to re-learn how to play and approach his craft with Freddy Gruber. I commend him for that. But it does not mean it was as good or better. It’s just preference. I liked Neils form, approach and preciseness before Freddy Grubers influence on him. Alex sounded ok on the album. But nothing ever stood out for me on it. Same for Geddy. The playing was simply.....just paint by the numbers for them on T4E. Again....not bad.....just not ultra inspiring. I don’t ever say to myself I want to learn and jam any of these songs on my own guitar. It never did or does that for me when I revisit it. Not in my top 15 either......but still a solid record. Nothing they did ever sucked.......period.
  13. Top 4 Rush album. Loved it instantly. It was also my first Rush release that I waited for with baited breath being that MP was my introduction to Rush. From the moment I dropped he needle......I was in heaven.
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