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    Moving Pictures and Permanent Waves
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    Test for Echo tour @W Palm Beach Ampitheater. The best setlist was played on that tour by far than any of the other tours. (eg., 2112 [in its entirety], Natural Science, Analog Kid, Limelight, Bravado, etc...) Plus they sounded amazing, better than ever!! I didn't have the best seats, actually on the lawn, but it didn't matter.
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    Radiohead, Beck, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, The Clash, Led Zepplin, Genesis, Beastie Boys, The Eagles, and many more...
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  1. I saw it. Good movie. Go see it when it comes out. Denzel did a great job and should get an Oscar nod for it and should get nominated for Best Picture too, but won't win that one.
  2. Flight. Denzel Washington nailed it. Should be getting on Oscar nod for this one.
  3. I pray to god you're right about this. I've only seen them once and they blew me away. I need to see them again. In recent articles since S&A they've said they're excited about producing new music...which typically means more tours.
  4. Completely agree with the CA comments, but this was not their best set list....not by a mile.
  5. ^^^ I didn't notice anything but then again I'm not a musician...I just like listening to music. So what you speak of is way over my head. I do have a friend of mine however, who was at the show and is a musician and he may be able to offer up his POV. I will be curious to hear his reply when I ask him.
  6. mazyyz

    Last rush album

    I think they have a few more albums left in them. They've stated in multiple interviews they are excited about exploring their creative urge. The same topic came about with S&A.
  7. That's because no one is familar with Middletown. Plus I think you average casual fan as you say is not privy to what the set list is going to be anyway. So they were probably disappointed with the first set to begin with.
  8. I completely agree especially in regards to CA. It was the highlight of the show for me.
  9. Chasing Mavericks. Good movie and great story. It was pretty sad too.
  10. No, but it did sound really well and it was cool to see Alex play the keys.
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