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  1. have you guys heard camel awesome prog rock
  2. sorry old man but you don't know what you're talking about if you don't like anything heavier than styx, you shouldn't be in a heaviest albums thread I dig thergothon, it's not the best shit in the world, but for anyone who appreciates all forms of heavy metal, it should serve its purpose. I mentioned the albums I did because the posts here were made by a bunch of clueless old people who are saying that blue oyster cult is the heaviest band ever and shit.
  3. british supergroups off the top of my head: emerson lake and palmer, cream cant think of too many more
  4. dennis miller is the conservative bill maher only difference is that bill maher is kinda smart and still has a career
  5. seriously, what are you even doing in a heaviest albums thread, grandpa? thergothon is hardly laughable, i mean, you post on a forum for a band that has a song called "I Think I'm Going Bald" but nah that's a groovy rocker that your simple mind can maybe make you dance a little bit to stick to styx and kansas for your "heavy" fix
  6. i take it goose is a typical old man who cant handle any music louder or heavier than the main riff to "working man"
  7. i met a chick at a shop in florida once and im pretty sure it was a contestant on a game show i should've asked!
  8. yeah it's some of the heaviest doom out there
  9. dennis miller jumped the shark a long time ago but if you're conservative i can see why you'd dig him
  10. heaviest albums ever? thergothon - stream from the heavens beherit - the oath of black blood burzum - burzum darkthrone - under a funeral moon there's plenty more
  11. QUOTE (Oracle @ Nov 11 2011, 04:26 PM) Not too interested in seeing the tour. New album might be good though; hopefully Iommi brings that droning guitar sound from the 70s back into popularity. the droning guitar thing is still very popular in metal, look at bands like the melvins, electric wizard, the sword, etc in fact, there's a whole genre based off of that sound, usually called stoner metal or doom metal. anyone into sabbath should check it out!
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