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  1. Late to this....I am so sorry.
  2. Having just spent 5 minutes in SOCN browsing, I'd say DPR is up in the curmudgeon stratosphere with Fridge and Tony. Tony gets around TRF a lot more but I think DPR has him beat curmudgeonly. Sorry, Tony. I thought marriage would mellow him but ...... ;) I claim no specific insight into this or any other individual situation, but in general, getting more sex mellows one out, and marriage is pretty much the end of sex, so...you take it from there. Significant Other's nephew asked recently if we were planning to get married. I said no, we like sex.
  3. Though we live in trying times....we're the ones who have to try I have no problem with that one. I already hated "new normal". So I have to go with "Social distancing".
  4. Related: Pet adoptions are soaring. Palm Beach County's animal shelter ran out of dogs. Also: low traffic volume means I am having far too much fun driving my new V8 Challenger!
  5. blueschica, your pic of the guy/gal going to the store made me laugh. It's how it is. It's like a nightmare going grocery shopping. And, I so wish I could sew like you! I'm very 'crafty' and do lot's of projects myself. But, sewing is not my thing....at all...LOL I looked on youtube for no sew masks and I can just imagine how mine will come out! I still have some that I had from years ago care giving, but only a few, so I have to get on top of this, and I did look on Etsy, but the one's I'm finding that aren't sold out look so crappy. Thanks for the laugh and happy sewing! :) :clap: Oh, and huge congrats on your 10,000th post! Thanks, Daylin! You are probably better at sewing than you remember- the masks came up pretty suddenly, I think a lot of people are having to go with what they have or improvise! Stay safe! :hi: I never could sew, never wanted to learn! Probably best to not start experimenting with PPE!
  6. I picked it up this morning! A 2018 Challenger R/T, 15K miles on it, in absolute pristine condition and it is loaded with extra features. It is too much fun, and I still haven't discovered all the nifty things it can do. Christened the sound system with Grace Under Pressure (yes, I did figure out the Bluetooth first thing!) Oh, and SYRINX is available for a prestige tag in my state. So's YYZED (YYZ is taken). Leaning towards SYRINX though.
  7. I could have asked myself the same thing when I dreamt that I was an ear of corn. No joke. I was on a stalk, in the middle of a field, no arms or legs (because, you know- I was an ear of corn)...just looking around at all the other ears and stalks of corn, and couldn’t move...and then there was a big combine coming toward us all. I woke up before it got to me, though. Okay, maybe the subtext there isn’t too difficult to cut through. I had drinking dreams for a short time, but never smoking. Smoking was really easy for me to quit compared to booze (even though I didn’t quit smoking until I’d been sober for about two years). Other way round for me. I quit once after a 25 year habit. Two years later I started again and only recently (November) managed to quit for good. I was "only" actively a drunk for nine months before a five day stint in rehab started me on the right path. Quitting cigs the second time was MUCH harder than the first.
  8. Who are the main detractors? On drum forums you will inevitably find guys ripping on Neil and tossing out “ overrated”, can’t swing, play jazz, too stiff etc And probably a high percentage of those detractors are frustrated wannabes whose experiences with "fills" involve specimen cups. Such is the nature of forums and YouTube commentary, and it's not limited to drumming. Anyone can be a critic with a keyboard and a few functional digits.
  9. As soon as I saw Jerry Seinfeld's stupid face I closed the window! I'm one of the 7 Americans who hated that show; all of the characters should be punted into the sun. Bunch of whiny spoiled asshats.
  10. Not much changed for me with the pandemic; I'd been working from home for about a year and a half already. Plus my weird dreams have been a feature of my nighttime life for far longer - think decades. Last night I didn't sleep particularly well (knowing I had to get up early to make it to the gym for one of the coveted 9 spots available when they opened the doors). I don't recall any dreams.
  11. Then WTH is in my file cabinet??? I used to have pregnancy dreams. Nightmares, more like, because I never in a million years wanted kids and I can think of few things more horrifying that might happen to me! The ones I can think of involve loss of limb, paralysis, or prolonged torture (which is what pregnancy and a baby would have been for me). I would wake up clawing at my stomach as if I was trying to rip out the fetus. For a long time after I quit cigarettes I would have smoking dreams.
  12. I'm a vivid dreamer (also an active sleeper - have more than once woken boyfriend up by kicking the shit out of him in my sleep - but that's another thread for another day). I can remember many of my dreams as well, and damned if I can figure out how they relate to my real life. If they do....frequently I hope not, because the ones in which I let my ex-husband move back in and he promptly re-hoards the house full of shit....those dreams piss me off and waking up pissed off isn't a great way to start the day. Last night I dreamed SO and I got married. OK, fair enough, we've discussed it a time or two but neither of us feels a pressing need to tie the knot. The super weird part had to do with my dad and his "wedding surprise": we left the church and discovered that Dad had organized this massive parade for us. Like Macy's parade massive except I don't remember there being balloons. It was kind of a cross between the Doo Dah Parade and Pride (there was a biker bunch and they were all dressed as the Village People). Dad was particularly proud of the Grand Marshal he'd gotten to lead this marital celebration parade: a guy named Paul, who was riding his Magic Tractor. Paul and His Magic Tractor were apparently a Very Big Deal in my alternate reality of sleep. I do not drink. The only drugs I take are the antidepressants I have been on for the past four years. The last thing I watched before falling asleep was Investigation Discovery and there were no shows with parades, dudes named Paul, or tractors. This is a normal night's sleep for me. I'm not worried about it, particularly, but thought I'd toss it out there in case anyone has the remotest idea of where some of this shit comes from. I took Dream Studies in college, but it was final semester of senior year, just a fun class, and it's been awhile.
  13. You can buy all kinds of plush stuffed viruses and bacteria. There's streptococcus pyogenes (flesh eating bacteria) and herpes simplex 1, to name a couple. Cute and huggable. I've yet to see one for COVID 19, but I am sure it's on the way.
  14. That is plenty of fun car. Damn, I'm probably late in asking. Did you get the sunroof? No sunroof. I've never had one, so I won't miss it! It does have the cold weather package, not that we get a lot of that here but it's one of those things you really appreciate when you need it. Also cooled front seats, definitely a plus in a black car with black interior!
  15. Getting mine! Not the Hellcat, because timing is bad. (I totaled my Honda Element, so I sort of have to get something). But it is an RT, 2018, with only 15K miles on it. It's on its way from San Antonio (I have a broker friend who found it on Manheim) and I should be behind the wheel in a week or so!
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