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    So many early shows including the Massey Hall All The World's A Stage concerts.
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  1. Great read Rod. Thanks!
  2. They were freaking awesome! If I could figure out how to post pics / video, I would.
  3. If you are in Toronto, there is a Rush tribute band playing at the El Mocambo on Friday night. They are really good! We have a father / son guitar combo in our band and Eric the son is playing guitar at this show. He is extremely talented and nails Alex's parts. The drummer is Kim Mitchell's regular drummer.
  4. Can't wait to read the interview Rod!
  5. I really enjoyed Genesis on this last tour. I thought it was a great show and Phil and the band seemed like they were having a great time. And the fans appreciated it, so who's to say it is wrong? As far as money, I believe Phil has some big divorce settlements, so he may not have as much left as we think.
  6. Music is so important to me. I knew I wanted to be a drummer when I was 5 years old and hitting pots and pans with sticks from the back yard. I was in several bands through my early 20's but my parents brought me up right and the couple of chances to give it a shot, I stayed in school. I stopped playing for 20 years, had a couple of kids and then the urge hit again. Put an ad in the local newsletter looking for aging rock stars. We eventually formed a pretty good band and I will never forget the first gig at a local bar, packed with friends. What a rush! A couple of different bands later still going and loving it!
  7. I wish Rock had decked him. The whole Smith family are candidates for most annoying family on the planet.
  8. Fantastic news. What a time. The Prime Minister's wife acting as groupie back stage. Keith's heroin bust and the subsequent concert for the blind in Oshawa. I saw that one but unfortunately not the ElMo show.
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