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  1. I hear some slight effects from autotune on Geddy's vox. No issues with it though. It sounds nice.
  2. How is everyone holding up? We good Rush fam? I welled up a bit today listening to Bravado. But, it's a hell of a lot easier to enjoy Rush again. Still won't be the same, The music has changed for me. Everything sounds more.....raw. Almost like i'm rediscovering Rush.
  3. I haven't been active for a while. This one won't let go. Every time I see the headline, it just doesn't seem real. I mean, I was fine with Rush being retired, and all. I had accepted that they would never play again. But this man deserved his retirement. It's so unfair what happened to him. It's been a rough week for all of us Rush fans, but I feel like we should focus our thoughts to his immediate family, and Geddy and Alex as well. Even though we didn't know him personally, we loved him like a family member (At least for me anyway, he was my drumbeat for 25 years of my 30 years here, so he is in some of my earliest musical memories.) Maybe that's weird? I dunno. My heart hurts. This is so much worse for me than Dio, or even Bowie. Take it easy big guy. Until next time.....
  4. R40 DVD also has it. As end of set 2 footage, along with One Little Victory. I think there's something else, but i'm not sure.
  5. I too had a wrong opinion about this. I might just go to the Ft. Lauderdale show.
  6. I would consider Hemispheres, Bastille Day, most of Counterparts, almost all of Vapor Trails, Bits of S&A and Clockwork Angels to be metal.
  7. I believe FOH is actually a legit person. There was another person, Supersnake, or something on here who was actually brought to light to be a fraudulent person though. Maybe someone can help me with the name, it's been a while.
  8. http://youtu.be/g-sgw9bPV4A Prepare to lose your shit guys, this is pretty good.
  9. There's also one on Jacob's Ladder, as well. I was there. It was interesting to see how he recovered. I watched it go down. I enjoy the recovery process though. Mistakes happen all the time Yeah, I know mistakes happen all the time, but this tour seemed the loosest and most mistake ridden i've seen from them since the late 70's. Not that i'm complaining, I just don't personally think they were playing anywhere near as well as they did even back on the Snakes and Arrows tour.
  10. The entire concert exists as well. For those of you who dislike dime, like myself. Enjoy. This concert has a lot of flubs. Minor, but they're still there. The most glaring one, that I caught was alex completely just butchering the entire first bridge of The Camera Eye. Also as much as I love The Anarchist, Geddy just can't pull it off without sounding horrible. :( If they ever tour again, it needs to be dropped or something, that vocal line has to change. https://soundcloud.c...x-greensboro-nc
  11. I've seen it 4 times so far, it really gets better the more you watch it. Remember, it's been 10 years. It's a lot harder to just jump into something with wild abandon. It was like this when TPM came out in 99 too. Unfortuantely The Prequels pretty much fell on everything, where this does not. There's a reason it's gonna knock Titanic and Avatar off, because it's good.
  12. You can hear both Ewan McGreggor and Alec Guiness. Also you can hear Yoda as well during the Bespin vision scene.
  13. I'm gonna bite. What sucks about star wars, I mean literally sucks. Not just a dislike, or even a bandwagon riding "I've never seen it but i'm gonna hate it anyway" schtick. What in your opinion "sucks" about star wars. I mean, I can see many reasons to dislike it. Mostly prequel stuff. That said, I don't think any star wars film sucks by any stretch of the imagination. Sure Jar Jar, and some stiff writing, but they're decent sci-fi epics.
  14. Holy shit I bet it's MP3 sourced. Lolololol. How much does anyone wanna bet that it's MP3 sourced? Anyone? Any Takers? C'mon I can go all night. I've got a $100 right here.
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