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    Writing, art, comics, science fiction, and this dumb band. ;)
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    It's been a few years so I guess it might be time to update. My first concert will always be in my heart, and my second was a road trip to KC with my dad. However, in 2015 I saw the boys in Lincoln. Fourteenth row, floor, center, right on the aisle. (Nice when you're short.) Honestly the highlight was lip-synching the RTB rap with a guy across the aisle. Made my night!
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    REO Speedwagon, Styx, Kansas, Cheap Trick, Two Steps From Hell, Elie Goulding, "Weird Al" Yankovic, Studio Killers
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  1. My workplace was doing seafood demos today and they were delicious. It was a good omen for a day that ended up not half bad! And of course, seeing a message from Babycat can make anyone's day.
  2. I like how you think. My thoughts on what will happen regarding our favorite Avenger, Vision, would probably disturb you. Then again, you might be guessing the same thing anyway. I have a feeling this will happen but I'm hoping not until infinity war actually happens. I also hope that by that time they've figured out how to keep Vizh around without needing the mind stone. They've transferred his consciousness before. In any case it might be interesting - potential "white" or "ghost" Vision? A girl can dream, no? As for Hulk, Ragnarok, etc... I really want to see more good development for Bruce Banner. I feel kind of robbed of that. His verbal sparring with Tony in AoU was pretty good IMO and allowed a nice look at his own code of ethics and such.
  3. Uh... if you're truly curious, shoot me a message. Or read my post in Open Secrets. Sometimes you gotta figure yourself out, y'know? Suffice it to say I am happy to be back at TRF. (:
  4. So, in light of the fact that phase three of the MCU will soon be upon us, I'm reviving this thread. I think I'll go ahead and state, perhaps obviously, that by now we should be prepared for spoilers from Ant-Man and Age of Ultron. Any spoilers for Civil War and Doctor Strange will be hidden. Of course, I am only going off of promo art and trailers. The team line-ups as follows are... I probably will avoid drawing too many paralells between the Earth-616 (primary Marvel timeline/universe) CW and the MCU (also called Earth-199999) since so much is different. There was no M-Day in this series, and several origin stories are different. But perhaps suffice it to say I am really excited for this film. I love Ultron, truly. And it was fantastic to see my precious robot perfect red velvet cupcake, too good for this world and too pure, I... I mean the Vision, finally make his debut. But all in all I wasn't terribly impressed with Phase II, save Winter Soldier. I'm eagle-eyed for any updates on Civil War (because I am hoping a certain couple of misfits are locking lips by the end) but they're starting to release info on the Sorceror Supreme down the road. Any thoughts on either, true believers?
  5. His final delivery of "one moment's high / and glory rolls on by" always sends chills up my spine. Marathon is such an obvious song for a run but man, does it work.
  6. I like this thread; think I'll try to post in it to stay optimistic. Today, I reconnected with a dear friend I hadn't had a decent conversation with in forever, and found out she's come so far from where she was even just a year ago. I'm so proud of her and glad we're back in touch.
  7. I have mixed feelings about the upcoming Deadpool film. On one hand, Colossus is making an appearance. Nobody can keep me from my dear Piotr. On the other hand, the whole movie is about... Deadpool. He really is the epitome of 90's marvel, and I wasn't a huge fan of the whole era from about 90-07 or so, with exceptions. Copper age was kind of eehhh to me. But, who knows; this may well be Fox's turn of the tide when it comes to their Marvel films. More on the topic, I'm a sucker for B movies. It's when high budget films try too hard that I can't get through it. Exception is Stranger by the Lake because I can only take so much of... Some of those scenes... It was gorgeous and even well written but after 30 minutes I decided to spare myself.
  8. CMWriter


    Haters gonna hate! Kidding. But honestly, I adore Presto. And not just because my member title comes from the title song. It's my go-to pick-me-up especially if I've had a bad day. Available Light is gorgeous; love love the piano there. Besides, I wouldn't even use the CD case as a coaster. It has bunnies on it! Bunnies!
  9. Aw, thanks guys! It's been so long and it's a long story aha. Might post a bit in NWW but it's good to see familiar... Usernames. Guess you could say I couldn't stay away forever.
  10. I did a Google search for TRF and discovered it was still around. And, miracle of miracles my account still exists! (Hi guys.)
  11. That's not a good sign. (Don't you mess with my Rarity, writers!) D: Did they get new writers/a different producer or something? I have no doubt Faust is still running the art scene but that's hardly the whole show. After two successful (yes?) seasons I think the last thing they need is for things to go downhill. IT'S LIKE STAR TREK (the original, obviously): - Pretty good first season (if not a few beginning struggles) - Very good second season (as the characters are developed) - Third season... EH WHO CARES WE JUST WANT MONEY (followed by cancellation)
  12. Keep in mind that Disney did Pirates of the Caribbean, which had a fair amount of violence and the like in it. While I can't say the later films were all that fantastic, I thought the first couple were great and some of Disney's best non-animated material. So I think they could do a decent job with it. I was actually talking about this with my English professor (he's a big sci-fi fan who's actually published a few Star Wars novels through Pocket Books or whoever does them) and he pretty much said what's been said - that it couldn't really get worse. There have been successful reboots, like the Batman franchise and of course Star Trek. I think if they treat the seventh film like a reboot rather than a sequel, it could be good.
  13. Yeah, I reckon he'll start to play a bigger role again. And I know what you're saying there -- I watched more Angel than Buffy but I understand the relationship you're drawing parallels to. I'm just getting a little annoyed with the B-line stories. Maybe if they were more occasional than the norm it wouldn't be so bad but... eh. I dunno. And no spoilers on last night's episode please! I was working and missed it. D: Hopefully it'll be On Demand by tonight.
  14. This is so super late it's ridiculous but I was really busy with work last night. BUT THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE WONDERFUL WISHES! ♥ So nice to come here and see this. Like I said, I know I was gone for a long time. To be honest I was more or less wallowing in self-pity about not getting to go see the boys on their latest tour. I didn't want to hear about everyone going to see RUSH in all their amazing awesomeness, among other things. Also I was having a lot of academic and emotional struggles, but now I'm back and acing my classes all the way. :D It's great to be back here! Thanks everyone again, and here's to one more year! :cheers:
  15. Heeey is it true that John de Lancie is coming back to do voice acting for Season 3? That's what I heard. I doubt the Discord character is returning (insert horrified sobbing here) but if he'll be making a cameo I want to hear! For a while I was stalking The Daily Equestrian but I got tired of reading about all the constant/obvious Star Trek ripoffs. :eyeroll:
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