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  1. The problem with the original mix of Vapor Trails isn't the mix, it's the mastering. The best version of Vapor Trails is a declipped version of the original mix.
  2. Anyone else kind of disappointed in the MP 40th anniversary? All they did was re-release the 30th anniversary DVD (not even the bluray) and press some t-shirts replicas from that tour. Considering what the band (or the label, or management, or whoever was in charge) did such a great job with the 2112 - Permanent Waves 40th anniversaries; the 2015 masters pressed to disc, 5.1 mixes, bonus live material, etc... By comparison the MP anniversary doesn't seem to give the album justice. Especially when you factor in that this is their biggest album, and I best most (if not all) rush fans would have killed for a bunch of live material from that tour (live version of "The Camera Eye" from 1981 anyone! I know it exists)! I don't wanna sound too greedy or something, but I was really anticipating what they were going to be doing with this anniversary edition. Oh well I guess. Hopefully some day we'll get that full live 1981 show.... ...unless I'm wrong and they're planning something for later in the year.
  3. Not only that but they completely remastered EVERY ALBUM (save for VT and CA) for that reissue series and they sound great (no compression like the 97 remasters)! I know that HDTracks has those remasters but so far the only way to get a hand of them on disc is through the 40th anniversary editions. Even if they did a basic re-release of Rush to CoS with that remaster I'd buy it- they wouldn't even have to add any bonus tracks!
  4. Is there any news on the pre-2112 era Rush records getting a release? I know that the current 40th anniversary editions all use the 2015 remasters and I'd LOVE to have the 2015 masters on disc for "Rush" through to "Caress of Steel". Also the 2015 remasters of their live records on disc would be great too!
  5. Any Mars Volta fans? Been blasting them for the past month or so.
  6. Set 1: R30 Overture The Spirit of Radio Clockwork Angels Subdivisions Lock And Key Animate Bravado The Necromancer Set 2: R40 (Freewill/Red Barchetta/The Analog Kid/Between The Wheels/Marathon)* Show Don't Tell Dreamline Virtuality Red Lenses Drum Solo Scars Different Strings Headlong Flight Xanadu Test For Echo Encore: One Little Victory Far Cry Note: *I have no idea how the songs would blend into each other I Think every Rush album gets represented here, which is what i was going for.
  7. Different Stages. It just sounds so good! The three albums beforehand sounded ok (ATWAS is the best of those three, the other two were touched up too much), and there seems to be at least one problem with every album since then (excluding the Clockwork Angels Tour). Rush In Rio had bass out the waazoooo (but oddly enough the guitar still punches through), R30 the drums sounds like there were being played in water (had the drums sounded different then that would be my choice), Snakes and Arrows Live all i can hear is bass, and on time machine the ride and snare drum sound really funny,not to mention Geddy's voice was a bit off (however i didn't notice it until it was pointed out to me). If i were to nit pick about Different stages it's that they didn't use a full set, like what they did with Rush In Rio, but yeah. Das my vote!
  8. Like every tool album, and mastodon's crack the skye. The heavyer stuff in general :P
  9. when someone asks anything resembling "why are we here?" And you reply with "because we're here roll the bones"
  10. why has nobody mentioned tool? I don't know if they are old enough to be in but omg. They must bee like the biggest underground band ever!
  11. anyone heard of Mystery. There'er from Montreal Canada, and they sound really good (too band their record contract is with unicorn records). Also for old prog there is a band called starcastle, 6-man band sounds a lot like yes.
  12. any news on the new tool album?
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