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  1. They wrote the half of the album that was great before going on tour then the other half that was kind of sub-standard after the tour, as if taking a break and going on tour had sucked all the creative zip outa them Could've been their very best in entirety but as you say, unusually falls short for this band
  2. Occasionally vies for no.1 with me but has to compete with Waves and 3 or 4 others
  3. I'm your dream, make you real I'm your eyes when you must steal I'm your pain when you can't feel
  4. Enemy for christs sake.
  5. Never Said I love You my goto Lifeson track right now
  6. That guitar entrance to Look Inside Alex Lifeson of Rush Today After this first attempt they really need to pull out another album sooner rather than later to seal it Great stuff
  7. superb album i love how Al doing his evolved stuff without standing out TOO much
  8. three tracks us rush heads should be ALL OVER Look Inside Liar and Never I Said I Love you this is Alex EVOLVED
  9. struggling with about half of the album but the other half is fantastic, where Al was born to evolve into, Enemy, Look Inside, Liar, Never Said I love You, have a few drinks you'll see why they so cool, western sunset a lovely tribute to neil
  10. look inside, when Al first comes in with guitar. christ.
  11. i'm embarrassed by my first impressions to this album, got Al all over it LOOK INSIDE reminds me of BU2B thought what the f*ck is that became one of my fav rush tracks this is the guy who did the Necromancer now in 2022 his sh*t is all over the place i love what he doing here is all over the album is what he was born to evolve into i cant wait for their next album
  12. Loving Liar, look inside and Never Said I Love you. Great stuff and Al's influence really stand out
  13. Ok, Never Said I Love You quite catchy, could listen to that again. Enemy seems ok without hitting too many heights
  14. Not too keen on that particular female voice to be honest, sets a monotone undercurrent through the whole album, spy house suffers badly for it, better as instrumental imo. Western sunset grabbed me a bit but can't see me going back to album
  15. It isnt lifeson of rush so judging it on own merits as separate band and not feelin it really His solo album was defo lifeson of rush just being a little different at times Totally get his need to diversify mindyou, good luck to the great man
  16. Shuffling off the old Rush baggage. It was a thing. It was a great thing. Done.
  17. Did Massive Attack in the 90s and this a poor imitation really
  18. The guys coulda done a tour not performing as Rush but performing Rush music with guest percussionists, woulda been great nothing too heavy or expected, more like a party or celebration while Al and Ged could still do their thing together, can't see the problem they'd make a fortune the fans happy and everybody has a great time, just get it on
  19. Cant decide with those three, all on a par really, just a little bit below their glorious best but still great
  20. Just to say the new single from the album 'look inside' is out for streaming now i caught on youtube Starts great..
  21. Can't choose really both great albums that fall slightly below level where could say possibly their best
  22. Rush artwork almost always great and always interesting, some of it could hang in any art gallery but, the actual cover of clockwork angels is dull in my eyes
  23. At times i've listened to COS and genuinely thought this is their greatest album. It's that good. FBN obviously great album and Anthem like wow, Alex in the youtube of it is just.. beyond awesome, no other rock guitarist comes close to that solo, the sheer intensity of it, a young master at work But COS as an entire album is a classical masterpiece, so obvs wins for me
  24. As complete albums Presto definitely gets it from me but half of CA definitely more mature & developed great Rush. If the whole album had been same quality it could've been their very best, nevermind better than Presto. As it is, Presto high quality from start to finish so easily beats CA for me
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