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  1. Big difference between a Rush with new percussionist just playing Rush live and a Rush actually making new music Strongly held view by most, probably, that Rush cannot exist without one of the three members, each being so essential to the chemistry and until now i shared that view but.. F**k it, why not. Make new stuff too guys. Rush 3.0 bring it on.
  2. Just read an article saying ged releasing two tracks alongside his memoir that didnt make MFH he's 'shined' them up https://www.thestar.com/entertainment/music/geddy-lee-finishes-off-two-unreleased-songs-for-new-memoir-plans-new-music/article_b806c521-19c7-5fe6-b76e-f4d253089a58.html Apologies if already posted
  3. Not underrated to me, together with brian may the greatest most imaginative and coolest guitarists of all time
  4. lifeson90

    There are no words

    Sounds nowt like phil :)
  5. Always thought limelight a bit different to the rest of album - just Al's guitar has a different more basic rock sound to rest of tracks. Vital Signs more in keeping with the album i find
  6. Remember when Workin' Them Angels released as a single and could not for the life of me understand why, as a hardened rush head the song's good i really get it but couldn't see myself as a younger person being excited by it in any way, would've instantly turned off and away to something else. Thankfully my first experience of rush was the spirit of radio and permanent waves in general, which pulls you in without a choice of course
  7. Back in the glorious day when new Rush was possible. Genuinely made life worthwhile at times. All gone, like smoke in the wind :(
  8. Great news half a dozen superb tracks on album can't wait for new stuff
  9. 1/ Counterparts 2/ Permanent Waves 3/ A Farewell To Kings 4/ Moving Pictures 5/ 2112
  10. Could listen to an album of that noo problem, different but really fresh and vital, like you up on stage with em
  11. Yeah very interesting. Another reminder of quirks of fate and how the stars sometime conspire
  12. He IS 70 of course, only gone in the physical sense for us ❤️
  13. They wrote the half of the album that was great before going on tour then the other half that was kind of sub-standard after the tour, as if taking a break and going on tour had sucked all the creative zip outa them Could've been their very best in entirety but as you say, unusually falls short for this band
  14. Occasionally vies for no.1 with me but has to compete with Waves and 3 or 4 others
  15. I'm your dream, make you real I'm your eyes when you must steal I'm your pain when you can't feel
  16. Never Said I love You my goto Lifeson track right now
  17. That guitar entrance to Look Inside Alex Lifeson of Rush Today After this first attempt they really need to pull out another album sooner rather than later to seal it Great stuff
  18. superb album i love how Al doing his evolved stuff without standing out TOO much
  19. three tracks us rush heads should be ALL OVER Look Inside Liar and Never I Said I Love you this is Alex EVOLVED
  20. struggling with about half of the album but the other half is fantastic, where Al was born to evolve into, Enemy, Look Inside, Liar, Never Said I love You, have a few drinks you'll see why they so cool, western sunset a lovely tribute to neil
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