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    MSG - R40 tour
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    Anytime I was lucky enough to be down in the first 15 - with all the other hardcore fans. I really miss that.
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    Metallica, DT, YYNOT, PT, Riverside, Zebra, Triumph
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  1. Auto tune is fine. The problem is when people use it to make themselves sound like robots or perfectly in key all the time. Yeah, it was fun for 15 minutes. Now it's just annoying.
  2. m***********ing neighbors are angry at life and are really shitty neighbors. I think the existence of happy content people offends them.
  3. In no particular order: Scenes From A Memory Operation Mindcrime Live At Leeds ATWAS Back In Black Thunder Seven Zeppelin IV Under A Blood Red Sky Malmsteen's Rising Force Pearl Jam - Yield
  4. I can imagine a time when AI will be used to clean up old and low quality audio. Not to replace the originals, but to reproduce them as they might have sounded in the room. Like old Edison Records stuff...or that old AM radio sounding Southern Blues type stuff. Or closer to home....help make old B- quality bootlegs sound closer to FM or Board. :)
  5. Lulu. No really. I'm listening to Lulu. Hetfield is the table.
  6. I've got nothing against Kirk.... But come on. Really?
  7. There may be a P/G 40 in the pipe. I have no idea. But I will say this - again - they f***ed it up with SIG40. They seem to have forgotten who the fanbase is, what we want, and the format that we will actually buy. Which i think has created a lot of 'mistrust' and pessimism for the future. Speaking for myself, as hardcore a fan as any of you - SIG40 was the __first Rush release that I have not bought__ in 40 years. Which kind of leaves me thinking that maybe I'm in a new phase now....where "geez - I don't need some shiny new Rush thing. What's it really worth anyway? Is it just a cash grab at this point?". The enthusiasm is waning...... and there are a lot of other bands to spend money and time on.
  8. The guys were pretty smart to cash out when they did. LOL.
  9. Meh. Glad it's over.
  10. This lack of news is starting to suck.
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