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  1. A job on Wall Street. Wall Street is also mostly responsible for the loss of the short hair too.
  2. Yeah, that. Ged and Al wee celebrating a great show and a great run at their party. Their crowd was thinking 'man, is it really over?'. Neil's party was celebrating all of it being over. His crowd was welcoming him back.
  3. Which will be forgotten about the day that they allow a trans on the cover of the Swimsuit Edition. Also, you gotta admit - Martha was a smokeshow in her prime.
  4. I'm not going to get into the trading insults aspect of the thread here. But this is worth commenting on. I totally agree - there's a time in your life when you're responsible only for yourself. So, whatever. But if you have responsibility for the welfare of others, stay off of anything that will cause you to fail them. Wanna smoke some grass or have a bunch of drinks? Not bad unless it's excess. It's well documented that people often get hooked on meth and the other shit from the first try. Stay the f**k away from that shit.
  5. Rivaled only by LVS from pink pop. Which itself is subsonic taurus heaven.
  6. It's a product of a different time. Not everyone can like everything, nor should they. Having said that, I am struggling a little to get through it. It's funny, the earlier draft of it is called Pursuit of the Pankera. He didn't like it and didn't want it published. Which it ultimately was a couple of years ago after his death. IMO it's the better of the 2 books. Still his style, but more concise. https://www.amazon.com/Pursuit-Pankera-Parallel-Novel-Universes-ebook/dp/B082838YYY Heinlein himself is pretty legendary. But again, from a different time.
  7. Just wrapped up the Geddybook. Now I'm back to Heinlein's "The Number of The Beast".
  8. I don't bother with the cloud. I've got a 3 tiered system of backups here in the home office. Meaning at least** 3 copies of everything important. All on hard drives, that only get turned on for backup related activity. My thinking is that if there's a catastrophic event, while i'm grabbing my go-kit I'm also grabbing the 4 drives (copy 3) closest to the office door and storing them in the padded case ready to go. I have jobs scheduled to do nightly backups from my working copies to level (1) weekly, level (1) is copied to level (2). Monthly (last calendar Friday) level (2) goes to level (3). So the absolute worst thing that can happen is that I lose 1 month of work/stuff. Daily, if I f**k up my working copy of something...I just restore from level (1) or (2), depending on the mistake. All 3 levels are sets of 4 separate physical 8TB drives each. So 12 8TB drives. Which has grown from a mix of much smaller drives when i started this all. Is it perfect? No. But reliability and redundancy is good enough. Plus, I don't have to pay anyone for mind my data for me, and I'm in control. The drives were expensive, but they've been upgraded over time, and now I think I have enough room for 5 years of growth at least. Given that I'm already got probably 75%-80% of the stuff I ever want to preserve. 80% of what I'm storing is personal docs, the music collection, the photo/video collection, and historic/my own software. All of which is either irreplaceable, or extremely difficult to recreate. **At least means that for some stuff I also have an intraday copy, like a checkpoint a couple of times a day as a fail-safe. In case something goes boom before the nightly level (1) does it's thing.
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