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  1. As a former New Yorker, I respectfully disagree. I have no love for all of NY's politics and liberalism. But it's a fine state. I only left because I had better carrer prospects elsewhere. North Korea it is not. By f***ing far.
  2. Thing is that in summer months it's safer to do yard work after temperatures have peaked. Meaning, in the hour or 2 before the sun goes down. I get it, only because I have the opposite problem, I like to sleep in on weekends. But there's always someone out there at 8am running a mower or trimmer. Ugh.
  3. Good for you. Keep going. We're here for you and proud of your success and strength.
  4. I can get Jupiter's moons, as distinct bright pixels, with a 210MM zoom on top of a Nikon D7200. I would LOVE to see them from this telescope. Hint, hint, hint.
  5. Appetizing for sure. It's nice to hear Steve program all the old bits in. It's a PT album, and I'm happy to hear it.
  6. Not me. As far as I'm concerned, we're all human. All the same.
  7. Haven't been out to the mailbox yet, but i know it's there. Amazon says so. Going to be another play it at 11 night tonight. ;) PT is back on the menu boys!!!
  8. Congratulating those who won on imposing a misery, in context, that hasn't been seen in the US in nearly 50 years. That's not condescending, it's saying that a price will be paid for the moral victory.
  9. You know..... I don't want to make any enemies here. But i gotta tell you - you need to lay off the high handed arrogance. Your posts are well thought out, and well written. You are clearly intelligent, and understand the issues. problem is that you refuse to see the other side. Your tone and demeanor are basically a well written "my way or the highway". Which frankly makes one not want to try to find common ground with you. Lighten up, and please stop being so condescending. Especially on the day that your side 'won'.
  10. Welcome back to the era of coat hangers and dirty back rooms. Abortion won't go away, only the methods will change. Good job guys. Really. /s
  11. This all hurts my head. f**k, just be who you want to be. 99% of the population doesn't care if you were born male and want to wear a dress. Just leave us alone and stop getting in our faces about it. Just like, i don't get in anyone's face about being hardwired to like girls. No one cares, and I know it. Live your lives, use your pronouns, identify as a fluid or as a tree, or whatever, and f**k who or what you want to f**k. Leave me out of it, don't give me shit for not caring, nor for adopting your additions to our reality. Worry about your haters, that 1% who violently care about what you do. I f***ed a sheep, I f***ed a goat, I rammed my cock right down it's throat so, what, so what you boring little f**k? I've been here, I've been there, I've been f***ing everywhere so, what, so what you boring little f**k? Truer words never sung.
  12. Theresa Thomason has entered the chat. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theresa_Thomason
  13. Seth himself is saying that he should have gone into Sci-Fi instead of comedy. Of course, he made his name in comedy... but still, he's a great writer for Sci-Fi. Orville is gold.
  14. First album. Just like Rush's , all that promise of great things to come. Then, there's Mindcrime. Which is my opinion is a concept album in the same league as Quadrophenia, The Wall, and Scenes From a Memory.
  15. Maybe they get with Nick, dress up like The Foos and return the tribute.
  16. Come to think of it, Yam sounds like a great name for a planet. Like some run down, backwards agricultural world with a failed industry. Strip mining took away all the planet's natural resources 5000 years ago.
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