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  1. So the next time a newbie asks what Rush’s music sounds like, just say “It’s energized rock!”
  2. At this point I would bet that it says “ENERGIZED ROCK”. I know that I’ve seen a clear version of this picture before but I just couldn’t remember what it said. “ENERGIZED ROCK” rang a huge bell for me.
  3. dpgreek is a coworker of mine and I tried helping him figure this out. I thought that someone here would immediately know that shirt or already have made a replica. I have the blu-ray at home and will see if it is any clearer than that. The second word could be "ROCK".
  4. Well, everyone has the right to be wrong.
  5. Subdivisions. I know a lot of people love it but to me it's just mediocre.
  6. I didn’t even know Periscope existed until I saw people mentioning it on this board. I watched bits and pieces of a few shows here and there but I was glued to the last show. I don’t remember his name but one guy scoped the entire show. I’m on the east coast so I was up until 2:30 or so watching and it was great. Thanks to all the Periscopers!
  7. And Xanadu loves YOU! Actually, Xanadu just wants to be friends.
  8. Considering how successful this tour has been I’m really surprised that they have not added a second leg with more US dates or a European leg. Maybe they’ll take a month or two off and then do a second leg.
  9. I think the bigger question is: should Alex stop wearing a hairpiece?
  10. When did they add the wacky-waving-inflatable-arm-flailing-tube-man behind Neil?
  11. It wouldn't be NYC if they did. They’re just living up to the stereotype. I grew up there and I’m so glad we got out of that s__thole.
  12. These damn New Yorker a-holes can't shut their damn mouths.
  13. Losing It may have been just for Toronto since they filmed it. We'll see if they keep in the rotation. I suspect that they will since it got such a good response from the crowd.
  14. That is a great point and I agree with you 100%. The individual against the collective was and still is a common theme in Neil’s lyrics. He also seems to be in favor of big government. I don’t get it.
  15. I was very surprised to read what Neil said about Rand Paul and GW Bush. Regardless of where you are politically, those are just stupid things to say. They’re as bad if not worse than saying something like “Obama, Hillary and Pelosi are obviously Marxist communists.” I would like to know the full context of his statements. What lead up to them? Did he bring them up? Did the interviewer ask his thoughts on American politics? I suspect that some editing was done to make his words sound more left. I know that Neil is a smart guy and very well read which is what has me so puzzled. I’m sure he knows that any issue is much more complicated than a one sentence summary. It’s clear that his views and beliefs have changed over time. I don’t understand how someone who was once so influenced by Ayn Rand and referred to her as “genius” can swing so far the other way.
  16. And here we go again!! https://www.periscope.tv/w/aEYgZTExOTI1Mzd8MjAzMzk0NjCj8HR-WkhDVJd_jqFaN_73Hs0Kj9Agb8khLnhinbFz2A==
  17. I disagree but luckily for them it’s not up to me. At best, these people are simply inconsiderate and possibly absent minded and at worst they’re narcissists just don’t give a frak if they spoil something for someone. That’s just my two cents.
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