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    Playing Red Barchetta in front of almost 1,000 people, throwing up stick in the air during the harmonic break, and catching it.
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    Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen
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    Sold my drums in 2014 after 23 years of owning them.
  1. Gimme an "R", "O", "C", "K", and the crowd yells "ROCK" really loud. Now that's a f***ing concert. That's the biggest thing I know about Helix.
  2. You guys got me again. Definitely a few bands I forgot about (and like). I didn't know BTO and Steppenwolf were Canadian bands. Dammit. Cool! The website let me edit the choices to add a few more. Hope that's better.
  3. Bands only. No individual artists. I included The Band even though one guy was from the US. Genesis isn't on this list either.
  4. If I could add Styx and Primus, which bands should I have taken out? I thought of Jimi Hendrix more of a solo artist than a band. Also, is The Experience English or American? I'm surprised nobody has said Tool yet.
  5. Some of the bands mentioned I didn't know were from England. Supertramp I thought was from Washington state for some reason. Uriah Heep I thought was a southern rock band. I also didn't realize ELO and Dire Straits were English. I'm usually pretty good with rock trivia normally. Sorry about all the missing bands, especially The Police.
  6. I only included band names that didn't have an individuals name like Tom Petty. I know Van Halen is a name, but that is two different people not just one. Good luck with this one. I had a tough time trying to figure out who to include and who to leave out. Slayer and Linkin Park are two examples I changed my mind on to include Cheap Trick and Talking Heads. Many people will probably be mad for leaving someone out.
  7. I was going to attempt an American band version of this poll, but there are just too many. Do I include Soundgarden or Heart? Alice in Chains or Kansas? ZZ Top or Kiss? There is only room for 18 choices + 1 for "other". Edit: There is room for 40 choices! Back to plan A.
  8. I can't use the excuse that Judas Priest was "too gay" to be on the list since I included Queen, so I will just say that it didn't occur to me. Sorry. Edit: Please excuse my lame attempt at a joke. It wasn't meant to offend anyone except Judas Priest fans :D
  9. I totally forgot about the Police being an English band. My bad. Definitely in my top 20 bands of all time.
  10. A good selection. Let's see who wins.
  11. Sometimes I think that people are too critical in regards to Neil's lyric writing. In this thread, let's focus on our favorite Rush lyrics. Here's mine: Each of us A cell of awareness Imperfect and incomplete Genetic blends With uncertain ends On a fortune hunt That's far too fleet
  12. Biggest musical milestone in my life: the first time I heard Tom Sawyer on the radio. I was 14 and had been playing drums for a little over a year. Saw Rush on the Signals tour about a year and a half later, and they became my favorite band from that point on.
  13. I noticed that "When Dream and Day Unite" wasn't among the choices, but that's fine. I voted "A Change of Seasons" because the title track is so strong in every way.
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