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    June 14th, 2015 - R40 Tour - Auburn Hills, Michigan
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    Grace Under Pressure
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    All Rush experiences are the best. But I also enjoyed smiling with Alex during Carnies.
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    Kimbra, Queensrÿche, Todd Rundgren/Utopia, Tom Waits, Billy Joel, Iron Maiden, etc.
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    Tenor/Baritone Saxophone, Guitar
  1. Like many others, I don't really have the words to express my sadness for what's happened. My first thoughts went to his family, with hopes that he at least had some precious moments with them after his retirement. I'm grateful for what he (and the band) brought to me for so many years. He will be missed. R.I.P.
  2. 10) Little Simz - Grey Area 9) Brutus - Nest 8) Altin Gun - Gece 7) Julia Jacklin - Crushing 6) The Comet Is Coming - Trust In The Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery 5) Iamthemorning - The Bell 4) Tyler, The Creator - IGOR 3) Angel Olsen - All Mirrors 2) Weyes Blood - Titanic Rising 1) Nilufer Yanya - Miss Universe Honourable mention: Nivhek - After its own death/Walking in a spiral towards the house Biggest disappointment was Opeth. Some decent songs and musicianship. I just don't need purposefully dated sounding 70s/80s prog with no edge whatsoever. And get Wilson back to make a clearer sounding record that doesn't sound like it was recorded in a barrel. It also has no pace to it. Just plods along with no real exciting factors to jump out and grab me.
  3. The best thing about Pink Floyd is that they're the ultimate sedative. At least Tool turn it up a notch enough times to keep you awake.
  4. Sure, I'll do some more. 1. Kimbra - Sally I Can See You 2. Norah Jones - Feelin' The Same Way 3. Anderson .Paak - The Waters 4. Céu - Chico Buarque Song 5. Scorpions - Blackout 6. Benjamin Clementine - Edmonton 7. Clutch - Oh, Isabella 8. Grimes - Devon 9. Porcupine Tree - In Formaldehyde 10. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - I Am A Thought 11. Tash Sultana - Harvest Love 12. Miles Davis - Limbo (Alternate Take) 13. Stevie Wonder - Blame It On The Sun 14. Cynic - Integral Birth 15. The Offspring - Million Miles Away 16. Charming Disaster - String Break Song 17. Faith No More - Cuckoo For Caca 18. Soundgarden - Halfway There 19. Mr. Bungle - Stubb (A Dub) 20. Down - Losing All
  5. 1. King Woman - Shame 2. Faith No More - Home Sick Home 3. Sumac - Ecstasy of Unbecoming 4. Soen - Ideate 5. Tori Amos - Cornflake Girl 6. Amanda Marshall - Best of Me 7. Todd Rundgren - Earth Mother 8. Conception - Another World 9. Hana Vu - 426 10. Stevie Wonder - My Cherie Amour 11. Witchcraft - Deconstruction 12. Triptykon - A Thousand Lies 13. Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams 14. Forbidden - Over the Middle 15. Eminem - My Mom 16. Nas - Accident Murderers 17. Anathema - 2000 & Gone 18. FKA Twigs - Kicks 19. Alice In Chains - Confusion 20. Stevie Nicks - Stand Back 21. Altin Gun - Caney 22. Power Trip - Nightmare Logic 23. Nite Jewel - Nothing but Scenery 24. Agalloch - (Serpens Cauda) 25. Motörhead - Ramones
  6. Glad to hear that horrendous production from Purple rearing its ugly head again. Not a bad song, I guess.
  7. I haven't liked any of the songs thus far, but haven't listened to the full album yet. Hoping to be pleasantly surprised by it. Seems like the album might be better after the first initial tracks? Either way, I'm hoping it gets better, because the released songs have been stinkers. Reminds me of the new Queensrÿche singles. Boring, lifeless attempts to consciously reconstruct an older sound.
  8. Not 100% what my list is going to look like this year, but my top 10 as of right now: 1) Julia Holter - Aviary 2) U.S. Girls - In A Poem Unlimited 3) Kimbra - Primal Heart 4) Mary Lattimore - Hundreds of Days 5) Horrendous - Idol 6) Gwenno - Le Kov 7) Sirintip - Tribus 8) Denzel Curry - TA13OO 9) Soccer Mommy - Clean 10) Judas Priest - Firepower
  9. That's a pretty meh track. Especially for a track that's supposed to open the album. Even at their most formulaic, Dream Theater can at least have some shining moments at times. But this is bland and unexciting. Virtually nothing to get excited about for me beyond Mangini's drums finally sounding somewhat decent. That's one positive change, I guess. It only took them, what, four albums to figure that one out? I commend the band for continuing on, but their mediocre output is outnumbering their good output, and that's the sign of a band that isn't in the right place.
  10. Whether people like 'Dance Macabre' or not, Forge was already writing poppy/catchy songs well before that. It's cute that some people think Ghost weren't an accessible band right from the beginning.
  11. I don't mind the album cover. I was expecting some major turd with what some of you were saying. It's probably one of their least pretentious covers. Either way, I'm not tremendously excited about new DT music, but I'll check it out anyway. It honestly can't be worse than their last album.
  12. I think it's a pretty good album. Probably the most consistent album they've put out with this lineup. It's not breaking any new ground or anything like that, but it has some wonderful highs on it. Red Giant is worth the price of the album alone.
  13. U.S. Girls - In A Poem Unlimited Kimbra - Primal Heart Judas Priest - Firepower Neko Case - Hell-On Mary Lattimore - Hundreds of Days Hana Vu - How Many Times Have You Driven By Gang Gang Dance - Kazuashita Ghost - Prequelle First Aid Kit - Ruins Soccer Mommy - Clean Joe Armon-Jones - Starting Today Sons of Kemet - Your Queen Is A Reptile Altin Gun - On Erika Wennerstrom - Sweet Unknown Hollie Cook - Vessel of Love Cornelia Murr - Lake Tear of the Clouds So much more coming out this year, too. It's been another good one!
  14. You had me until the Testament comment. One is pure heavy metal, and the other is pure thrash. Not to mention Testament's lead guitar is driven more by melodic and jazz composition than most bands of the era. They sound alike at times to be sure, but to say that Testament is a "dulled Metallica" is a bit of a disservice.
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