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  1. I had the same reaction - saw them in Philly and had a different experience than most. I noticed that Geddy ran to the center stage many times - same as older concerts where Alex and Geddy would normally jam together - but this time I noticed Alex staying in his spot. He did goof around a few times with Neil, but it was odd enough to make me wonder if something was wrong or if he wasn't feeling well. It was a much different concert than, say, the Time Machine tour.
  2. My take on Rolling Stone is this: they decide who will be "next", then write years' worth of articles in support of the people they've decided will be "next", then declare those people to have 'arrived', as predicted and supported, by Rolling Stone - their own self-fullfilling (and self-profiting) prophecies. They did not declare Rush to be "next", they did not support them, and damn sure weren't going to declare them as 'arrived' until they were forced to. A rare win for democracy. Those who can (play), do; those who can't become critics...
  3. Haven't decided whether to see them or not this spring, but I can appreciate the set list. A quick scan of their concert videos and live albums show a long history of banging out the hits - honestly, it's not like the Grateful Dead, where you can't guess how they're going to play Tom Sawyer from one show to another. No, whether you like the setlist or not, I'm happy to see them reaching back for things that haven't gotten a lot of stageplay before.
  4. I agree that people can disagree about tastes in music - even I, a non-music journalist, can see that. But the heart of the article is this: "Rush is good but not notable... But if the group were completely erased from history, rock would sound and feel the same today." So, it's the Rock and Roll Hall of Influence? No, it's a Hall of Fame: (def: great renown, public estimation or reputation). I can see his point; theyv'e accomplished so little in their scant years of touring. They've achieve no renown for their abilities. Aside from all the famous musicians in BTLS who mentioned the impact of RUSH on their playing, I can hardly think of any influence they've had... Notable - no, nothing in their number of albums released, concert sales, awards, longevity, professionalism, friendship...no, nothing there either. I believe we never really mentally leave high school. And, so many still assess their own coolness by who they don't like to listen to. He must be soooo very cool. He did mention that he likes groove, although what the hell that has to do with rock music is anyone's guess - "I see red...and it hurts my head" Oops, sorry about that, I was grooving there for a second...
  5. spock

    Volkswagen Ad

    Saw it for the first time today. I was watching football, not expecting it, and suddenly there's those opening chords - couldn't stop smiling...
  6. Hmmm, I wonder which Black Sabbath tune these guys dance to?
  7. Those guys are so cool. So cool. I just wish I was as cool as they are cool. Gosh. Just, so cool. And they're smart - you can tell because they obviously love how smart they are by the way they say cool, smart things. Oops, time to quit work and listen to some sucky Rush music on the way home
  8. Definitely heard the Hammond Organ sounds - very clear once you're listening for them. As with some other parts on the album, I can't tell if it's a low-level keyboard or some effect on the guitar? Perfect sound for those parts of the song! I listened for the bridge alarm, couldn't make it out on the car stereo - not the best system in the world. I wouldn't put anything past them so I'll avoid blaming it on a spurious inter-harmonic cross-distortion!
  9. Funny you should mention that... I had to take a CA break (heresy? Spent a couple of weeks spinning PT (wow, Lightbulb Sun is good!)) and just got back to listening to CA yesterday. SCOG and The Anarchist have really grown on me. The opening to SCOG is one of the strongest song openers I've heard in a while. I'll give it a listen and see if I can hear those parts.
  10. QUOTE (gangsterfurious @ Sep 18 2012, 03:24 PM) Well, with David Lee Roth you can see that coming from a mile away, haha. I think the Geddy and Alex are probably really nice guys. And I think they would be polite enough meeting their fans but since they aren't the type of rockers to live in the public eye very much, it might feel a little cold. I was looking at pictures of the meet and greets earlier. It looks a bit like, you walk up to them, say hi, I don't even think you get to shake their hands. They stand close enough to you to be in the frame with you and then you're done and it's onto the next fan. I don't know. For some fanatical people this may be a huge disappointment but on the other hand it's kind of cool that they do this without charging extras on tickets or something to that effect. Personally, I'm kind of on the fence. I think the Boys in Brazil footage from Rush paints a good picture. They obviously care enough to take the time and they seems genuine, but it also looks like they aren't pretending that 'strangers are long-awaited friends'. I've never had the chance and never tried hard to make it happen. I figure the situation would be too slanted: I'd have waited 30 years to see them and I'd be just another 60 seconds out of their day.
  11. QUOTE (fordgt99 @ Sep 16 2012, 11:02 PM) QUOTE (Steely Caress @ Sep 16 2012, 10:49 PM) Along with Geddy, I have read where Neil says power windows was one of their best records. I know he talks about this in the book contents under pressure. Is Contents Under Pressure a good book to read to get a good history/insight into the band? Reason I ask is some jerk on another forum I visit claims I don't have much knowledge of the band (which I never claimed to have in the first place). I own and have watched Beyond The Lighted Stage a few times but of course it doesn't cover everything. Contents Under Pressure is a GREAT book. It covers every album through VT. It will fill in a lot of blanks that the movie couldn't cover.
  12. spock

    Rush on CD

    QUOTE (Bangster of Goats @ Sep 15 2012, 09:39 AM) Is it generally agreed that the Sector remasters are better than the 1997? I got a few of the 1997's (and other "Rush Remaster" series discs) years ago, and I had foolishly sold off the W German (in the case of older Rush material) and other original release copies those remasters replaced. (Except for Presto (that particular original I bought in 1989 has sentimental value), and I also kept the original Test For Echo because the missing "Sisyphus" in the remaster, though extremely minor, still drives me nuts.) I still have a handful of W Germans and other original releases though, as I had never gotten around to buying the 1997s for those albums, thank goodness! THANK YOU! I hadn't listened to TFE much -bought it when it first came (cassette tape) out and remembered the Sisyphus reference. Lots of years later bought a remastered CD and listened to Carve Away the Stone over and over trying to figure out where'd Sisyphus go? Now I know! That has been really bugging me for a long time! (Thought I was imagining it to begin with!)
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