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    the space between the mysterious, invisible force lurking in the constellation Cygnus and the destination at unverified jump coordinates 1123.6536.5321
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    aviation, music, books, computers

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    June 23, 2015 - Boston, MA (14th tour)
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    Cygnus X-1
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    Moving Pictures
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    Hearing "Tom Sawyer" for the second time (at the back-end of a Styx "Cornerstone" homemade cassette). A meet and greet with Geddy and Alex in 2008 and catching a glimpse of Neil and having my p/g tapestry signed by The Guys!
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    Tool, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Talking Heads, Jethro Tull, Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel, The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Muse
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    electric bass guitar
  1. It has been a few days, so technically not today, but I've been busy. I'm working toward my private pilot license and I flew my first solo in Monday! The ceiling was a little low but the winds were calm. :dweez:
  2. I was at that show! :haz: Geddy's side toward the back. It is one of my greatest Rush memories. I remember the sky as the sun went down and they played Resist, back when they did it as a three piece. The lighting with the Columbia River in the background is an indelible memory. I lost my mind when they played 2112 and later too, just after I'd found it, for Natural Science What a night!
  3. For me, the lyrics don't need to evoke thoughts of passing or change. Today, his lyrics seem more ... crisp?. Just Rush lyrics before - now their observations from Neil. The one lyric sticking with me, and I have no idea why because I can't see how it relates to his passing: "Green and grey washes in the wispy white veil" - I don't know why The Camera Eye is really connecting with me over the past few days. I think it is his drumming (some of my favorite) And for some reason, Signals has never sounded so good.
  4. I thought this was a nice article written by someone who sounds like a true fan. Yes, it is Rolling Stone magazine. I for one appreciate the irony. How Neil Peart’s Perfectionism Set Him Free The late drummer idolized Sixties wildmen like Keith Moon. But his path to the drumming pantheon came through obsessive order. https://https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/neil-peart-rush-drumming-tribute-936430/
  5. Spam ... must spam ... Oh how I have have missed you glorious thread ... spam spam spam spam
  6. That is a great tribute. There is some very click baity stuff out there and some really good stuff. This made me cry. Thanks Reb
  7. The lyric that keeps sticking with me No one get to their heaven without a fight
  8. I've been away from TRF for a few years but, like many others, I find myself drawn here seeking solace in the company of other TRF family members. I let my past grow too fast (as it were). The reality of his passing comes to me in waves and I hope and pray that his family can find some peace. The outpouring of respect for him has brought me to tears a few time as the world expresses what we have known all along.
  9. I agree about Rising and Stargazer. :haz: Second for me though is Kill The King.
  10. :o I don't know how I missed this post, a few days ago. Out-shuffling Bernard Purdie? I don't know...it is a GREAT performance, to be sure. Excellent choice. But I think I'd still take Home at Last over Fool in the Rain. Especially during the outro/fade-out, when Purdie is swinging on the snare, the ride, the hi-hat and the kick drum, all together...it just blows me away, every time I hear it. My favourite Bonham performance, though, is Achilles Last Stand, no question. That was my thought too. I mean, it's a great shuffle, but out shuffling Bernie??? Let's not get carried away. Jeff Porcarro did a great one for Rosanna too (better than Bonzo's, imo), and he put a hand jive over it. But, Bernie's groove is sublime I agree about Achilles Last Stand, Blue J. Bonzo at his best. :ebert: I've started more than one heated argument with my claim that Jimmy Page never played an original riff in his life. But, he is a great Blues interpreter and one of the finest studio guitarists of his era and a true icon. A great player. Kind of a funny thread title ... there's an underrated side to Led Zeppelin???
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