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Name your top 4

That One Guy

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QUOTE (vital signz @ Jun 13 2012, 01:29 AM)
QUOTE (HemispheresserehpsimeH @ Jun 12 2012, 08:19 PM)
I honestly have no idea.

Now THAT'S the sign of a great album

I'm hard pushed to think of my fav top 4 at the mo...hoping time helps.


I think your right, its really just the sign of a class album - so many amazing songs here we are spoiled. laugh.gif


I thought wish them well was a dud...was humming it this morning, is just surrounded by brilliance...its hard to figure wacko.gif

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It's pretty easy for me to pick my top, middle, and bottom 4:

  1. Clockwork Angels
  2. Headlong Flight
  3. The Anarchist
  4. BU2B


  5. Carnies
  6. Caravan
  7. BU2B2
  8. The Wreckers


  9. The Garden
  10. Wish Them Well
  11. Seven Cities of Gold
  12. Halo Effect
Compared to 8 days ago, the only differences are that Caravan and Wish Them Well each moved up two notches (staying within their respective middle and bottom blocks). Notes:
  1. Like with Snakes and Arrows, there are no outright bad songs (and Clockwork Angles has more strong songs).
  2. Drop the weakest 3 songs and it's still over 50 minutes long!
This album is phenomenal.
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SO hard to pick! Exempting the 3 previously-released singles, mine, right now, are(in order):


1)Seven Cites





Subject to change 100 times over the next few months Im sure...this album is THAT GOOD.

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ok seem to be drawn towards these now ... ;



The garden


Carnies(shock horror... i thought this was disjointed at 1st)

The wreckers

7 cities.


oops did i go over, could quite easily include another couple of songs, on equal pegging. tongue.gif


tis a huge classic album for sure.



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After just a couple of full listens, not an easy choice. These are almost certain to change:


Top 4 (not in order):

- Headlong Flight

- The Garden

- Clockwork Angels

- Halo Effect


Even though you didn't ask...


Middle 5 (not in order):

- Caravan

- BU2B

- Seven Cities of Gold

- Wish Them Well

- The Wreckers


Bottom 3 (not in order):

- BU2B2

- Carnies

- The Anarchist

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After a few full listens...


1. Clockwork Angels

2. Seven cities of Gold

3. The Garden

4. The Anarchist (took a while for me to absorb, but a fast riser)

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As of now....


1. Clockwork Angels

2. The Garden

3. Seven Cities of Gold

4. Carnies


There's a good possibility that this could remain my top 4, albeit they might swap positions and such.

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QUOTE (GUP1771 @ Jun 12 2012, 08:01 PM)
QUOTE (Presto-digitation @ Jun 12 2012, 07:00 PM)
No order:

The Garden
Clockwork Angels
The Anarchist
The Wreckers

(I intentionally left off previously heard tracks, otherwise Headlong Flight and BU2B are solidly in that mix)

Clockwork Angels just KICKS MY @$!& ASS.

My 4 too! You have great tastes! tongue.gif

that makes the three of us.


But I will say that the Garden IS my favorite.

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1) Headlong Flight

2) Clockwork Angels

3) The Anarchist

4) Caravan


Major, Major Ass Kicking in these 4 songs.


beathorse.gif <-Get it, cause it's a donkey?

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QUOTE (On TheRoad To Adventure @ Jun 13 2012, 08:19 PM)
QUOTE (losingit2k @ Jun 12 2012, 05:08 PM)
Headlong Flight, The Wreckers, The Garden, Caravan

2.gif  1022.gif  2.gif

Exactly the same as mine!


653.gif 2.gif

QUOTE (Unattractive Truth @ Jun 13 2012, 05:59 AM)

The Wreckers
Headlong Flight
The Garden










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Ok I will take it down to four from my 5 I posted. I have listened plenty to know what is clearly my top 4 and all 4 of these are just flat out going to be new Rush classics. Is that an oxymoron?



1) Clockwork Angels - the first true epic since The Camera Eye


2) The Anarchist - Flat out amazing song, playing, lyrics it has it all.


3) The Wreckers - Gorgeous visual beauty, some of Alex's best rhythm work on the verse..simple yet elegant. The chorus may just be one of the 5 best they have ever written


4) Seven Cities of Gold - Another Rush epic rocker....I love the entire 70's vibe, riff driven Rush!!! It's baaaaaack!!!



So I bumped out The Garden. Which is an amazing song, just beautiful...but Seven Cities rocks me to the core.

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At this point, my top three are, in no particular order:



The Anarchist

Seven Cities of Gold


But I don't have a clear fourth yet. Struggling for supremacy are Clockwork Angels, Carnies, and Headlong Flight.

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