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  1. Beaten in Quebec on R40? Do you mean the Montreal show? I guess so... Isn't that their biggest crowd ever? Montreal is in Quebec, so think of the dialogue like this: "The Oregon show was bigger than the Denver one." "The Oregon show? Do you mean the Portland show?" Beaten in Quebec on R40? Do you mean the Montreal show? I guess so... Isn't that their biggest crowd ever? Montreal is in Quebec, so think of the dialogue like this: "The Oregon show was bigger than the Denver one." "The Oregon show? Do you mean the Portland show?" I know Montreal is in Quebec. I attended the R40 show there. But I appreciate the clarification all the same. So I'm thinking you're talking about when they played in Quebec City on the Time Machine tour in 2010 at the Plains of Abraham...~90K
  2. Personally, I think it would be really interesting to see what kind of studio album they'd come up with if there was no intention to tour. They've always made albums knowing/visualizing playing the songs live. If that pressure was taken way, I wonder what the album would sound like?
  3. Did you meet Jonathan Dinklage? I remember talking to him a little outside of Rogers Arena in Vancouver. I spoke to a few roadies and he came up to talk as well, though I didn't know who he was until he took the stage I did. In fact he was our connection to get backstage. Super nice guy. Got the chance to catch up with him briefly before the Chicago show in June 2013, but sadly no backstage that time around.
  4. Each of the 20+ shows that I've seen has been memorable in its own right, but two stand out. 1. Time Machine, the "rain date" make-up concert in Chicago, August 2010. I wasn't able to go when the concert was originally scheduled (July), but the make-up date worked for me. I picked up a 2nd row ticket on stubhub 1 week before the show. Got to the venue (Northerly Island...smallish outdoor open air venue on Lake Michigan) and the guys sitting in the front row had an extra ticket. Got to move to front row and rock for 3 hours right at the front of the stage. 2. Clockwork Angels, Houston 2012 (final date of the first leg). Through luck and happenstance, my brother-in-law and I got to spend an hour before the show backstage hanging out with a few members of the string ensemble in their dressing room. Sadly didn't get to meet the band, but got an up-close tour of the stage, met some long-time crew members (Howard, Jack Secret, etc.) and had a blast. TMD
  5. Would not surprise me at all if we've already heard it. That's not how I want it to be, but it wouldn't surprise me.
  6. I agree this song comes across really strong live. Can't believe no one mentioned the hilarious "Solid Gold"-ish dancing video at the end.
  7. So a month after Neil joined the band, they were playing "Best I Can" and "In the End"? I wonder if they were supposed to be on the first album but for whatever reason (record space? song "readiness"?) they were held over to Fly By Night.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if we've just witnessed Rush's end game. Go out on top basking in the glow of one of their strongest CDs, a damn fine tour, and RRHOF status. To be clear, this isn't what I want, but I won't be surprised if this is it.
  9. There are LOTS of pavilion seats still available for Friday's show, especially the 200s and sections on the far left and right. This will not be close to a sell out in the pavilion, but the 7K of us who are there will be having a blast.
  10. Now THIS would be awesome! Can't wait for Friday night - section 104 row D.
  11. After missing the April/May dates to get the Broadway show Matilda up and running, Jonathan Dinklage - second from the right in the picture above - rejoined the tour for the Europe dates and will stay on for most (all??) of the summer North America dates.
  12. The farthest I've traveled is Boston to LA (Counterparts tour), but to be fair I was going to LA for business and it happened to coincide with Rush's tour stop there. The farthest I've gone just for Rush is Chicago to Houston for the final 2012 CA date. Met my brother-in-law, who flew in from NJ, for a guys weekend capped by a great show at the Toyota Center.
  13. Front row (Alex's side), Chicago Time Machine tour...the rain make-up date. Got a 2nd row ticket via StubHub a week before the show, got to the venue and made friends with a group of guys in the front row who had an extra ticket (!). They gave me their extra ticket, security gave me a wristband, and I enjoyed the show at the front rail.
  14. The other missing member is Jonathan Dinklage. There seems to be some question over whether he left on his own or was "asked to leave". Since he is now the Concert Master for the new Broadway show Matilda, I'm preferring to think that he left on his own. If he was asked to leave, I'm not going to speculate on why. Regarding the OP question, I was lucky enough to spend an hour or so before the Houston show in December backstage hanging out in the String Ensemble dressing room with Jonathan, Audrey, Adele, and one other who's name escapes me (on the far right side when looking at the stage). All were great people and both Adele and Audrey are very nice and very attractive up close and in person. I have also noticed Alex making eyes with Adele in the videos from most every show.
  15. Got two... 1. A fawn-eyed girl with sun-browned legs dances on the edge of his dreams. 2. When the future's looking dark, We're the ones who have to shine. When there's no one in control, We're the ones who draw the line. Though we live in trying times, We're the ones who have to try. Though we know that time has wings, we're the ones who have to fly.
  16. I caught a little of the Grammys last night. During Justin Timberlake's performance, there was a sizable orchestra backing him up. There were only a couple of quick (and not very clear) shots of the strings, but I could swear that one of the cellists was Adele, from our very own CA String Ensemble. Anyone else notice this? What do you think? Here's a link to the video: https://www.youtube....h?v=vUT_e92onfY
  17. Nailed it!!! http://cdn.memegenerator.net/instances/400x/24940902.jpg
  18. So, how does this work? Does the band choose who they wish to have induct/introduce them? Or is it up to the RRHOF folks? If it's up tp the RRHOF folks, I hope they don't use it as an opportunity to say "you've made it, but we're still not happy about it, so you're being introduced by [pick your least favorite second or third rate has-been]". If it's up to the band, some interesting choices would be: 1. Trey Parker & Matt Stone (Matt could pull out his "old dickhead" line from BTLS) 2. Cliff Burnstein (although being part of the nominating committee, not sure this is allowed) 3. Paul Rudd/Jason Segal/Judd Apatow 4. Kirk Hammet/Dave Grohl/James Hatfield/etc. (a high profile rocker for whom Rush was a major influence)
  19. Having met and talked with both them, they are both cool ladies and both equally "hot". Granted, they were in full CA gear with lots of stage makeup, but they were both the complete package.
  20. I agree that it will likely be a quick 2-3 "greatest hits" event. BUT, I have it on good authority that the CA String Ensemble (which has been contracted mid-April through August for the rest of the CA tour) was specifically contracted to start in mid-April in anticipation of the possible RRHOF performance. Does that mean we may get a CA song at the induction concert? If so, HF would be monstrously huge...and equally appropriate for that venue.
  21. Rivendell?? Ugh, please no. Worst. Rush. Song. Ever. Recorded. Worse than Speed Of Love and Neurotica, and that's sayin' something. I don't see them playing Tears, but would welcome Losing It.
  22. That's awesome! Don't forget to smile for the camera!!
  23. Neil has posted his latest News, Weather, and Sports entry at his website. http://www.neilpeart...dex.php?cID=226 Good post, current through the presidential election. Some spoilers, so proceed with caution. I had not heard about Ray's son...a very poignant part of the story.
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